Ben Carson Wins Maryland GOP Straw Poll

Ben Carson Wins Maryland GOP Straw Poll

Dr. Ben Carson has received some good news ahead of the second Republican debate tonight: he has won the Maryland GOP’s straw poll, according to a story from The Hill.

As a retired neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Carson can expect to do well in Maryland, but this poll result does reflect his surge in most recent polls.

Carson won 31.8 percent of the vote, beating his next closest competitor, Donald Trump, by 6 points. Trump polls at 25.9 percent, which means that once again, more than half of all Republican support goes to those two.¬†Anything can happen, especially in and after tonight’s debate.

Marco Rubio barely edged out Ted Cruz for third, 6.9-6.8 percent, with Scott Walker rounding out the top five with 4.7 percent support.

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  1. The G O P will never Nominate Trump, so we need to find 2 more Candidates, to fill the Top Spots in The White House. How about : President Ben Carson, and Vice President. Marco Rubio, and, Carly Fiorina as Secretary of Defense ?

  2. Ben Carson is HONEST, considerate,respectful, helpful, knowledgeable, educated, HUMBLE. I can see this man bringing positive change to America for the next 2 terms

    • I believe with help of God he will win and believe you me we need God back in America but the Lord may have other plans for America which is now known as The Great Satan” the Mother of the Babylon Whore–I prayed hard that Obama would not be elected but again God had plans

  3. Soon, I hope , folks will see that trump is that constant sales man, tell them what they want to hear….I wish he meant it…I wish he could and would deliver, but more and more, he bullshits US and we buy it…. why? Because we are desperate for some honesty….sadly, I don’t think he has that.

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