Americans Don’t Want Syrian Refugees Brought Here. Here’s What Congress Can Do.

Americans Don’t Want Syrian Refugees Brought Here. Here’s What Congress Can Do.

Public opinion is strongly against the plan to admit 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States by 2017.

From Rasmussen:

…49% of Likely U.S. Voters say they want the government to allow no refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries into the United States. Another 20% only support President Obama‚Äôs initial proposal of allowing 10,000 refugees to resettle here. Just 22% agree with the administration’s decision to allow in even more refugees, including seven percent (7%) who favor resettling 100,000 or more in this country.

Fortunately, Congress does not have roll over and accept the Obama/Kerry policy.

Reuters reports the following:

Under current law, Congress does not have to approve the Democratic administration’s plan. But the House of Representatives and Senate, both controlled by Republicans, would have to appropriate money to pay for any expanded effort.

Read more about Congress’s options and the repercussions it could have as a campaign issue here.



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