Wow: Florida GOP Threatens Change In Ballot Access Rules For 2016 Presidential...

Wow: Florida GOP Threatens Change In Ballot Access Rules For 2016 Presidential Candidates

Florida GOP officials ruminate over a 2016 primary ballot access rules change ...

The Florida Republican Party is threatening a rules change for 2016 Presidential contenders wishing to take part in the party’s GOP primary early next year: show up to our conference in November or you won’t be on the ballot.

In a letter obtained by Conservative Intelligence Briefing that was recently emailed to presidential campaigns by Florida GOP Executive Director Brad Herold, he says the party will decide on September 25th whether or not to make attendance at a November event in Orlando mandatory in order to qualify for the March 15, 2016 primary ballot.

“The Executive Board of the RPOF met via conference call last night, and there is a potential change to the RPOF’s rules about filing requirements that will be voted on by our Executive Board on September 25th,” Herold wrote.  “The change would require presidential candidates who are seeking to appear on Florida’s March 15th primary ballot to file paperwork in person at the RPOF’s Sunshine Summit on either November 13th or 14th in Orlando. Under this proposed rule, candidates who don’t attend the Sunshine Summit will not be eligible to appear on Florida’s PPP ballot.”

Here is the full letter:

“Presidential Campaigns,

I want to reach out to each of you to discuss a potential change to Florida’s ballot requirements for our Presidential Preference Primary.

The Executive Board of the RPOF met via conference call last night, and there is a potential change to the RPOF’s rules about filing requirements that will be voted on by our Executive Board on September 25th. The change would require presidential candidates who are seeking to appear on Florida’s March 15th primary ballot to file paperwork in person at the RPOF’s Sunshine Summit on either November 13th

or 14th in Orlando. Under this proposed rule, candidates who don’t attend the Sunshine Summit will not be eligible to appear on Florida’s PPP ballot.

While we won’t know the final outcome until September 25th, I understand this change could effect scheduling for your campaigns, so I wanted to make each campaign aware of this as soon as possible.

We have already been in contact with many of you about attending this important RPOF event. The Sunshine Summit is a showcase of our republican presidential candidates and will be attended by grassroots activists, donors, and elected officials from all across Florida. We also expect that this will be broadcast nationally on CSPAN and Sirius/XM.

If any of you don’t yet have the information on the RPOF’s Sunshine Summit, I’ve attached the informational packet to this email.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Brad Herold

Executive Director, Republican Party of Florida”



    • I’ve never looked at Mr. Trump’s trousers. I’m not “that way.” You know. “That way.”
      You know. Delicate. To each his own though..whatever trips your trigger.

    • Funny isn’t it? The Dems will get Hillary, like it or not. And it appears the Reps. powers that be wish to jam Jeb down our throats.

  1. Although a staunch Republican, this is offensive. It reeks of the tactics John Bonehead uses in the House. We are better than this. Act like it. This is no way to get the fresh leadership we badly need. Whoever came up with this needs to go back to being on Hillary’s campaign where her volunteers, unpaid, have to sign an oath of loyalty. Humbug!!

      • Go to facebook and share this article. It’s amazing how many Floridians here are networking every day on facebook to let folks know what is going on and to inform their family and friends. Regardless of who you want to vote for, this is BS by the corrupt establishment Republicans to put either Jeb or Rubio in office. NO NO NO

  2. What a bunch of bull. Why would Mr. Trump waste his time and money just to appear before you insignificant fleas ? Petty.

    • This is the way the corrupt GOP works in FLA. Look at what happened to Col Allen West. By voting for Trump, Organizations such as the Rino Republican Establishment will no longer exist

      • You are absolutely correct. We loved Allen West here in Florida, but the RPF redrew lines on the political map to get rid of him. The RPF is so corrupt. Please tell your Florida friends and family to get registered by March 1 in order to vote in the closed Republican primary. If your candidate doesn’t win the primary, there’s no need to vote in the general.

      • Despicable SOBs i was not aware of the dirty trick against Col West…Americas eyes are wide open…I guess they finally realized that trashing Trump was not now they take a page out of chicago politics….you know ..its the same tactics that obama used to steal the senate seat…Never again will i vote RINO…i will have my black sharpie with me in the voting booth

  3. Trump needs to start calling out those Members of Congress up for re-election. Will they support building a wall and clearing out illegals? We need to focus on running pro-open border Members of Congress out of office. John McCain and John Boehner are two prime examples.

    Trump will need new faces in Congress if he is to be successful. Time to take out the trash.

    • You do realize a wall will not do anything right? You really want to get rid of illegals then you have to take away their ability to be cheap labor. Go after the business’s that hire them making the punishment so high they wont risk it. It is just that simple. The wall will do nothing and is a symbolic gesture for simple minds.

      • If walls didn’t work, there wouldn’t be so many of them around the globe. I do think that combating the problem from both fronts will have us much more secure much faster.

        • The government could end this problem if it wanted to. Simply taking away their tax ID would put the businesses out of business. Huge fines could also be imposed. The government doesn’t want the problem solved.

        • You RICO both the employers and the illegals’ landlords. Treat them the way drug dealers are treated – confiscate their assets using the asset forfeiture laws. No job, no roof over their heads = no more illegal workers. The wall is for keeping out the drug loads, the crazies and the criminals.

      • Please google Israel’s wall. NOTHING gets past it. Trump could have one built just like it. It will surprise a lot of you who think walls don’t work. I do agree with your other points though.

      • it is a frigging start….then go after the others. It’s people like you that have stopped the wall in the first place.

      • If the wall does nothing, why are liberals/Republicans so eager to stop it? And why do they hate the Israel wall so much?

          • The republicans could have built the wall right after the attacks of 9/11 but they didn’t. The dems couldn’t have stopped it, they would have all been voted out of office in 2002 for the attempt.

      • A wall along with E verify and huge penalties for ANYONE who employs an illegal and NO benefits for them would clear the country of illegals in a year.

      • This simple mind is into symbolic gestures.

        Like, standing up with hand over heat for our National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, displays of the 10 commandments and the cross, believing in “we can make American great, again, hugging mom, raucous playing of mine craft, and chowing down on some apple pie.

      • We need both. There are areas of the border that needs a wall. That has to be coupled with mandating E-Verify and punishing employers that do not comply. We also have to cut off welfare to illegals. That will Ifix the problem.

      • I don’t know where do you get the idea a wall will not work? The Washington Poop? The New York Lame?
        Israel has a wall. And it works like a charm.
        And illegals do not only come here for “cheap labor”. Are you going to cut Food Stamps as well?

      • We get the wall. Going after the guys who own Congress? Don’t bet on it! It will be war to get a reformed e-verify with teeth passed and not guaranteed!

        Need to clean house in Congress first… awhile..

        You complicated minded will just have to think on it….

        Go Trump….and hurry!

          • Another exercise in futility..How do they expect to win elections if dead people and 40 million illegal Mexicans can vote?

            Go Trump….and hurry!

          • Voter ID isn’t a hardship. People have to produce photo ID for multitudes of things. Absolutely absurd argument……do these people have an IQ that even matches their shoe size?

          • It’s not stupidity. It’s a desperate attempt to bamboozle us to swallow the kool aid we can’t win by pissing off the Latinos…

            So, be nice. Don’t be mean. We must not get paranoid just because a horde of third world peasants are sucking you dry!

            If only they would vote Republican. Let’s not get them angry by asking them to prove they belong here!

            You get the drift…..thanks for the civil comeback…

            Go Trump….and make us the true third party!

          • What I would like is a Cruz/Trump ticket or vice versa……at this point. But am a female and we are notorious for changing our minds, Gary!

          • You need to be comfortable with you choice.

            Cruz has the resume to be our next Scalia in the Supreme Court.

            I’m convinced that this is a more important office in the long run as anything a president can do another can undo…

            Cruz is someone I thought was a member of the De facto third party to start with but he hasn’t the Don’s charisma on TV….or money, lol…

            The major criteria, unfortunately, in our electoral pursuit..

            Go Trump….and make us the true third party!

    • You want the illegals out? Then stop the CIA from running drugs through Mexico. With their country ran by drug lords, their people have no chance of building a decent society.

      …a wall! Wow, that’s the stupidest thing the neo-cons have thought up and I can’t believe the sheep still get fixated on it.

        • No, it’s stupid because it won’t work and it’s not even supposed to. It’s supposed to be A DISTRACTION from debating on which candidate has a platform that actually helps the people of this country. In that capacity, it seems to be working great!

          • You miss the point. By distracting people, you won’t debate on any of their platforms so you won’t actually pick someone who will represent what you want. All the major issues of the gop are nothing but distractions this cycle. Only Rand is going after the banks that are robbing us blind but he’s not pushing very hard anymore. Only Bernie Sanders is on the left side. And only a few 3rd party candidates have good pet issues. Basically, there’s no one running that deserves to be elected.

          • Rand Paul is an establishment sell out. He backed Mitch McConnell when he knew that McConnell was going to be primaries by conservatives. He traded his soul for two spots on the ballot so he could have his cake and eat it too. You see, Rand couldn’t run for president AND Senate at the same time according to the election rules. So he got McConnell to pressure the Kentucky repubs into changing the rules for 2016 allowing Rand to disrupt the presidential primaries, while keeping his Senate seat safe when his presidential bid failed. I sincerely hope the Kentucky republicans primary the little sell out by hanging that albatross McConnell around his scrawny little neck! Traitor!

          • Yes, and maybe no. I was ticked too but some made a good case that without doing that, he wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance. I’d say there’s a tiny chance he’s playing THEM, not us. I’m likely wrong on that though. If so, he’s the only R with a chance that’s not establishment. And if so, Sanders is the only other possible chance that’s not establishment either.

        • They sure do. Oh yeah… unless they don’t. Kind of like those White House fences people jumped over and ran around the WH grounds not too long ago.

        • So which part do you disagree with? The incentive for Mexicans to come here? The drug lord problem? Or maybe it’s the part where your CIA is killing kids, ruining lives and massively profiting from illegal drug activity?

          Maybe you don’t disagree because you’re nothing but a party cheerleader who doesn’t care what the next president does as long as he was “your guy”.

          • A wall would work great. It’s not the CIA running drugs through Mexico. Try and get some kind of grasp on reality.

          • You suggest I get a grip? The CIA has been caught, convicted and outed in the media and you still want to deny it? Try reading a book instead of watching the FOX liars for once.

            What would your neighborhood look like if I dumped a ton of various drugs off at one guy’s house every week? It wouldn’t be long before you’d move, guaranteed.

            And do you really want to build a big assed concrete or steel wall that’s 2,000 miles long and staff it 24/365 with armed guards, ID cards, drones, jails and more just so the don’t come here and take your meat slaughter or tomato picking jobs?

            “get a grasp on reality”??? wow, I honestly can’t believe you showed up to defend that statement.

          • Do I want a border wall or fence to slow the flow of illegals and illegal drugs? Damned straight I do bunky.

            Why? Because any government which refuses to control its own borders, control immigration and protect its own citizens is ignoring its primary functions and is worthless.

          • Oh I read what you wrote alright. I think you are wrong.
            Obviously you didn’t comprehend a word of what I wrote in response.

          • “I think you are wrong” Really? What part? Why? What I wrote is all backed up by facts that you can check with a simple search, so tell me which one or ones you disbelieve?

            And I did read yours but given the facts I posted it doesn’t make any sense. Who do you need protection from? Mexican job hunters or are you one of those that thinks terrorists are coming in to kill us for our freedoms too? You do know that automation and robotics has eliminated more jobs in total than illegals taking them or globalism has outsourced, right?

            Primary functions? How about fixing the corruption inside this country that’s thousands of times worse instead of worrying about mythical foreigners?

            Worthless? I agree!

      • Hey straw man, where’s your proof that the CIA is killing children in Mexico and running drugs? Yep, thought so. As far as the drug lords in Mexico, that’s Mexico’s problem, not ours. If Mexican’s want to come here legally, I’m all for it. Coming here illegally is not an option. A nice big wall along the southern border will help keep them on their side until they decide to come here legally. It will also help stem the tide of illegal drugs currently transported over our supposedly “secure” southern border. You sir have no argument, now move on and let the adults have a discussion.


          That’s just the first of thousands you can find if you try searching for yourself. Like I said… Caught, convicted and outed in the media yet some people refuse to believe it.

          It’s Mexico’s problem? You think I was talking about the CIA killing MEXICAN kids? Nope. They’re pushing drugs through Mexico to kill YOUR KIDS and ruining YOUR KIDS’ lives. Ever wonder why we have 5 times higher prison population per capita than the rest of the world? It’s profitable on all sides. And to the point of this thread, they’re ruining Mexican communities by supporting drug lords, which is driving honest hard-working people to other countries to earn a safe living.

          So, build your dumb wall if you want. It’ll cost a fortune and those people will have even more incentive to find a way around, under or over it. Remember, if there’s money in it, nothing’s impossible.

          You sir, have no grounds to say I have no argument.

          • If we build a wall, I am going to invest in a Mexican company that sells shovels and ladders.

        • You are wrong about the CIA running drugs through Mexico. Bush Sr. was responsible for those shenanigans along with his buddy, Bill Clinton. You don’t know your history. If you can find a copy of the book, Barry and ‘the Boys’ you will get a real eye opener. Compromised: Bush, Clinton and the CIA is good, too. Or, WND has articles from the 1990’s covering the subject.

          • They didn’t run very far before being tackled, and that was without a shoot on site order. Walls work if the government wants them to.

          • The point was to reply to the people who blindly scream “Walls work!” and think if they #wallswork it will do something.
            If a wall was key and all we need, then we should be able to just build a wall without enforcement. But I illustrated that people can still get past a wall that is still enforced. Yes they still got caught, but the wall did NOTHING to stop them. The enforcement did.
            If we still need enforcement on a wall along the border, would the wall serve any purpose that enforcing the border without a wall wouldn’t already solve? Sure it might deter some, but it is not a fix all solution.
            Let’s start by actually enforcing the border before we put the money into building a wall, unless all this seemingly mindless #wallswork screaming is actually speaking of a metaphorical wall of enforcement and deterrent. Then I agree with a wall. But a physical wall does little if there are still reasons to cross it.

      • You have things backwards. The drug lords don’t run the Mexican government, the Mexican government runs the drug lords through franchises called the plaza system. And, walls do work. We shamed Dianne Feinstein into pushing for a wall to separate Tijuana from California. This pushed the invasion route farther to the east where the wall ended. Look for Muriel Watson’s Light-up-the-Border campaign which started in 1989.

        • You know what works better than a wall? Stopping the our government from enabling Mexican corruption that’s killing their country. They have plenty of industries wanting to locate there (and some are) which would be incentive to stay home. Most Mexicans I speak with came here because it wasn’t safe there or only certain people could get the decent jobs. They all blame the drug runners. So, whether it’s the drug lords or the gov really doesn’t matter. Just legalize the damn things, stop the CIA from pushing them and let that country be.

          Besides, I’m not interested in paying one cent towards building 2,000 miles of fully secured wall.

          The real point here is that immigration, like abortion, gay marriage and many other recurring issues are all distractions to avoid letting any real issues get into the debate.

    • I expect them to come a running after the first primaries…

      After Lugar and Cantor’s primary firing they will be on their best behaviour…

      Go Trump….and make us the true third party!

  4. AFFECT, not EFFECT, you stupid RINO! I’m so fed up with the GOP establishment and the two-party system in general. They think the elections – taxpayer funded – are supposed to be restricted to those who are willing to kiss their rings.

    • Unfortunately, if you live in Florida and you support Trump, YOU MUST REGISTER AS A REPUBLICAN BY THE FIRST OF MARCH TO VOTE FOR HIM IN THE PRIMARY. Florida is a closed primary state. So if you don’t vote for your candidate in the primary, you may not have him to vote for in the general. I plead with all my fellow Floridians, regardless of who you want to vote for, you MUST register by the first week of March to do so.

      • I’m assuming the Trump people are well aware of that. I can’t imagine Trump not being great at the ground game.

      • Actually, I think HRC is the face of corruption. She got her no debate tips from Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. I despise them all.

  5. By the time they get to Florida, Trump will have a serious lead in delegates because Bush and the rest are cowards who whimper at the thought of challenging Obama and his misdeeds.

    • Voting Fiorina or Carson here. Trump is NOT a conservative, either socially or economically. I do agree with no establisment candidate though.

      • Fiorina and Carson have immigration views I can’t get behind and also have some really statist views that make it so I can’t vote for them.

      • You need to look at what Fiorina said during her run for Senate. She should be running as a Democrat. Do not be fooled by her.

        • Oh NO…she will never win..especially after her PC comments regarding Carsons correct assessment of muslims in the white house…I do believe she destroyed any gain she made after debate..Trump is correct about Fioriono she was a disaster at HP,, she will be a disaster at Americas helm…Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz..anything else is FUTILE

          • At last week’s NH townhall, Trump also blasted her for destroying Lucent Technologies. She’s a hack.

        • I lived through that too. Fiorina would be a nightmare. For that matter, Carson won’t lift a finger against the illegals either.

      • Trump is close to being a tea-party candidate on many issues — perhaps you could point out his liberal positions ……

      • Except for a few instances throughout history, women cannot lead men. They can lead them but not to anything productive, only destructive. Fiorina is not one of the rare women that can lead men, or society, to any productive gains.

        • Margaret Thatcher — but please don’t take that as a thumbs up for Fiorina because it is not – i don’t think she is not qualified to be president — however i do believe there are many capable women if given a chance ..

          • yes you did —
            and i agree with your comment –
            i think the reason there are few examples in not because they are not capable but because women have not had the same opportunities as men

    • It’s hilarious to see Bush bowing to the illegal invader crowd, then watching the illegal invaders heckle him.

  6. Brad Herold is one reason why conservatives are fed up with the GOP insiders. You can’t have JEB. I’ll vote 3rd party before I vote for another establishment candidate.

      • I cant wait to vote against my Rino Congressman and Senator even if I must vote for a Dem. I want them out to show all other Rinos what happens when you dont have the courage to replace Boehner or McConnell

        • I wish we had a Republican to vote against here in CA… many times we don’t. I’ll never vote for a Dem no matter what. Even though we have open primaries.

          Only the top two vote getters go on to the general election. Many offices now have 2 Democrats as the choices… I always write in the Republican… Do that, but don’t vote for a Democrat.

    • 10,000 households I polled concure with this thought
      7500+ in Iowa agree with you
      I agree with you – at some point the party betrayed us conservatives… and they continue to play games.

    • A vote for a RINO/GOP Establishment party man is NO DIFFERENT than voting for a liberal, pinko commie, progressive, socialist….may as well vote for Sanders or Killary Benghazi Clinton.

      • An establishment republican is no different than a democrat anymore. I refuse to be forced to cast a “false choice” vote. The lesser of the two evils. They’re both evil. If the candidate turns out to be Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich or any of the other RINO candidates, I’ll not vote for a presidential candidate. I’ve never done that, but I will this time.

        • Do a write-in vote. I exercised this right for the first time when John McCain was the Party-anointed choice to lose to the oligarchs’ choice of Obama to win.

          • The last election I could not in good conscience vote for my state rep. I filled in the ballot, leaving her slot blank.

          • And did your write in candidate win? You only wasted your vote, which could have been a vote against the democrat. So you happy with Obama?

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • You are stuck on this party, party, party meme. Neither party gives a whoot about you but they do want you to vote for them. DON’T.

          • Sorry but it is either the democratic or Republican party that will win. Go ahead and cut your nose off to spite your face.

          • After GWB I learned to never again place Party over Principles. I do not want my fingerprints on a vote that promotes the Party bosses’ and oligarchs’ choice while simultaneously it serves to contribute to the destruction of this country, our culture and sovereignty.

          • Then you will probably always be on the losing side. The next president of the U.S. will be either from the democratic or Republican party…period.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

        • They haven’t been any different since Reagen. The first Bush lied about “no new taxes”. W was a serial liar who tried to claim the whole of N. America as his fiefdom. The 2 RINOs that ran about Blowbama might as well have had a D by their name. Neither was an actual conservative. They all want one thing – our money. I take that back. They want slaves too. That means us. I’ll vote for Trump if I have to bash open the voting machine and reset the controls. They do it. Why can’t we?

        • Same here. There isn’t a pennies worth of difference between the two any more. I’ve never missed a vote for President, but this time as they say on
          Shark Tank, I’m out. When they start out and say if I’m elected I’ll do
          this and I’ll do that like close the border, stop Obama Care they’ve just
          lied to me. They’ve been promising to closing the border since at least
          1980. Let’s face it, our Government is totally corrupt. Just going have
          to learn to deal with it and hope Jesus comes sooner rather than later.

        • Join me voting for a 3rd party candidate. Doesn’t matter which – just find one that actually shares your values and priorities.

          • That’s a definite possibility. It needs to be demonstrated to the elitist political class that the 30% of their loyal voters that they’re so willing to insult and discard are much more important than they believe.

      • I used to be of the opinion that voting R no matter who the candidate is would be better than voting D..not anymore..i REFUSE TO BE AN ENABLER OF THEIR DIRTY UNDERHANDED TRICKS to get their RINO elected…Letting them fail is the only way to show them ..their BS no longer works…I will have my black sharpie at the ready, if they try to use their BS tactics against Trump….

          • So right!!! Look where it has gotten us! RINO’s can take a flying leap off a tall bridge.

          • I am as angry with the establishment GOP as anyone, but I DO NOT want another democrat, especially that lying, cheating Hillary or that 1960’s socialist hippy throwback Sanders in the WH. So I am not going to just waste a vote by not voting, or voting third party which hasn’t a chance of winning.

          • There is no difference between Dems and RINO’s – the country goes down the can either way.

            Trump 2016

          • You can do a write in vote. Its legal and allowed. Vote for who u want not the lesser of the two evils. all u get is a lesser evil. think about it

          • And all you get with a write in vote is absolutely nothing, a write in vote never wins, so you just help the more evil win. Wake up, wise up and think about it.

          • There’s a nice 9 story building in Sarasota, Florida at 1700 S. Tamiami Trail (a tall building to me). Liberal politicians of both parties need to wake up and realize the world needs them. They need to put on their capes and show the world their ability to fly from the top of Sarasota Memorial Hospital! For the ones who chicken out, there’s a baker act unit there to help them with their delusions.

          • And totally waste a vote that could go against the democrat. Don’t whine and complain when you have another democrat in the WH which you help put there.

          • How can you vote for a Democrat on a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY Ballot? If you don’t even know the basics of how voting works, why would anyone listen to your advice?

          • The Democrats DO hell the truth. They state exactly how they are going to destroy this country. The Republicans have been lying to us for decades with promises they never, ever intended to keep, promises of stopping the Democrats destruction now look what we have. NOTHING.

          • So just who do you think will change things? It will never be a third party candidate as no third party candidate is going to win the election. If we get a Trump, Carson,or Carly in the WH, maybe things will change but it will have to be on the Republican ticket as only a democrat or Republican will be elected.

          • Trump is really our only hope of ever making lasting changes. Under Trump, we would have a better opportunity of “gutting” the Republican Party of the power over the conservatives in DC . Like a fun neutering.

          • But Trump, or anyone else can never win as a third party candidate. No third party candidate ever wins. His only hope is to be the Republican nominee and I am not sure that Prebius and the RNC will allow that to happen.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • People have been blinded to the fact that Carly Fiorina was a lousy CEO and toppled a true conservative in the California Senate primary (by getting the RNC to help her, since the RNC loves backing ‘Rat-lites), by running as a Jeb Bush-type “moderate.” Carly Fiorina would be as disastrous a president as that fat-ankled slob Hippary Clintax. Fiorina also has that humorless Hippary cackle going on. You ever heard that broad laugh? It’s frightening!

          • Fiorina will blow up in the general. She’s Mitt Romney without the track record of success. Tons of layoffs, it would be easy to defeat her. Carson talks like deputy dog, he’s a terrible candidate who will get shredded by political infighters like Hillary or Biden. The fat man is unelectable, he might as well say he doesn’t want a single millennial vote with that oh so conservative idea that the Feds should ride roughshod over the state. Cruz: Unelectable. Trump, maybbbbbe Rubio, Rand, if he pulls his head out his ass and stops attacking Trump and starts talking about why his policies make the most sense.

          • I don’t see how Cruz is “unelectable.” That’s Big Media/Regressive ‘Rat/Establishment Republican talk there M! Rubio screwed himself when he became one of the “Gang of Eight,” which was trying to cram Amnesty down our throats. Rand Paul sounds too whiny and needs to man up. ALL of them need to take the Ted Cruz approach to Trump, and just shut the hell up about him. It boggles my mind to consider why they would all attack him. My guy, stupid Walker started attacking him after he bowed out, for some odd reason. If Trump is the nominee, and the current field have to endorse him, that will make them, not Trump, look like fools, you know it?

          • If we write him in and he is the front leader the rnc has no choice but to have him as the canidate
            Subject: Re: Comment on Wow: Florida GOP Threatens Change In Ballot Access Rules For 2016 Presidential Candidates

          • Yes you are correct but it will tear the old guard at the rnc a new rectum port
            Subject: Re: Comment on Wow: Florida GOP Threatens Change In Ballot Access Rules For 2016 Presidential Candidates

          • Up until this election cycle, the ‘Rats HAVE been lying to get elected. They were courting the religious ‘Rats before, but now the the official religion of the ‘Rat party is Big Gubmint, there’s no longer a need for the stragglers who vote ‘Rat and are religious (read: Southern blacks). The ‘Rats have the wets, so they no longer need to kowtow to the blacks.

          • I will only vote for Trump. If not Trump – then let the RINO’s take the country down the drain…

          • You realize you go down the drain with it don’t you?

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

        • Obviously you do not understand. The next president will be either a candidate from the democrat or Republican party. Tell me when was the last time a third party candidate won? Vote third party and you are helping to put another democrat into the WH. It is that simple.

          NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • Oh, we understand perfectly fine. What we understand is that we’ve been lied to by both parties for decades and we’ve had enough.

          • Then vote your third party and watch another democrat be elected president. If you can live with that, fine.

          • There is no difference between
            the Republicans and the Democrats.
            They are all nomenklatura.
            They all belong to the jew.

          • Sanders can colour himself whatever he pleases, but the stench of pinko commie will never come off….

          • That would be great, that means he will siphon votes from the democratic nominee, yet he will have absolutely no chance of winning, just like a third party candidate siphons votes from the Republican candidate by the people stupid enough to vote that way. That why we now have the big-eared Muslim sympathizer Barack Hussein Obama as president. Republicans and conservatives who didn’t like Romney either voted third party or stayed home. Anyone want to tell me that Romney would be worse than Obama? Anyone want to say that any of the current Republican candidates could come anywhere close to being as bad or worse than that lying, cheating, caustic, vicious, cackling, foul-mouthed old witch Benghazi Hillary Clinton?

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • Yawn… And for just HOW many years have we been hearing this as a justification for voting for the crap-sandwich RINO traitors we have been offered over the years?? Dole, McLame, Romster, ad nauseum.


          • Calm down, no one is threatening you. I am stating a fact. The next president, as for decades, will only be from the democrat or Republican party…period! so get used to the fact. A third party candidate WILL NOT WIN…period. Yes it may be the lesser of two evils, so which do you consider to be the lesser of the evils, a democrat or a Republican, even a RINO? Take your choice. It may not be a vote FOR a candidate as much as a vote AGAINST a candidate. So vote your third party and when a democrat, the most evil of the two evils is elected, pat yourself on the back for helping make it happen.

          • Yes it does matter. Everything must be done to keep another democrat out of the WH. At least with a Republican president, no matter how bad you think they are, and if we can maintain a Republican dominated Congress, there is a chance that things, at least some things will change for the better. It will NEVER CHANGE FOR THE BETTER with a democrat in the WH, only get worse. Forget any third party candidate, they never win.

          • Sorry, Buzz, no longer trust your leadership. Republicans support the same thing that the Dems support, Open borders, Obama Care, Common Core, Big Government, Bigger Spending, Appointing activist Judges, continued butchering of the Constitution. They have been bought by the Crony Capitalists, bankers and wall street. The Conservatives gave the leadership the House and the Senate; and how were we repaid? Told by the leadership that they would destroy us in 2014 and then did just that in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia. Sorry ut I owe nothing to this corrupt party. You wonder why Donald has gotten so much support? He has nothing to do with these Coruptocrats. He has bought both parties and appears not to be selling his influence. See if you can get elected without the real conservatives. Your leadership will not change anything. They represent more of the same.

          • That’s fine when the rest of you idiots finally decide that you are clueless you might join us. and actually put a Conservative group of candidates on the ballot and win.

          • Here is the clue again, the next president will come from either the democratic or Republican party. Deal with it.

      • Not exactly 45; A “protest vote” for a Democrat is going to send the wrong message I presume you want to send (unless you’re a the liberal activists that I suspect are!). Write in “Micky Mouse”, or the same thing -Libertarian, or leave it blank. You’re not going to hurt any RINO’s feelings by picking THEIR second choices!

          • Which is why you vote for Trump! Trump 2016! Piss off a GOP politician. Vote for Trump!

          • You would have to be a moron or on the take to vote for a Dem like Hillary after these years of corruption and incompetence.

          • Writing in Trump’s name would be helping to give her the power. Wake up.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • If the Republican party gives us a non-establishment, non-RINO candidate, then it will never come to that.
            It’s up to the party to provide us a candidate to vote for.

          • You repeat the party mantra they’ve been chanting to us all these years. It’s time to say “so what?” Voting for the lesser of two weevils has gotten us nowhere. If they shove a bush, rubio, Kasich on us I will vote libertarian. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

          • Go ahead and vote your third party or write-in and make yourself feel good for the moment. Don’t complain when you see another democrat in the WH, because you help put him/she there.

          • So WHAT? The big reset is coming due to years of groping across the aisle in order to create consensus and we are now like 19-20 TRILLION in debt. Who gives a ship any more? Crooks and criminals all of them. I am long guillotines. Making them in my garage shop, they will come in handy.

          • You think seeing Jeb in the WH is any different than seeing a Dem? Give me a break. There is one political party in this country…it goes by two names. Vote for the person, not the letter after their name

          • Even Jeb in the WH is better than lying, cheating Hillary or the 1960’s socialist hippie throwback Sanders. And if you don’t think so, then you are really mixed up.

          • You will only have two choices of which party candidate wins the WH, democrat or Republican. If you want to see another democrat in the WH, then vote democrat, third party, or don’t vote.

          • that’s where you see things differently than me. I see the choice as either Progressive or Conservative. There is little difference between Jeb being president and Hillary being president. Both are progressives. They just wear different colored lapel buttons.

          • and if the Republican Party shoves another progressive republican down our throats, there’s no difference than electing a democrat. Don’t believe me? Tell what has a progressive like John Boehner done for us that’s any better than Nancy Pelosi did to us? Or worse, what has Mitch McConnell done for us that Harry Reid didn’t do to us? There is no difference anymore between the democrat party and the establishment GOP. They try to shove an Establishment candidate down our throats again and they assure themselves of the death of the GOP…and the death of our country. You don’t like it? Then stop kowtowing to the establishment GOP by continually voting for their progressive candidates.

          • Boehner and McConnell should have been thrown out long ago. The next president will be either a democrat or Republican. If you want to continue to have a democrat in the WH just keep the attitude you have.

          • and so should every other GOP progressive including the presidential nominees…and none of us should support another progressive presidential candidate…ever.

          • But you will let another democrat be elected to the WH just because you have a hard on against the Republican candidates. Guess you prefer the democrats.

          • You don’t get it…I will not vote for ANY progressive. I don’t care what letter they deign to put after their name. If you want another progressive in the WH? you go right ahead and vote for one. I won’t.

          • You don’t get it, you will just help put another democrat progressive into the WH. The next president will be either from the democratic or Republican party…period.

          • and if the GOP Establishment shoves another progressive republican down our throats, then count on the next president being a Progressive from either party. And they won’t get there with my vote.

          • Then you can pat yourself on the back when another democrat is in the WH for you will have helped put them there.

          • pat your own back, dude….you’re who lets the GOP establishment treat you like $h1t..and kiss their a$$e$ by voting for whomever they shove down your throat.

          • How is writing in a Republican candidate on a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ballot going to help Hillary? You must be an Op for the RINOs. You have been posting nothing but nonsense on here like it’s your 9-5.

          • And a protest vote does nothing to keep a dem out of the WH.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • You keep saying the same, so we will too – we no longer believe that the Republican party is any better for us than the Democratic party.

          • A vote for the establishment is no different than a vote for a democrat. I’m done playing their game.

          • Jeb IS a democrat, for Pete’s sake. So is Christie and so is Rubio! That’s the point we’re making here–the party affiliation no longer tells us who the dems or republicans are anymore. The GOP Establishment guys are ALWAYS liberal!

          • So you would take lying, cheating Hillary or the old 1960’s socialist hippie throwback Sanders over Jeb, Rubio, or Christi? The main thing is to get the democrats out of the WH.

          • You didn’t answer the question, do you really think Jeb, Rubio, and Christie are worse than Benghazi Hillary, Joe groper Biden, or hippie socialists 1960’s throwback Sanders?

          • You are right–I didn’t answer that. I do NOT think Jeb, Rubio and Christie are WORSE than Killary, Big Mouth Biden and socialist Sanders….I do think they are JUST AS BAD, though.

        • Who in the world is voting for a bloody dem here?? Not this gal. And no way could I ever, ever be confused for a liberal, pinko commie, progressive, socialist–die-hard Constitutionalist and nothing less rules my world. If Rand Paul would get on the GOP ballot I’d have a decent choice. But NO WAY am I voting for a RINO/GOP Establishment fool.

          If Trump becomes the 3rd party candidate because the GOP dirty tactics have magically selected their candidate (with just 08% of the conservative/republican support) and can lie their way out of putting up a candidate whose 60% support is from conservative/republican voters, I will vote for Trump.

          A vote for that GOP Establishment jerk-candidate is the same as voting for a “democrat”–at that point it won’t matter one whit who wins as the destruction of America entres the final stages, thanks to the illegal, un-American traitor currently sitting in the White House.

          • Who in the world is voting for a bloody dem here??
            …may as well vote for Sanders or Killary Benghazi Clinton.

            Do you even know what you’re saying 45?

          • Okay, so this all went over your head. Let’s see if I can simply it for you:

            Vote for Jeb or Christie is the SAME as voting for Sanders or Killary. This means Jeb or Christie could just as easily run on the DEM ticket, too, without a change in their platform because honestly that is what they are–they are NOT conservatives in any way, shape or form. That means if you vote for Jeb or Christie (or GOP Establishment candidate) then that means you are voting for a dem ANYHOW. Get it yet?

          • I get it. You’re taking the idiotic position that Jeb = Sanders. And voting for Sanders is going to send a message to Jeb: “Poor Jeb, he should have been MORE like Sanders, and Miss 45 would have voted for him”

          • Wrong–figures you’d STILL get it all bollixed up. Voting for JEB is the same as voting for Sanders….Your correct understanding would have prompted you to say instead “Poor Sanders, he should have been MORE like Jeb and Miss whoever-you’re-talking-about would have voted for him.”

            The point is NOT TO THROW AWAY ONE’S VOTE ON JEB or any GOP Establishment candidate since, if he were to win, it’s the same HELL as we’d get with a Sanders win. Save that vote for the 3rd party.

          • Rand Paul sold out to the establishment when he cut a deal to back McConnell against a real republican in exchange for the establishment allowing Paul to be on the Kentucky primary ballot twice – for president and Senate. Rand Paul is just a whiney little tool of the establishment and is equally guilty of McConnell’s crimes against the Republic as his enabler.

          • True–that left a disgusting taste in the mouth, didn’t it? However, in being REALISTIC, there is NO CANDIDATE who will EVER, EVER be the perfect candidate. Your expectations are slightly different from mine even though we both may be die-hard conservatives who yearn for Constitutional standards in government. There is NO ONE out there who will satisfy EVERYONE’S needs….hence, I will have to vote for the candidate who most closely sticks to the Constitution as his moral compass. Rand Paul disappoints in a few ways….but I’d vote for him over many others.

          • you are just what the Repubs have been counting on for years. Keep doing this and you will keep getting the same RINO’s again and again.

          • The tide is changing. More and more people are realising our votes DON’T count anymore. Seriously, no one investigated incidents such as a Philly voting district reporting 110% of its voter registrations, and not a SINGLE, SOLITARY VOTE–not ONE!–went to Romney??

            Obviously our votes no longer matter, hence it doesn’t matter where we cast our votes. But if enough of us cast votes for a 3rd party that is a true conservative we may send the message to other voters that change is critical and we aren’t tolerating it anymore. We conservatives are NO LONGER going to be party to the “republicans” who have become traitors to our platform and compromised far, far too much by moving to the centre/left-of-centre on everything.

          • actually it was 95% of Registered voters turned out and 100% voted for the TOTUS. With that said, the vote does count or they wouldn’t go through so much trouble to rig it, but I understand what you’re saying philosophically. They don’t rig that, Romney does win PA and most likely the election. Remember the Al Franken Saga? After every recount the dems requested they found a new ballot box that had gotten accidentally put into storage in an elementary school basement. And they kept finding them until he won, making him the deciding vote on bummercare.

          • We had an election for governor here in CT like that. Also in Washington State. Amazing how the libs always have a spare sack of uncounted votes just in case.

          • SICKENING, isn’t it? And how the libs always are able to toss out Americans’ votes as being invalid, like the military votes….

          • YEP!! I remember that whole damm Franken scandal. The voting machines ARE rigged. Remember the blowout in Honduras when Zelaya, then president, was forcing another election which was illegal and went against the country’s constitution and supreme court? The Supreme Court ordered the military to invade Zelaya’s compound and confiscate the voting machines that were supplied by VENEZUELA, as in CHAVEZ’s voting machines he had built. The head attorney for the country (can’t remember his name) had the machines checked out and they were loaded with PRE-CAST VOTES in favour of Zelaya’s re-election.

            THESE ARE THE SAME VOTING MACHINES WE USE IN THIS COUNTRY, the ones Chavez manufactured. There is NO DOUBT in my mind they are rigged well in advance of any election. It’s just scandalous we don’t use voting machines made in the USA by Americans, firstly, and to accept a voting contraption from a pinko commie/socialist/fascist tyrant is just beyond tolerable.

            The bipartisan Voter Turnout Report stated “Voter turnout dipped from 62.3 percent of eligible citizens voting in 2008 to an estimated 57.5 in 2012.” SCANDALOUS!!! About HALF of the eligible Americans are voting???

            Of the 57.5% that turned out, only 51.1% of that 57.5% voted for the current traitor in office and 47.2% went for RINO Romney. That is NO MAJORITY of any stretch of the imagination in tallying voter support. And when the vote is THAT close you better believe there was a rigged gig somewheres.

            Now Reagan’s landslide victory would make any rigging impossible.

            Time to change the Electoral College: If a candidate wins 60% of the popular vote, he only gets 60% of the electoral college votes. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND TRUE TO VOTER FORM, right?

          • I’ll vote for Trump as he is he only pro-American candidate running who has a snowball’s chance in He!! of actually winning. Cruz disqualified himself with his TPP fast track vote. Carson is too weak on immigration, but would be good as Sec. of HHS. Paul is a sell out who can’t be trusted (no borders, no tariffs = Karl Marx). The rest are all establishment clones (or is that clowns?). America needs a pro-America alpha male to save the republic from Leftist ruin. Trump is the only alpha male running, the rest are all beta males and the betas are the ones who have gotten us into the mess we find ourselves in. And, Carly? Don’t even think about that witch! We on the Left Coast know her too well.

          • Also no welfare for non citizens. As it is now, thanks to Teddy Kennedy, whites from europe need not apply, only 3rd worlders accepted.

          • Cruz and Paul are the only 2 candidates that truly know the Constitution, so both men get my deepest respect for that. Cruz is frightfully sharp, and the fact that Paul is a doctor and not a liar….er, I mean lawyer…is worth something in itself. Lawyers have done nothing but ruin this country.

            So I agree with you that Cruz may be the better statesman for his eloquence, flawless thinking, etc. But Rand does have some fabulous ideas that are well-supported by the Constitution that Cruz has yet to mention (do away with IRS, EPA, Dept of Education, DHS, term limits for congressfolks, flat tax, etc).

          • If the Dems can do it, why not a REPUBLICAN whose voice must not be stilled. Trump causes consternation, Rand Paul, if allowed to be a contender, causes loss of sleep by those who profit from war and Middle East adventurism.

          • Paul has his faults. He blew it for me when he took a PC POV on something and I can’t even remember what it was. But I remember thinking I’ll never vote for him.

          • I don’t think that’s possible but there is a song about how a guy is his own grandpa. I’ll let you look up the lyrics.

          • Actually it was the words I saw coming from his mouth that did “their job on me”. With rhetoric like you’re spouting you can’t seriously expect people to follow along, right? You clearly missed that I said I heard him say something I thought was completely wrong. But you come at me spouting a conspiracy theory. You’ll fit right in with the RINOs. Plenty of paranoia and not much action.

          • Trump is not going third party. Believe it or not. A GOP leader on the BBC hinted that they may get someone to run third party if Trump is the GOP nominee. As I said after the first debate, the next question should be ” Will you raise your right hand and pledge your support and vote to Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee?” and let’s see who is loyal.

          • INDEED. Funny how the GOP Establishment “loyalty” and commitments only work on a ONE WAY street, eh?

          • It is that way with all power hungry totalitarians. That is why I use hypocrisy as my litmus test on whether or not a person is even worth listening to.

          • Your vote for Trump, or anyone else, as a third party candidate will only help to put another dem into office. Is that what you want? The next president will come from either the democratic or Republican party. Tell me, when was the last time a third party candidate won?

          • There is NO DIFFERENCE between a Dem and Repub anymore. See? Voting for Jeb is the SAME as if casting a vote for Killary. You’ll get the same bloody mess with justices, policies, budgets, etc with one as with the other.

            Not saying a 3rd party will win this time or the next…but NOW IS THE TIME to starting taking the republican party BACK by voting for a non-GOP Establishment candidate. If the GOP keeps losing with its candidates, they will eventually see the light. They CANNOT WIN WITHOUT US.

          • So if it comes down to Hillary or Jeb which would you choose? If they are the two nominees that will be your only choice for president as any third party candidate will not win. If you think differently, then tell me the last time a third party candidate won the WH?

          • I’m starting to detect a faint whiff of Democrat landslide – not because they’re better, but because the Republicans didn’t believe us when we told them we needed a better choice this time around.

          • That was done all courtesy of the existing Republican party and their insistence to promote “safe” and “electable” candidates that then never got elected. The Republican “party” can’t message their way out of a paper bag. That Romney lost is the proof. The Republican party, rah, rah, party people are total idiots. They always use this same narrative, the other side is worse. Who cares anymore?

          • You may be correct in the GOP trying to rig the primary vote Bush. From what I have heard, they want to manipulate the delegates. By narrowing the number of GOP establishment candidate and splitting the vote they may be able to do it. Some states require all delegates to vote for the winning candidate, other states the delegates vote by percentage of the vote. If there is no clear winner, the GOP convention, the delegate then can vote for whom ever they choose. Even though Trump would have some power to speak at the convention, the delegates would most likely be manipulated into voting for Jeb or Rubio. This means Trump need to win clear cut. Or, if he drops out, Cruz, Carson, or Fiorina need to win clear cut. When we get to March depending on who is in the race and at what percentage, we had better hope that there is one anti-establishment candidate that gets the majority of the votes. Either way, Trump’s money has the establishment in a panic and the other candidates that we all like as well are just not economically able to compete. So, Go Trump 2016!

          • “A vote for that GOP Establishment jerk-candidate is the same as voting
            for a “democrat”–at that point it won’t matter one whit who wins as the
            destruction of America entres the final stages, thanks to the illegal,
            un-American traitor currently sitting in the White House.”

            If it doesn’t matter, then go ahead and vote Republican and help get the democrats out of the WH. At least that is a start in the right direction.

        • What we need is a good protest candidate. How about – Elmer Fudd. Wait. He’s a RINO. Make it Buggs Bunny. Now there’s a conservative. Survive by your wits and tell the world where to get off. Yep. I’m gonna vote for Buggs if they succeed in destroying the candidacy of Trump. It’s not that I like Trump so much. I just can’t stand the RINOs and Dems.

        • Write in Rand Paul. Better yet, support him in the primaries. He is the only one I know who will not send our young to bleed and die for Israel and big oil.

        • Depending on the outcome of the “primary” if it is the Jebster or some other RINO then “We The People” need to come up with a singular candidate to write in and it can’t be your choice today. Mickey Mouse is as good as anything. The numbers will matter and we need to all be in sync. Dees Nutts is ok by me also.

      • Man, I keep getting name called and all sorts of nonsense by what’s left of the Republican party…

        I won’t come back to the party until I get an apology.

        • …and we know that won’t happen!! The GOP Establishment thinks WE owe them an apology for still sticking to that document called The Constitution! Until WE apologise, we’ll be labelled “fringe” for daring to use the Constitution as the standard for American government.

          • So while you get that goody warm feeling while marking your ballot for a libertarian candidate because you are showing the GOP a thing or too, that’s fine. Hope you like having Hillary, Biden, or Sanders in the WH because you will have helped put them there.

      • I was, until this year, a life long, hard core, Republican voter, no matter what. No more! Never again will I vote and hold my nose. Fuck ’em,!

        60 years of voting R religiously has gotten nothing but Demicrat lite.

        • Another one who missed the point. If your choice is either a GOP Establishment candidate or Killary/Sanders/Biden, you will ABSOLUTELY KEEP GETTING LIBERAL JUSTICES WHO CREATE LAWS FROM THE BENCH AND VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION AS A RESULT.

          Jeb or Christie or Rubio will put in the same level of lousy, socialist-driven justices as the liberal/pinko commie/progressive/socialist candidate will….

        • yes because Justices O’Connor, Souter, Kennedy, and Roberts have worked out so well and don’t get me started on Nixon’s appointees

      • “may as well vote for Sanders or Killary Benghazi Clinton.”

        Which is exactly who you will be voting for if you vote third party.

        • So many of us have tried explaining to you that voting for JEB is precisely the same as voting for Sanders or Killary. The OUTCOME will be NO DIFFERENT if you vote for Sanders, Killary, Jeb or Rubio–this country will be in its final death throes with ANY of those traitors to the Constitution. Wake up. Taking a chance on a 3rd party if Trump or Carson or Fiorina don’t grab the nomination is the better way to go–they just might win and make history as a result. Be a part of that historical event!

          • I will vote for whoever is the Republican candidate. Any Republican is better than Benghazi Hillary, Joe foot-in-mouth Biden, or 1960’s hippie socialists throwback Sanders. I will not waste my vote on a third party candidate and help put another democrat into office.

            NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

          • We who are absolutely disgusted with the GOP Establishment candidates support you in your wishes. We understand YOUR viewpoint–we just don’t agree with it. We DO think you need to do what you believe needs to be done. Try to understand OUR viewpoint and that we are going to effect a change if we can by denying the GOP pre-rigged machine of its preferred candidate. It’s been toxic to America for far too long and the only way to make a change is to make a sacrifice.

            We ARE on the same side of the political aisle–don’t forget that, Buzz. We want the Constitution to be the standard for government operations, not some slimeball lawyers’ sleazy, twisted, erroneously re-interpretation of the Constitution that only serves THEIR interests rather than the American taxpayers’ interests.

          • It comes down to this. You either vote Republican no matter who the candidate is or you have a democrat in office. Put another democrat in office this election and there won’t be another Republican in office for decades, only democrats.

    • 3rd party hell. I’m gonna vote for the democrat. That’s what the establishment republicans deserve for screwing us. Lets vote democrat & go ahead & burn this mother&cker down.

      • Spoken like a true Democrat, pretending to be a Republican. Trust me, I want a conservative or a libertarian — but no gxddam pick by the gxddam GOP top dogs.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong. I’m a fed up republican. If I’m a democrat why would I say vote democrat & lets burn this mother&cker down? Vote democrat & they will finish destroying America. I don’t believe there is no saving it at this point. Leave the evil democrat party & their evil followers nothing to work with. A scorched earth policy is a military strategy that involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area.

      • If you vote Democrat, they will win, if you vote 3rd party, the Dems will still win, but the GOP establishment won’t be able to say “the Conservatives stayed home”. By voting for a Conservative 3rd party candidate, the establishment will know who we voted for. And it wasn’t them.

      • I appreciate that sentiment deeply. I just don’t have the guts to pull a Killary Benghazi Clinton or Big Mouth Eejit Biden or Socialist Sanders lever!!!

      • So is a vote for Bush, Graham, Huckabee, Rubio or Kasich. I won’t pull the lever anymore just because it’s got an R label. I’m done with the GOPe. Give me a conservative candidate or you get no more support.

      • a vote for third party is a vote against the GOPe, A vote for a Republocrat is a vote for the GOPe, a vote for a Demonrat is a vote for the GOPe, and staying home is a vote for the GOPe.

    • I will just stay home if my choices are jeb or clinton. ho hum

      Give me Cruz and I’ll be beating a drum all the way to the polls.

      But, I am afraid I’ll go to hell if I vote for any godless, antiAmerican democrats.

      • Don’t do that. I ALWAYS vote, if only out of respect for people who have given their all for my right to do so. I will write in Trump if necessary. I’ll do my duty as an American.

        • Voting is not a constitutional right. Look it up if you want too. Most people think it is but it isn’t. Besides the Revolutionary War, what other war was fought to give you the right to vote?

          • Its still not a constitutional right & I bet you thought it was. States can lower the voting age if they want to & that is coming soon, starting with the blue states. The Revolutionary War wasn’t fought to give you the “right” to vote. The only reason I mentioned that war is because if not for that war we wouldn’t be a country & you wouldn’t be able to vote.

    • And the GOPe is fine with that! As long as they get one of their puppets like Hillary it’s all good!

    • Changing eligibility rules for elections during certain time frames is terribly illegal. I wonder how much the Florida GOP is willing to spend in money they have raised to push this through court? The problem with government types is that they have no problem spending your money on BS!

    • Vote third party and you will just be helping to put another democrat into office. Is that what you want?
      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

      • > Vote third party and you will just be helping to put another democrat into office.

        The lesser of two evil is no longer good enough.
        Give us a candidate who earns our vote for him/her, not a vote against the other candidate/party.

      • Also, never expect a RiNO to tell the truth.
        We’re fecking fed up with being used like vote wh*res for the go along to get along GOPe.
        This is a voter revolution, and our standard bearer is Donald Trump.
        And Trump CAN bring a LOT of Democrat votes to the Republican candidate, not by sacrificing Republican principles (like the GOPe does time after time after time) but by standing up for the principles that once made this nation great, and by not letting the lapdogs of the DC Uniparty take him out of the race.
        SCREW the Democrats.
        And SCREW the GOP elites.
        I’m voting Trump.
        And THAT is NO throw-away vote by any stretch of a NORMAL imagination.

        • It doesn’t matter what you are fed up with. The next president will be either a democrat or Republican. Face the facts. Which do you want? If Trump runs third party and you vote Trump, you are only helping to put another democrat onto office. If you can live with that, then make yourself feel good for the moment and vote third party. Hope you still feel good when another democrat is elected.

          NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    • 3rd party will go nowhere.
      You want a protest vote with balls?
      Write in Putin for president!
      And, no, I am not joking.

  7. This is BS. The Republican Party of Florida met on May 16th, on a Saturday night to change Florida to a “winner takes all delegates” state. At that time Jeb, their darling favorite was considered to be a shoo in for Florida. So that meant if Jeb only got 40 of the 99 delegates, and no one else had more than that, then he would get all 99 delegates and take Florida. Those of us who were paying attention were FURIOUS about this. Bush is a jackass with the lowest IQ of anybody else running. He RUINED the educational system here in Florida, and despite what the talking heads in the media say, the majority of Floridians can’t stand him. So now the RPF is in panic mode because Trump is so far ahead down here in the polls. They will do ANYTHING to give Florida to Jeb. Hell no.

    • IMO – Your post should be at the very top of this thread for everyone to read – and as a fellow Floridian, I completely agree with everything you’ve written.

      • Thank you, I am a tad slow on checking email. I am on Facebook every night stumping for Trump. I loved his tax plan today! This man is the one person running in either party that loves his country more than himself.

  8. Sounds more than a little unconstitutional to me. The party is dictating who can run for a federal office? That doesn’t sound right.

    • Might want to wake up there, Sheepleherder, and attend a state convention. In state convention after convention across the country, election after election, they’ve flat out told the delegates who to vote for. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in politics yet and the reason I walked away from my chairmanship.

      • Telling your sheeple who to vote for is bad enough. Dictating who can be on the ballot doesn’t sound legal to me.

        • They’re both against most state convention rules. And we’re talking about a private party so legality doesn’t come into play one bit. At least that’s what I was told when I complained.

  9. I’ve already decided that if Trump or Cruz does not the nomination, I’ll
    do a write in 3rd party. I WILL NOT vote for Jeb Bush !!

    • Bush will not get my vote either. I support Trump, but I must admit I would probably even vote for one of the other RINOs since another four years of the commies might just kill me.

    • Request all you want, you know Jeb will go even if he promises not to go. He is desperate for any votes he can get now. RINOs don’t care about ethics.

  10. This is designed to help Jeb and Marco as well as line the pockets of the organizers since Trump is the only reason anyone would buy one of the overpriced 3 day tickets to the otherwise complete snorfest.

    • That is so true. In fact, maybe they are doing this just to make sure Trump shows up and brings people into their stupid event.

  11. this is why I don’t support the Republicans in Fl with donations. Just like the nat’l group they think they can steam roll over us.

  12. ROPF… Sounds like RIP OFF to me. This is coming from the same state that has the automated touch-screen voting machines that cheat.

    • The state as a whole isn’t bad but where I am in very liberal Broward County (yes, DWS is my ‘representative’) the poll workers cheat the system for leftwinger candidates.

  13. “While we won’t know the final outcome until September 25th, I understand this change could effect scheduling for your campaigns…” “effect”? Really? They can’t even spell?

  14. This is a totally ignorant requirement. Mandating two days for candidate to appear in person is not right. They should just obtain the current listing of candidates from the secretary of the Senate where all persons running for high offices have to file first.

  15. Goodness, but the establishment has all sorts of weapons in its arsenal. What new wrinkle will they employ to ensure that the only choice voters get in November will be between Jeb and whatever D is on the ballot with him? It is long passed the time when the GOP needs to be replaced; It is proof though, that power corrupts. These dudes will do anything to keep that power to themselves.

  16. hang the party – they apparently want to be hung out by their pathetic necks so badly they keep pulling crap like this – so; let us CONSERVATIVES – hang them and leave them powerless and dead like they deserve by voting for anything that is breathing other than the party stooges…

  17. I am a Floridian and have been an NPA my entire life because the Republicas are too much like liberals for my liking. I am going to go register as a Republican just so I can vote for Trump in the primary now.

  18. I’m not sure how this would be a problem for Trump. He has multiple properties in Florida and is around so much I pretty much think of him as a Floridian anyway. Won’t hurt Jeb since he has tons of special interest money and these clowns would just say he came in if he couldn’t make it..Poor Rubio will probably have to drive there. Luckily gas is down to $2 a gallon.

  19. I’m writing in Ed the talking horse. Ed has more common sense and is better looking than any of the current Vichy Republicans running for office.

  20. Wonder if the RINO establishment will play this game in all 50 states, thereby ridding themselves of any neer-do-wells who don’t have the RNC donors behind them. Thankfully it’s just Florida for now.

  21. GOP lackeys and progressives are the reason the party is dying. So long GOP I’ll vote only for outsiders since 2012, you establishment sucks

  22. And they keep wondering why is Trump kickin’ @ss in the polls…it’s party nonsense like this that will steamroll the establishment…gee, Brad what is it about a sharp stick in the eye, you don’t get?

    • I saw a comment on Twitter the other about sums it up..went like this..”Maybe if you call Trumps supporters TrumpBillies one more time,they just might vote for Jeb” hahaha Trump2016..anything else is Futile

  23. This should boost Trump another 10% in the polls. Republicans are sick of Jeb Bush and the GOP.

  24. Brad Herold…up yours. Nothing justifies another power grab by idiots such as yourself. Do this and suffer even greater at the hands of an already “had it up to…” electorate.

  25. Every candidate should show up, register their paperwork and then leave without addressing the conference. As they leave, they should each tell the media that they need to be on the ballot but refuse to bow to this type of pressure.

  26. GOP sucks. they incompetent . they would screw up a two car race..
    instead worrying about who going show up.
    they should get rid all those candidates. who don’t belong on stage.
    cut back the number of debates. all your doing is bad mouthing your
    party’s candidate . have you forgot the past two elections?
    the dems are smart .few debates and less attacking of hillary .
    give her free reign to blast the GOP.

  27. All the RINO shenanigans against Trump are really showing everybody that there is only one party with the Republicans only playing the role of controlled opposition. It is obvious what the RNC/RINO strategy is: knock out Trump and lose the general election. Which of the other candidates stands a chance in the general? Jeb? He couldn’t even win FLA. Carson? Please, he’ll put every body to sleep. Carly? She’s as crazy as a ding bat and couldn’t win anywhere. Rand? Only dope smokers will vote for him and they’ll rather vote Dem. Christie? Don’t think so. Kasich? Who? Huckabee? You’ve got to be kidding. Apart from Trump, Republicans got nobody. But they want to knock-out Trump. So who do they want to win? The Dems. It’s too obvious. It’s either Trump or the Democrats win, again. And if they let in about 10 million more illegals and make them citizens…it’s over. The RINO’s are on board with that program. Wake up America, NOW, before it’s too late.


  28. Who are they going to put instead of the candidates who do not attend? Democrats? Nice way to shoot themselves in the foot

  29. I don’t think making war on your base is an intelligent tactic….I know I know this is the G.O.P. we’re talking about…..

    Go Trump….and hurry!….

  30. MEMO TO: GOP Establishment
    FROM: DocDave88
    SUBJECT: Manipulation
    DATE: September 22, 2015

    You apparently have not noticed but there are quite a few of us who worked hard to give you that historic victory on November 4, 2014 that are utterly disgusted with the Party’s performance since.

    So go ahead.

    Manipulate things so that our preferred candidates can’t be on the ballot.

    You are still complaining that 5,000,000 conservatives sat out 2012 relegating the nation to four more years of the most corrupt, the least transparent, and the most racist regime in American history. Try getting a Republican elected so much as Dog Catcher when it’s 20,000,000 of us who sit out from now on or, as I expect to be doing, writing in our favorite pet’s name rather than one of your anointed clowns. (Baxter Schnauzer/Molly Schnauzer 2016. Terriers with Principles. And one is even a female. Take THAT Monica Lewinsky’s Boyfriend’s Wife.)

    For the record, I voted for Sarah Palin and that doddering old fool she was running with and I voted for Romney. But run another establishmentnoid on that quintessential republicrat ticket of “we’re slightly less terrible than those guys and we’ll manage the decline a little better” and it’s the Schnauzer’s for me.

    So go ahead. Manipulate to your heart’s content. Personally, I’m pretty sure the country will be better off if we can just do our little bit to hasten the passage of the Republican Party onto the ash heap of history alongside the Whigs, the Anti-Federalists and the other no-longer-relevant organizations that litter the pages of history.

  31. I’ve already sent them an email from their website stating if they try to tell us who is going to be on our ballets that I’m done with the GOP. Friggin’ unbelievable!!

  32. I chuckle over all the experts we have in the party defining who is a “real” conservative..

    There must be a thousand different variations….

    Go Trump….and hurry!

  33. If the wall doesn’t work we may use minefields as well. I bet they would think it twice before even trying to cross..

    • I think we just broadcast Jeb and Hillary’s campaign speeches on the border 24/7…..

      Go Trump….and hurry!

  34. By doing that, they must want Hillary to win. That is the same as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  35. This is a blackmail from tyrants. If I were a candidate I’ll not show up and see what they’ll do. The front runner should boycott them and run third party instead. Destroy the tyrannical party and might as well let the Democrats have it all. What’s the difference anyway? The Republican congress just goes along on what the Democrat wants, in a way they’re just Democrats dressing as conservatives.

  36. The problem the Florida GOP has is we hate Jeb and Rubio. Thankfully the 3rd Florida candidate, The Donald, actually understands that we are pissed off with having to learn Spanish just to order at our local McDonald’s.

  37. They just want to make sure Donald Trump shows up, so he doesn’t bail on them like South Carolina. With Trump there they know they’ll get tons of media coverage. If Trump doesn’t show, no coverage, no excitement.

  38. The GOP establishment underlings are acting more Communist each day. Do this or else. When do they start building the Gulags? Trump, their collective enemy, will be glad to show up – he’s does more for Florida’s economy than any politician.

  39. So Brad would not allow whoever the front runner is; on the ballot if they don’t go to his little get together? What if they need to attend a different event that day as part of a national campaign? If the event was that important, that crucial, then he shouldn’t have to worry… Must not be that great of an event if he feels he needs to compel candidates to attend. I’ll be voting for Trump as a Republican, Independent or Write in…

  40. People wonder why I left the republican party…


    Jeb is all done, and the party is full of fascists JUST like these that will act like children if they don’t get their way.

    Yet they keep paying lots of lip service to freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

  41. GOPe + DNC. That is all there is to it. Two wings. Same bird (vulture). The flight plan never changes.

    As a corollary, “Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?”

    Trump 2016!!!! America’s wrecking ball to destroy the GOPe.

  42. Jeb Bush can not run for president and secure our borders, he has a
    conflict of interest as his wife was once an illegal immigrant.

  43. I’m wondering what a judge would say about this requirement. There are some very strict laws concerning being on a ballot and this might infringe on a candidates rights under the law.
    Suppose a candidate needed to attend a wedding at the same time, would they keep him off of the ballot?

    • Since when do republicans let the law stand in the way when they’re an inconvenience?

      They’re the only party I know of that squawks so much about laws being broken, who then turn around and break the laws themselves.

      • It was Obama who intentionally ignored valid federal laws, when he did not like them. The president takes an oath to uphold federal law and Obama did not.
        Obama should go to federal prison for violating his oath and the constitution. The problem is not republicans, it is liberals who do anything to achieve their goals.
        Obama reminds me of the dictators, who were hung from lamp poles after WWII and the people could walk by and thrown rocks at them. Obama deserves this same fate for what he has done to our c country.

        • I see, and we only count the laws that Obama ignores, right? We don’t count the ones that Bush ignored, Clinton ignored, Bush 41 ignored, Reagan ignored….

          Nope, we only count the ones that Obama ignores…

          This is THE key reason I left the republican party, you folks are the biggest set of hypocrites on THIS planet.

          • I left the republicans myself, but I still don’t cater to the ignorant and un-American democrats, who put party over the country.
            They all belong in prison and that starts with the moron Obama and his band of communists. If there was ever a time for the military to seize DC, this is it.
            Hang him from a tree I always say.

          • Agreed!

            I think the one thing we have to understand as Americans is that both the Democrats and Republican parties are filled with the same like minded individuals who believe that their positions in government allow them to be self servant so they can obtain the most wealth and power they can while they’re there.

            The only time I bring out Democrats is when Republicans feel they have some exclusive argument that makes them innocent.

            The same goes for Republicans when it’s Democrats that are doing it.

  44. Who is Brad Herold’s opponent? Is it the Democratic Party or his fellow Republicans? Let’s stop eating our young, especially in public.
    Mr. Herold and Reince Priebus need to focus their energies on burying the Democrats, and restoring this country to greatness. Forget about chasing some politically correct pipe dream. We have 100 plus years of liberal-progressive-Democrat failures that every Republican should be running on.

  45. There is only one reason to make changes… Trump. I smell a rat, bigger than the boy and the clock bomb, and the Trump rally intruder.

  46. A few establishment fascists are going to dictate who’s on the ballot to the entire Florida Republican party? There should be an outcry from Republicans in Florida and a cessation of donations to the party. Or maybe just drag Brad Herold into the street and subject him to mob justice.

  47. There could end up being a big delegate battle at the nominating convention. Could end up with who the people do not want.

  48. Looks like the bantering back and forth between Trump and Bush at the debate about the Florida casino ruffled some feathers.

  49. I believe that thousands will drop their affiliation if you do this, since Rubio and Jeb are the only two who have said they would attend. I believe they call this “election rigging”. And I for one am not interested in ANY PARTY participating in it. I WILL DROP my gop registration, permanently. Good bye, rpof! And GOOD RIDDANCE!

  50. If the GOP nominates another Bush, I will register in all 58 states and vote for Hagllary in every single one of them, including Kenya. . .

  51. Because we keep voting for their RINO nominees they keep giving us RINO nominees. I heard this in 2008 and voted for McCain, and 2012 for Romney. What they refuse to realize is that we will not vote at all, so they will keep losing. They think they need independents and hispanics to win elections. They’re wrong! I’ve walked my precinct and most independents are ideologically liberal and most hispanics don’t vote. We need conservatives to win.

  52. It would be hilarious if none of the Pubbies showed up. Tell the Fla Republican dicks to go do something sexual with themselves.

  53. Somebody ask Brad Herold how the rpof will function when the party resigns over this. I can see entire RECs doing that and maybe it’s about time.

  54. That’s the ticket, just act like the good party apparatchiks that you are. The public does NOT want RINOs like Jeb Bush anymore. We want something different and someone that can win elections.

  55. “The Executive Board of the RPOF met via conference call last night, and there is a potential change to the RPOF’s rules about filing requirements that will be voted on by our Executive Board on September 25th.”
    Met via “conference call”? They didn’t meet in person to make this rule that candidates must show up in person?
    I hope Hillary is the only one who shows up and the RPOF has to put her name on the ballad. Maybe Jeb can run as her Vice President

  56. I know that Trump will show up. He has the populace wrapped up down here. But, I think someone must address the gubmint down here in Florida because it sure does seem to serve itself instead of the citizenry.

  57. The elite GOP establishment is in full out panic mode. Trump is going to walk away with the nomination and they are finally realizing that we all HATE their freaking guts!

  58. Republicans no longer pretending to support representative government. Now they behave like Democrats: Obey our DICTATORS or else.

  59. This is embarrassing. Who do these people think they are? The GOP just can’t stop with the stupidity. Incredable.

  60. Both Bush and Rubio are establishment. I won’t vote for either one. No difference between the establishment GOP and the democrats.

  61. I’d rather go to a DNC convention…at least there nobody tries to hide the fact that they have no morals, are hypocritical and corrupt. For them it’s like a badge of honour but the RNC / Republican establishment should know better.

  62. Wow, look at how many are terrified of Trump, lol! If you freaks try to block Trump from the ballot, it will backfire big time. Flail progressive & liberals, we are not playing games this time.
    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and AMNESTY will stop soon, and say hello to massive, aggressive deportations.

  63. Are all professional politician-types fascists of one degree or another.

    These things just make an outsider like TRUMP who does not need to play the “game” all the more necessary and attractive.

  64. Rubio, Cruz and Jindal are not eligible natural born Citizens as defined by the law of nations, the Original Common Law of the US (i.e one born in a country of parents who are its citizens). Even the state department doubts that they are eligible (See 7 Fam 1131.6-2 to 1131.6-3). The Republican party is protecting the legacy of the Usurpation of Hussein Obama, as are these 3 supposed “Constitutionalist” traitors. All were naturalized by 8 US Code S. 1401 as being born “subject to the jurisdiction of the US”, but none are within the original, un-amended meaning of A2S1C5. In fact for part of the nation’s history all 3 would have been considered Aliens at the time they were born until their parents naturalized.

    • Tell that to the homo queen of Chicago, currently resident in the White House with that tranny Mike Robinson and fat Reggie Loving Love…

  65. You people need to relax.
    There won’t be an election in 2016.
    Barack will declare martial law, ship you to FEMA camps and make himself President for Life®.

    • They can try, but it will be the last thing they do. Nobody is shipping me anywhere bro!

      Plus if Obama were to try do that none of us would be under any obligation to obey.

  66. Well, I guess a candidate can schedule time to stop by, drop off the form, and tell all the good members of the RPOF Executive Board to GFT. Or, looks like a candidate could decline to acquiesce to their demand and would be released from the national GOP pledge to not run as a 3rd party candidate. Afterall, not being on the ballot in Florida puts one at a disadvantage, right?
    After witnessing the the depths to which the establishment GOP stooped in last year’s Senate race, I will never vote for an establishment, do-nothing candidate again. 3rd party-yes. Write-in – yes.
    GOP Establishment = Democrat – no.

    Florida, take these guys to the woodshed!

  67. Unbelievable….After all we’ve been through the establishment of both parties want another Bush or Clinton?

    • It takes a special kind of stupid to act like this. Trump and the rest of the canidates should fly in, hand in their paperwork and without a word turn around and get back on their jets. Florida’s Republican Party thinks they are in control, but they will learn….

  68. It’s a setup Trump!! Bring Security!

    Seriously, you should have just done a 3rd party run in the first place. You would have had plenty of signatures to get on every ballot by now.

    I’m sure there will be lots of “rule” changes to come…..

  69. There is only Trump. There is no other candidate and I come from the D side.

    If I can’t vote for Trump I stay home.

  70. time for a third Party.
    I’d love to see a “Constitution Party” turn the GOP Rinos into the 21st century Whigs.
    an organization that uses the US Constitution as a litmus test for membership would get my vote.

  71. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  72. I am so pleased with myself that as a Conservative I left the GOP after Juan McCain was forced upon us in 2008. Good luck schmucks still trapped inside the GOP because you believe you have no place to go. Become an Independent no silly rules to follow.

  73. GOP apparently wants a democrat supporter to run for office. Problem is, if republican voters vote for a third party it is giving away a vote that would have offset the democrat vote; splitting vote decreases votes that would have gone to GOP and may have resulted in GOP winning. Either vote GOP or you are voting democrat. This GOP ploy is certainly one way to discount all the other candidates, mainly conservatives. Nothing like committing suicide (GOP) while supporting destruction of the country.
    Voting for GOP would be voting for the lesser of two evils. Same ploy when Romney ran, it would have been better to have had the lesser of two evils and have had Romney instead of obama. Those who sat home because they did not like GOP candidate, basically did not vote and did not cancel out an obama vote, so we got the worst of the worst, obama.

    • I have been saying this over and over, but it just doesn’t sink in. You described exactly how we got Obama for a second term, and multiply Obama’s failures by 10 and that will be Hillary, Biden, or Sanders.

  74. Trump will reign in 2016. We are now post-constitutional, so this is what happens. He will rule better than the establishment schmucks though.

  75. They would rather have a democrat in the WH vs. Trump. If anyone does not believe the new world order cabal is real, they are a fool. All the conspiracy quacks I laughed at for 20 years, beginning with David Icke et al. They were and are right. The Egyptian symbolism and god worship its all true. Now, I am the fool.

  76. Trump should go Independent now so it messes with the GOP. Ill vote Bernie Sanders before I vote another establishment Republican.

  77. This is why republican voters stay home. We hate the republican name brand that it has become. If they ban candidates that dont show then my vote will be for the candidate that didnt show.

    • Do you hate the Republican brand more then the democrat brand? Staying home certainly helps keep the democrat brand in power.

  78. Nominate the most ELECTABLE conservative, otherwise shout as loud as you want from your soapbox as Hillary Clinton (or some other democrat) pushes through her agenda and appoints judges! One thing I give democrats credit for. They know how to circle the wagons to win office. Unlike the GOP who will circle the wagons only to fire at each other!!

  79. Trump’s people follow this. To win more Hispanics, he must sell the wall as temporary to last ten years and call for annexation of all of Central America to be joined with the North through holding a Convention of States. American and Canadian militaries would be used to work with the Southern States military to prepare them for proper interface and maintain it. I challenge anyone to come up with a better plan.

  80. I guess the Florida (Establishment) GOP is trying to level the field for Jeb or Rubio. Nice Try.

  81. Boehner and Mcconnell have shown the GOP true colors,we now know that GOP stands for Give Obama Pleasure cause they have all kinda Constitutional power to keep obama from doing anything but refuse they give him his way

    • Boner & Turtle Man………they thrive in the minority because they can enjoy the perks of office without having to shoulder the burden of actually governing. they would not know a victory if it bit them on the keister.

  82. chads in the Bushs! cheating always works. Jeb cannot win heads up. NO one calls themselves Republican anymore! most of us are just waiting for Donald and a good VP.

  83. This is the Republicans way of telling the people that the people will vote only for approved candidates and there is no other choice.

  84. Remember, this is the same FL GOP that went to so much trouble to redistrict Col. Allen West out of office. You have to watch your back around Governor Powder, he’ll shiv you in right in it.

  85. Jeb was great as governor of Florida, HOWEVER his open the flood gates position on ILLEGAL invaders will destroy his attempt to be the RINO candidate for President.

  86. Florida, everyone knows the GOP is dead and the Left have gone full communist. Do not get in Trump’s way. Case closed.

  87. This is total BS! Perhaps third party would suit people better! We don’t need a party that tries to choose the candidate for us. We can think for ourselves. Jeb Bush will never get my vote and stunts like this are the reason why. Corruption rules in the United States. No longer do we have freedom in elections! The two party system isn’t working. Time to try something new.

  88. People, I hold the original patents for monitored firearm storage, had college scores at six and have predicted many things scientifically. Trump has this sucker in the bag. Take it to the bank. He just must do what I previously stated about annexing Central America to win over the Hispanics. He logically has no choice.

  89. Rinos in Florida are having a uprising. Federal lawsuit should settle the matter. Thats if you can find a non liberal court today.

  90. Message to the Florida GOP: no amount of your manipulation will save the establishment elite this time. It’s time for you to shut up, sit down, and listen to the people.

  91. The entrenched system reacts with laws, rules and regulations in order to stay in power. How typical, how un-Republican party. Maybe they better go and re-read the Republican position of the party in general. Bunch of lying cynics only interested in retaining power. They have ZERO interest in the people.

  92. The GOP is a corrupted joke! Might as well stop trying to hoodwink us and simply admit they are democrat “lite”…

    • So which do you want in the WH? Democrat “lite” as you call them, or real democrat “heavies”. Democrat or Republican will be your only choice as the next president will come from one of those two parties.

  93. The GOP has brainwashed themselves into thinking the people want them and that they are the answer. The Democrats are just pure evil. Trump 2016.

  94. Even Milhous Walker had to do his Rino duty & take a shot at Trump as he walked out the door.
    Nobody wants you anymore, Rino scvm.

  95. Had a meeting via conference call to decide candidates must show up in person.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  96. We demand the salaries back from everyone on that conference call. – Florida
    Oh… and the next yahoo that you make fun of because he’s from Florida, look closer and you’ll usually see that he originally comes from up North.

  97. Reasons not to show:
    I can’t find my shoes.
    I don’t feel so good.
    I thought it was next week.
    I had a flat tire.
    No daycare.
    The Chicoms hacked my porn account.

  98. This move was made to give Jeb a leg up but its going to take a hell of a lot more than this to get him elected.

  99. The democratic party and the rino republicans are both telling us the same thing. They smear TRUMP and want the status quo to remained the same. In the last election we who voted Republican thought our so called leaders would keep their promise. Have you notice how hard it is to remove the knife from our backs given by bonehead in the house and mcquack in the senate.

    Writing on the boards allows one to vent. BUT if we send this message to the so called RNC Rino leaders, and all of your friends who feel the same. They WILL listen. You may copy and paste or put in your own message

    Because you despise the Straight talking TRUMP, and he is rocking your cash choosey boat, if you jokers decide to toss TRUMP in the waste bin, be advised. WE SHALL WRITE HIM IN! IN BOTH LOCAL AND NATIONAL ELECTIONS. You say this will destroy the RNC? Well guess what jokers, it is YOU who have destroyed it. So support TRUMP or get your rear kicked big time- The Real Conservatives

    You can google the RNC national committed for the email address to write to, and also write to your local RNC and every liberal news paper and friend on your email list. When I post on blogs it is removed I feel as if I am again living in the CCCP

    If you’d like to contact the RNC please email:

    Semper Fidelis


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