Second GOP debate might have changed the game

Second GOP debate might have changed the game

The Briefing, Vol. III, Issue 30-

This week:

  • Fiorina wins the big debate
  • Trump humbled
  • What Trump has contributed to this year’s race

President 2016

GOP debate: There is a great deal of skepticism about whether debates matter at all. But no matter how much this skepticism is justified for the average debate, last Wednesday’s debate was an exception. It mattered quite a bit.

Normally, it isn’t easy to get anyone to tune in to a presidential debate at this stage. On Wednesday, a record 23 million people tuned in to watch. That’s a boon for Republicans, something sure to broaden interest in the party and the candidates. And no one benefited from this as much as the debate’s clear winner, Carly Fiorina.

More on that in a second. But first…why so many viewers? You can surely attribute some part of it to public weariness with the Obama era and widespread concerns about Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office. That sort of thing motivates voters to tune in and see what the alternatives are.

But then, of course, there’s The Donald. This is Trump’s biggest contribution to the race to date. It is not true, as many say, that he has brought up issues no one else would discuss otherwise. Immigration has been an issue in every recent election since 2006. What he has done, though, is generate much more interest in the Republican primaries than anyone is used to seeing. The previous record for a CNN primary debate audience was just 8.3 million, in 2008.

A buzz-driven and widely watched nomination process is good for the Republican Party, just as the 2008 primary duel between Clinton and Barack Obama was good for Democratic Party. Even better, what those viewers saw was quite good. No one made the debate into a circus, and most of the candidates came off pretty well, even the ones that didn’t perform best.

So, how did they perform?

Donald Trump: According to Sunday’s CNN poll, a 31 percent plurality believed that Trump did the worst of anyone in the debate, and he dropped 8 points in the polls as a result (falling to 24 percent support from the CNN poll taken in early September). In reality, others had worse debate performances, but none of theirs was so consequential.

One thing unique about Wednesday’s debate was its length. In order to give some justice to the large number of candidates on stage, CNN made it three hours long — a real marathon, for viewers and debaters alike.

But such great length has an effect on the dynamic of a debate. In this case, it worked against Trump. He is accustomed to getting in a few quick insults and leaving the impression that he’s in control.

But over the course of three hours, such a debating strategy is unsustainable. Gradually, a candidate’s lack of basic knowledge becomes evident, and all that extra time on the clock gives multiple other candidates time to point that out explicitly. Given Trump’s dominance in the polls, the other candidates (except Ben Carson and Ted Cruz) really had it in for him. What’s more, his schtick started to wear thin before the first hour was even up. As other candidates discussed issues with a detailed level of knowledge, the contrast with Trump became sharper and clearer.

The most dramatic moment of the debate came when Fiorina smacked Trump over his previous remarks about her personal appearance. But the most important moment came much earlier, when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pointed out of Trump: Just because he says something, doesn’t mean it’s true. Trump had just said that Wisconsin’s budget is a mess (it isn’t) and that Walker had “lost” $2.2 billion, which was both wrong and incoherent.

Walker’s comeback set the tone for the rest of the debate. Up to that point, Trump had lobbed personal insults at two other candidates. From there on, Trump was everyone’s piñata. Larger-than-life persona aside, he was in over his head.

Carly Fiorina: The debate’s best performer, she delivered the sharpest jab of the night to Trump. But that wasn’t all she did. In fact, she resisted the temptation to attack the polling frontrunner right out of the gate, choosing an opportune time later in the debate. It was a smart way of handling things.

The new CNN poll shows Fiorina jumping from asterisk to 15 percent as a result of the debate, leapfrogging Ben Carson and seizing second place. She showed herself knowledgeable on several important issuses and capable of defending herself. She offered a plausible explanation for her tenure at Hewlett Packard, but it is also clear she will have more questions to answer on that topic. Perhaps a lot more.

Even so, this is progress. It is important to remember that Fiorina might well have been relegated to the kiddie-table debate, had she not fought to be included in the main event.

Ben Carson: Carson, beloved as he is, was simply soporific in this debate. He has clearly been advised not to attack other candidates, and in general this principle has worked for him, but some slow pitches just shouldn’t be passed up.

Carson had one opportunity, on the issue of vaccinations, to attack Trump for his vaccine trutherism. Had he gone ferocious here, it would have been the main highlight of the debate in the newsreels. But the accomplished surgeon simply went limp. He did at least contradict Trump’s belief that vaccines cause autism, but he did it so gently — even crediting Trump with having a point about how vaccines are delivered– that it was clear afterward he had simply dropped the ball.

Marco RubioMaybe he was a bit over-prepared. Rubio did really well, but he came off a bit too scripted — even if he completely owned, believed in, and wrote for himself the script he was performing. There wasn’t much of the gentle charm for which he is usually known, but his firm grasp of policy was on display, and that counts for something. Rubio gave the best answer on Global Warming (and Walker did well to echo him): The solutions proposed by Obama and other liberals will do almost nothing to curb it, but they will do quite a bit to harm the economy.

Rubio’s answer on his sparse attendance in the Senate during his presidential run could really cut either way. It was certainly bold — he argued that debates in the Senate hardly matter at this point because the body’s members are so out of touch with Americans. He is not, as he noted, running for re-election. Does this make him seem more like an outsider, or does it make it seem like he’s deserted his post in the Senate?

Chris Christie: From a purely figurative perspective, he punched way above his weight. Christie showed a lot of that passion he likes to talk about, and it was at least enough to make people wonder whether maybe he will be relevant again at some future date. But Christie has a lot of work to do — he is contending with very high negatives compared to other low-ranking Republican candidates.

Jeb Bush: He did well enough to remain relevant and within the top tier, but not well enough to improve his standing substantially. Bush’s best moment came when he pointed out that he’d beaten Trump on the issue of casino gambling in Florida. He also didn’t let Trump embarrass him. He could have done a lot better had he pressed harder with his demand that Trump apologize to his wife for a jab at her ethnic origin.

Scott Walker: He didn’t necessarily distinguish himself in this debate, but he actually got in some of the hardest punches against Trump. His confrontation of Trump for making up numbers set the tone for the whole rest of the debate.

But getting back to the main point: Walker is vastly underperforming his potential in this race, and nothing he did in the debate was sufficient to fix that.

John Kasich: What do you do with the Republican candidate at the Republican debate who tells the Republican voters they’re wrong? You write him off. We liked him better the first time when he was Jon Huntsman.

Ted Cruz: The Texas senator was described elsewhere before the debate as the pilot fish to Trump’s shark, and he certainly performed up to that expectation. He looked a bit strange deferring to Trump when all of the other candidates were strenuously working to take him down a peg. As with the 2013 government shutdown that he led, this campaign looks like an exercise in fundraising list-building that has little hope of accomplishing much more.

Mike Huckabee: Is the 2008 Iowa caucus winner for real in this race? Maybe not, and he didn’t attack anyone else with sufficient vigor to make the highlight reel. But he still has the preacher’s way with words at times. Like most of the candidates in this debate, he acquitted himself honorably, and it won’t be enough on its own to make him stand out.

Rand PaulHe was the first victim of a Trump insult (not just about his poll numbers, but his appearance as well). For all that, he has to look at Trump with some envy. When he announced for president, he was surely expecting that by now he would be expanding his father Ron Paul’s base in this primary by preaching the libertarian gospel to a broader conservative constituency. Instead, he’s clinging to the most libertarian elements of his father’s base — the less libertarian elements (homeless paleoconservatives and paleolibertarians) have mostly gone to Trump.

Paul isn’t completely out of it yet, but he simply cannot be in the running unless Trump utterly implodes — and soon.



  1. I’m still for Trump. Carly has a history of failures.. Trump has a history of success. No path is without a few learning curves.. But Trump learns.. like in the debates.. when he’s quiet.. he’s observing and not getting ahead of himself. Carly was so eager to get air time she was rude and talked over everyone else.. Pushy and impetuous – not good qualities

    Trump 2016 & 2020

    • Aggressive men are smart. Aggressive or assertive women are Pushy.
      I like Fiorina and Trump and Carson all…a dream team for Pres. VP and Secretary of State. Rubio as back-up.
      The entire GOP roster is light years ahead of Hillary or any Dem. Time now to SAVE the US from the DEMolition Party.

          • Says you. If it wasn’t for a politicized Justice Department, she’d have been charged already with mishandling of confidential state documents.

          • I suppose you’ve seen the documents, and know first hand they are confidential. Or could it be you are talking out of your ass because you are more comfortable supporting a lie?

          • No. I have not seen them. The IGs from two agencies have seen them. Those IGs have said they were highly confidential (with or without markings) bcz dealt with keyhole (sat) data and other country (NKorea) data. If you want to see those docs suggest you request same from the IG or someone in the Kremlin or Beijing. I don’t lie and you are a fool.

          • SINCE THE 1990’S SHE’S HAD A HABIT OF MISPLACING THINGS. Remember the missing files that turned up on a coffee table in the WH after being missed for months? Maybe she mishandled the husband, President Bill. The Wesley girl grads had a mission after “finishing school”, meaning (etiquette training) for the “millenials”..look it up! Humor is healthy.

          • You accept her LIES and cover-up over Benghazi? Her email fiasco? Her influence peddling? Are you BLIND?

          • Did you bitch about the 12 embassy attacks that killed 50 Americans when Bush was President? When something erupts in a foreign country things happen too quickly to stop. I don’t blame Bush, and I don’t blame Hillary. It’s very naïve to think America can control every situation.

          • Hillary admitted that she didn’t send in Marines to protect the Benghazi consulate when asked because her Administration had taken credit for their victory in Libya and wanted to “NORMALIZE RELATIONS WITH LIBYA”!. Plus her boss Obama is Muslim Brotherhood. Then there was her lying cover- up blaming the anti- Muslim video. Comparing Hillary to Bush is assinine. She belongs in jail…and Obama impeached…for their complicity in the death of those four Americans. You are an uninformed DOLT.

          • When the US controlled the situation, Archie tar sands, their was control in the middle East and the rest of the world . When the US leads everone else including China gets out of the way

          • You must not read or know any of her history. Hillary is the reason these 4 young men were killed. in BENGHAZI. What is wrong with you.??? Hillary is the biggest LIAR and should be in Jail for all her wrong doings. Common sense tells you she has covered up all her confidential E-mails by deleting them. She is plain Evil. And just to think people like you Vote. That is Scary.

          • Common sense tells me you use hate to control your thinking. There is no evidence to support it, and she has been cleared by several Republican investigations. This is a reaction of fear, because Republicans know they can’t beat her in a fair fight. It’s not working.

          • While she may have not be proven guilty of any one law (yet), the record shows that she is totally incompetent to have a leadership position for the improvement or protection of the US and its/our interests! She may have leadership (has a lot of followers) but I wonder what she really has for a record that constitutes reason to vote her into the Oval Office if it even went that far! I say not much good!

          • And I have some really rich land in the Arizona desert I’m trying to unload, you game?

          • Don’t waste time and money on losers. She thinks so highly of herself that she thinks she should run for the highest position in our Nation. A self centered hypocrite! Hailrey is doing a good job of defeating herself…..she doesn’t need any ones help.

          • When Carly talks she makes sense to me. I have no problem with others’ thinking highly of themselves if I agree with them. Name me a political leader who ISN’T self- centered. Trump certainly is a Narcissist. Fine with me. You want humbleness? Go with Carson…he’;s a good choice. So is Rubio. The GOP suffers from an abundance of riches.
            Not spending any time or money on elections both sides of the border…I’m Canadian.

          • Getting from secretary to CEO of Lucent and HP.
            I now highly favour Carson as President…Fiorina as VP…Trump as Secretary of State.

          • She got there through her families (fathers) business connections not through the school of hard knocks.

          • Boils down to this…I like her demeanour and her answers when questioned…both during debates and on TV interviews. How she got here is immaterial given her obvious smarts.

          • Cannot compare the two…miles apart. Obama was a charlatan junior Senator plucked and groomed by the far left…likely George Soros…a student leftist anarchist…devotee of Saul Alinsky…and a secret Muslim Brother(hood) posing as a Christian anti- Semite. He worked as an “organizer” for the discredited Acorn gangsters. He read from a teleprompter!

        • Instead of defunding planned parenthood, just install Fiorina as CEO. In short time, they will go belly-up! Problem solved!

        • And what about OBAMA”S and HILLARY Lack of accomplishments and their failures? 4 men died under their watch – that doesn’t matter to you?

        • She’s still worth $28M. Yeah, I know Hillary is worth more….at least $145M. I guess she’s more successful, we’ll See!

      • Accept for a couple, (BUSH), the Republican candidates are light years ahead but your not going to be able to save anyone other than Bush from the Republican establishment. They are pitting one against the other sometimes all against one in an attempt to destroy all accept for their hand picked. I like Carly too, not as much as Mr. Trump, but she is not their pick, only a tool to do their bidding. You only have to watch Carly’s Sunday interview with Chris Wallace and how she shrunk under the pleasure from the question of HP doing business with Iran under her watch at HP… That’s only one issue that is going to haunt her in the future. On the contrary Mr. Trump makes no bones about his dealings and doesn’t play by their rules, he doesn’t have to (none of us do if we choose not to) and if we allow ourselves to be influenced AGAIN by the likes of Karl Rove, Krauthammer, George Will and the rest of the talking heads that tote the party’s water, we deserve what we get and that’s Hillary…

        • These “debates” are more like grade school encounters. Where were the questions about the issues? Then people known as the demlibs say Trump doesn’t discuss his plans, well no one asked any intelligent questions. Johnny said you pick your nose, what do you think about that is not going to get the answers on policies.

          • Except for Bush, Kasich and maybe Christy the rest of the Republican candidates are head and shoulders over anything the Demonicrates can muster. The sad thing is that the establishment will not allow the great candidates to win the nomination. It will be a slash and burn as it’s getting to be right now. Sorry my spelling is for crap.

          • No complaints about spelling – I am not the grammar police. I just wanted to make sure I understood your points.

          • I thought the same thing myself about the accept/except. I also agreed with everything Jim said.

        • Have you noticed how Carly Supposedly took Mr. Trump down 8% ? Has anyone notice the issue the media is having NOW with Carly’s persona??? Hmmm, where have we heard that???? They say she needs to smile more and not be so agree. Have you noticed how important her time at lucent and HP is now and the problems she’s going to have with that in the general election? Now that they got out of her what they needed, which is an 8% cut into Mr. Trump the establishment blue blood country club Republicans can’t allow her to get away so these issues are surfacing!!! Walker drops out and tears at Mr, Trump!!! I wonder what kind of challenge in Wisconsin he was threatened with? Who will be next to run interference to Mr. Trump only to make way for the establishments chosen one!!!

          • I have been a middle of the road Republican all my life and I don’t have a drop of blue blood in me, the conservative Republicans need we old ones, so don’t knock us down. I wish Trump would go back to school, he uses bimbo and clown, and loser far too often. The GOP should be like a large tent, not a religious party…

      • Who are you recommending for what position?
        Carly was assertive. Speaker’s need to bring their response to a close. An aggressive women is Hillary Clinton. She’s ready to do battle every time she opens her lips! There could be some corrections in the way the debates are moderated. Something is still off key with the modern communication-technology. I wouldn’t be comfortable addressing cameras & visualizing the far away audience of likers or haters! It is rude for anyone to disgust the attire of another unless you’re in a fashion show & not in a debate. I place blame on the news media. They like to stir up “trouble”. Jack Friday from Dragnet use to say, Mam” “Sir” just give the facts! So Be IT! I know one can’t turn the clock back years!
        “Opinions” don’t count in politics!

    • Do Trump’s successes include the businesses he led that went bankrupt causing loss of jobs and venders not being paid?

      • Exactly, but some won’t let Carly’s smart business moves register on the plus side. I find this true especially among those who have never been in business or started one with their own money.

    • Excuse me…Carly has a history of failures? Then you simply do not understand the world of big business. Sometimes the best way for a large company to survive in an imploding economy is to cut fat as quickly and deeply as possible. Some people get a pink slip but HP was not the only company to dole out layoffs. Many smart CEOs did the exact same thing…and survived. Trump filed BKs when it was convenient for him to do so with companies he owned. Smart people do just that but don’t criticize Carly for keeping HP out of BK when the Donald may well have done just that.

      • Thank you while I don’t know the corporate worlds workings
        I also was thinking that the ceo doesn’t bring decisions into
        Actions without the back up of the board.ultimately the ceo owns the damage unfortunately,but it should be the company representatives as a whole

          • Thank you , too bad for those that aren’t curious about words spoken on a debate,they rather let the media do the checks.I just listened to Ben Carson on CNN and he is a Class act.Took comments that were made over the weekend and not only took them to
            Task but sId why are we spending time on hypothetical when there are more important issues here and the world (paraphrasing)

          • Dr. Carson explained his position very clearly on Islam. Anyone who has studied Islam and worked in and around those who profess belief in the writings of Mohammed, which I incidentally have, realize that in no way could America survive an Islamic regime in the White House, although some say that is the present situation. A study of the Koran clearly explains the need for an eventual Islamic caliphate to rule the world. Taking down the “great Satan” would be a major victory in that desire. Just saying…….

    • Highly slanted and the only ones to vote this way are CNN readers.. I know.. I just try to enlighten when I can. They want Carly to run so they can destroy her with her history of failures and get a Dem in office again..

      • YES FROG PRINCE and BONNI – they do want to destroy anyone who runs that isn’t a DEM – the media is worthless!

  2. Right now I see it as a toss-up between Carly Fiorina and Glenn Close.
    Hillary should be in jail by election time.

  3. I’m grateful that she dared Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton to watch the videos from the Center for Medical Progress.
    When Mr. Trump’s candidacy implodes (note: I didn’t write “if”) there’ll be more room for the candidate I still want to see at the table.

      • Archie,
        I’ve heard this claim, but since I’m not a videographer I would imagine that there are ways to edit a video without changing the text enough to need a new context.
        A priest friend of mine likes to remind his listeners that, “text without context is pretext”. What is in the un-doctored version which changes the truth about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the fetal cell trafficking business? Or, about their acknowledgment that the “result of conception” is a human child, born male or female?
        But, to the question at hand: if the House has voted to defund Planned Parenthood (i.e., to not spend half a billion dollars on activities which are alleged to be against federal law) isn’t this an issue which Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama should be informed? Furthermore, if there is a discussion of the dismemberment of the fetus, and a discussion of certainly illegal and unethical conduct, shouldn’t we as citizens want to hear the response of a president and former first lady who defend this organization for what it actually does?

        • There is an image inserted of a baby that was stillborn. It was not an abortion, it had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood and it was used without the mother’s permission. There has been no actual evidence of any kind that Planned Parenthood broke any laws. Just a doctored video to hit people emotionally rather than intellectually. They do not sell body parts. That is pure fantasy. They do donate tissue for medical research, which doctors like Ben Carson have used to find cures. The people who made the video were not looking for truth. Their intent was to manipulate people’s minds with lies.

      • Evidence that the videos were doctored? I know that the full, unedited, videos were released. The “edits” simply made the videos shorter (no one wants to watch the abortionist putting salt on her salad, the “highlight” is her explaining how they “crunch ’em high, crunch ’em low”). Query: If you KNEW the videos were NOT altered, would you be in favor of defunding PP? Didn’t think so.

  4. Rubio is probably the most electable, as his negatives are low. Fiorina is great but corporate executives are not well liked in the new America, where having been a community organizer to shake down businesses counts for more. Rubio-Fiorina?

  5. The bottom line is that Trump still leads the field. So once again, Those with no “political experience” lead the field. We all know that if they were on the bottom of the list the GOP would be advocating that they drop out of the race. Dear GOP, you have gained control of the Senate in 2014. What has changed? NOTHING! The People realize that all the political jargon spouted by the GOP politicians running for president means nothing. Why? Because the status quo remained!

    • I see Trump as an old, school-yard bully who gets his way by trying to beat others down. There are only two ways to get to the top of the heap, so to speak. 1) Work at pulling yourself to the top or; 2) beat others down. Trump tries to beat others down by diverting attention to their misfortunes/misgivings rather than focus on what he would do to fix the real the issues facing this nation. His approach to the tax code is nothing more than retuning what we already have. Hmmm, let’s see, that helps him, doesn’t it?

  6. Not interested in cnn (lower case on purpose). Would have turned it off if Christie hadn’t stopped the two way bickering. Only interested in hearing what each candidate had to say of their platforms on THE ISSUES (upper case on purpose). Carly is a Talker just like Obama and has never successfully walked the walk.

  7. It may still be too soon to tell who won the debate.
    I’ve said elsewhere, the winner of the debate will be whoever’s drawing the most shrill, hysterical fire from the “news” media.

    • the debates were a farce. such idiotic third grade questions to pit one rep candidate against another. note the attention carly she also interrupted and in my puny opinion was very arrogant and despite her ;things SHE would do… read her body language folks. very narcisstic as they call trump. needless to say should she really take a rise they reps would the attack her via the media no doubt as bush is the fair hairaed boy to the rhinos which is totally stupid. he cant beat any dem/ not this time. soo folks outside of God’s help we are in a mess literally in this election.

  8. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but, Fiorina’s eyes don’t match her words or smiles, just like obama. She’s a glib talker just like obama.

    I get the impression that she is ruthless with integrity running far behind her goals, her ambitions. I just can’t trust her. She’s as warm and sincere as Hillary.

  9. Carly Fiorina and Rubio were the best in the Debate, although others did have good answers, accept TRUMP just babble. I am sure that the Polls will show that Carly and Rubio are on the RISE…

  10. WHAT are you people smoking??? A Fiorina ticket would give the Demonrats an easy target to destroy and guarantee another Demonrat victory. You folks best stay away from that sweet smoke.

  11. Reality Check – polls on the level of this CNN thing are fickle. Straw Polls, however, are another story, and actual primaries are the Polls of Record, and are the only ones that matter. In the Straw Polls Trump is floundering, Carson is ascending, and all others are so far back as to be, well, huge wastes of time. That is why so many candidates fold so soon in the primary process, many after only a handful.

  12. The left and the establishment GOP support Carly for one reason. To dilute the early vote and slow the momentum of any real Conservatives.
    I have a theory of why Trump made the face comment about Carly.
    Every time I see her picture I cannot help but imagine that her nose is a RINO horn.

      • That I do! But I have no problem stating the truth about men or women. Carly IS a RINO through and through.
        I also think Jeb has a RINO horn for a nose along with McConnell and Boner.

    • it is true people need to check into all candidates and not assume everything is as the candidates say. nor is it always what their enemies say. ck for yourself is my advice.

  13. Carly was pushy and didn’t answer the questions given her, but went on a rampage about subjects that she had rehearsed. She butt in while 2 of the men were discussing something, and gave her speech about what she would do on day one, without even being asked, She was rewarded for that behavior by getting points, which is wrong. Her speech was full of holes, as the things she would do in the war were obsolete, and Obama had already addressed those things. She only thinks of herself. The moderators let it go wild and out of control, so Carly took over. I don’t call that a good leader. She has failed at her past employment.

    • Let’s see now. Does Trump ever butt in? Well, all the time and almost always with jabs at others rather than give a dissertation on subjects that really matter. As one who was involved in “gathering information” in North Africa and Europe I can tell you that Carly had the most brilliant offering on how to handle Putin. Donald would “befriend” him while Carly would confront him. I’ll take Carly’s approach. Putin understands that….as do all bullies.

  14. the debate which wasn’t a “debate” was a waste of time. FEW good points were made, little knowledge came out about candidates stances on topics, and now we play the WHO WON THE DEBATE nonsense! NO ONE WON! each had some good points and that was it. Carly will NOT win and that is why the media is pushing her – they want HILLARY to win!

  15. I saw another “poll” pushing the idea that Carly Fiorina “won” the debate the other night; specifically stressing that she “beat” Donald Trump. I didn’t watch in real time, I won’t patronize
    the clinton news network, but every other poll I’ve seen has completely different results. Not that polls matter at this point, but it’s obvious that the gop country-club rino’s and the ‘crat schemers are trying to foist Ms.Fiorina upon us. But I submit Ms.Carly Fiorina is not to be trusted….check out…

    Fiorina has friends in LOW places…

    Carly Fiorina (aka Cara Carleton Sneed) sat on the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, which has observer status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
    But congressional support for global governance will not wane on Carly’s watch. Agenda 21 and “sustainable development” are the new buzz words for “global socialism” through global governance and Carly sits on the Foundation Board at the mother ship.
    This is by no means new for Fiorina though. Her affiliation with global activists dates back many years and includes some of our nation’s most nefarious characters.
    An inquiring reporter worth his or her salt should be asking Carly to describe her long-term relationship with Dr. Khalid al-Mansour—aka Don Warden, Black Panther puppet master, Saudi Royal front-man and Obama education financier?

    Audio and video surfaced on the GOP candidate at Buzz Feed. Not only did she say she admired and had empathy for Clinton, but she went on to state:
    “She was a great candidate. She has helped millions of women all over this
    country. Women of any political party owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton and I will bet that every woman up here agrees with me.”

    And stunningly, for a woman who is supposed to be so smart and conservative…
    In a speech that was given a mere two weeks after Islamic jihadists attacked America, the former HP chief executive officer gave a speech on technology, business and our way of life. She concluded her speech with the following:
    “There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world. It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins.
    One of its languages became the universal language of much of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands. Its armies were made up of people of many nationalities, and its military protection allowed a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known. The reach of this civilization’s commerce extended from Latin America to China, and everywhere in between

    (PS When asked about these remarks recently she flat out refused to retract them)

    Ms. Fiorina has said a lot of things that I agree with, but were they what
    she really believes, or what she wants us to THINK she believes…at this
    point, I don’t trust her.

  16. Carley didn’t have her facts right on Plan Parenhood, Pot calling the Kettle Black when it comes to name calling, appears mean, sinister, dogmatic and has a hateful demeanor, can’t you just imagine her negotiating & having a likable, respectable relationship with the rest of the world. America needs to have a leader, not a dictator. Speaks elequotentely & talks big about how/what she will/can do ( had that for the past 8 years/look how America is in the worse shape it’s ever been in). Sounds like a bunch of smoke/unworkable fire with that dogmatic attitude and again Pot Calling the kettle black!! Guess she can create all these commands with big business in her back pocket.. After all she is taking their money to help her get elected; and she will want that enormous presidential salary “We the people” pay from our Tax dollar, while she is honoring the big business pay back.. She again is just a big phony elequotentely speaking/a has been.. She has the nerve to talk about others bankruptcy, when with HP was just not the only business through her control she did a real number on. Her wealth, ain’t because she earned it, it’s because of all those golden/platinum parachutes she gave herself before she left her defunk companies that she supposedly was supposed to be the great leader/the one for.. In my books she talks big & produces failures! We women can always spot the losers!! You see it is all about Carley, not about Americans.. No thank you, gotta be better fish on the Sea then that!!

    • Any one of those 15 sitting on the Republican bench would be 10 times better than anything the Dems have to offer. I’d take any one of them to the debate against Hillary or…..

  17. Anyone who rises through the ranks to become a CEO of a major corporation has had numerous and noteworthy accomplishments along the way. Carly’s record at HP has been debated over and over. In the NFL coaches are hired under a wide range of circumstances. It is not always easy to determine the talent level that was on the team before they arrived. You’ve seen coaches who were successful and even considered to be geniuses with one group of players and later, with another group of players or another team the coach is considered to be a loser or a bum. We have also seen coaches who were unsuccessful and fired on one team, but later in their career, with a different group of players became successful. No matter how good the coach may be, a team with weak talent and/or a
    general manager who makes poor personnel decisions might be impossible
    to overcome. May I suggest that given the health of a particular company, the condition of an industry as well as the politics of the corporate world, it is not always easy to determine to what degree a CEO is responsible for the success or failure of their company. HP has had many problems and CEOs in a difficult industry since Carly left.

    Also Trump declared bankruptcy with 4 of his companies. Bankruptcy may have been great for Trump, but thousands of creditors and individuals were hurt in the process. Trump didn’t take the hit, he let others suffer. Like many high net worth individuals, he has learned how to play the game…….make other people pay for your bad decisions and poor performance. I can’t believe that any thinking conservative would take this guy seriously.

  18. There is very little being reported on Fiorina’s positions in her ill fated run for the US Senate in California. She should just run as a liberal Democrat. She is a Republican only in a Big Blue State like California. Do not be fooled.

  19. Most of CNN’s analysis was pitiful. Trump was attacked from all sides including by CNN. He did well when responding to government problems and solutions, not to personal directives. Right on with Fiorina. Cruz succinctly answered all questions directed to him, as he always does. Steady and sure. Carson folded, regardless of whether he attacked anyone or not. He didn’t respond with substance to the opportunities presented.

  20. All I heard from all of them is War, War, War, War! War in Lybia, War in Iraq, War in Afganistan, War in Iran. Americans don’t want war! We want our boarders sealed, we want good jobs, and we want security! Make America Great Again!! Carly lied about the abortion tapes! They do not exist! I don’t give a hoot about Iseral either.

  21. Reported this afternoon that Walker has pulled out. Also, right after the debate, before voters could be forced to listen to the media hype, a poll showed that Trump and Carson were tied. An all
    Conservative vote. We will not know what the result will be still we see the results the day after the election. Till then it’s just the media trying to gotcha and find dirt about all the nominees except those who they want to win (those they think will not be able to beat Clinton)! Nice of them huh! Those they think who would probable win, like Carson and Forina only get their name in the media when they find some supposed or made up dirt on them.

  22. Rubio correctly replied to the complaint of not voting in the senate because as he said it doesn’t matter both parties are useless. The congress should meet for three months each year and spend the reaming nine months explaining to their constituents what they have accomplished in the three months they were in session in Washington

  23. I’d go gay if I had to wake up every morning looking into the no make up face of Carly “Eyesore” Fiorina.

  24. Fiorina can be tripped up with one simple question:

    “You’re still in favor of anchor babies aren’t you?”

    I would submit that people who support Trump, support him for one reason above all others: His stand on illegal immigration.

    Speaking only for myself, the reason I’m willing to give Trump so much slack on other things he says is because his position on illegal immigration is so strong. We haven’t had a candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by the factions that want the cheap labor in decades. Trump may be our last chance as a nation. With few exceptions, congress is totally corrupt as well.

    Without secure borders and strong enforcement of our laws, we, as a nation are slowly committing suicide. If the president and congress openly ignore the laws, as they most certainly do, it doesn’t take much to understand what the end result will be.

    Unless, of course, your goal is to weaken America and turn it into a third world communist country, as the liberals want to do. In that case, then you want all the welfare class people you can get pouring into this country…then to become citizens… and then vote against everything that America was founded upon. That is exactly what liberals want to see happen.

    TRUP! 2016!

  25. The media and the lefties have nothing good to say about Mr. Trump. That tells me Don is the one who can get things done. They are all yapping at the Lions feet. Fiorina is nothing but more of what we had in the past. Really! a CEO. talk about one percenters. Hopefully the American people will clear the smoke and see that Donald or Ben or Ted or Rand will bring America back to the people. Not the wall streeters and the politicians beholding to big donors promoting their own agenda.

  26. Trump has 40 % in the polls this women is still at 19% that is no where near Trump and,no where near the top. Trump did not drop after the debate he went up. The rino republican hate this but the grassroots people support Trump.

  27. Talk about pushy, I’ve been around for many elections and Trump is the worst I’ve ever seen. The more he will loose the meaner he’ll get…He uses bimbo and clown far too often, makes one wonder what kind people he grew up with.

  28. I’m still for trump. We dont need another politician. We need a president. Kick them all out. It’s time for a reboot. We need all new people in the offices. Get reed of incumbents. Start fresh so when the new are in office they wont have the old politicians their to corrupt the new. There is no doubt that their will still be corruption but we will be in better shape. We need to fight and have a law about lobbyist. They need to be restricted.

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