Sanders Takes the Gloves Off Against Hillary

Sanders Takes the Gloves Off Against Hillary

Down in the polls and losing to Bernie Sanders in the first two early primary states, Hillary Clinton has unleashed her Super PACs on the Vermont senator in hopes of taking a bite out of his surge.

In an email sent by the PAC to Hillary’s supporters, Sanders is linked to unabashedly socialist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his recent statements that praised historical communist leaders.

The email went on to suggest that Sanders would coddle terrorists and perhaps even sympathize with them should he find himself in the White House.

That attack prompted a u-turn in Sanders policy of non-aggression against Hillary’s campaign. In an email to his own supporters, Sanders promises not to engage in the sort of politics for which Hillary is known, namely billionaire donors and dirty tactics.

Sanders continues to gain ground against Hillary with the latest national poll by the NY Times showing him having closed the gap to just 20 points.

Should Vice President Joe Biden enter the race next month, those 20 points could be cut in half overnight in what might become a virtual tie in national polls among the three candidates.




  1. Sanders is performing a great duty by forcing Clinton to be examined more closely. Just like Trump, Sanders is exposing the main stream media and the main stream politicians for what they really are: power hungry liars and frauds that are nothing but puppets for their contributors and the global corporations that own them and the media.

    I dont agree with his $18 trillion 10-year stimulus package, which would no doubt bankrupt the country and provide no incentives whatsoever to work.

    Look no farther than Italy and Spain, and this is the type of economy Sanders would bring here.

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