Debate Showdown: Trump vs. Fiorina

Debate Showdown: Trump vs. Fiorina

Tomorrow night’s second Republican debate in Simi Valley, California, may highlight increased tension between the party’s overwhelming frontrunner and its rising star.

Carly Fiorina big win earlier this month in which CNN changed its selection criteria specifically to ensure her entrance has set the stage for a possible leap-frog for the only female candidate on the GOP side of the ledger.

Donald Trump has already taken heat for his controversial statements about women, in general, and about Carly Fiorina, specifically.

Considered among the cardinal sins in debate strategy is a male candidate directly attacking a female candidate.

Coupled with Fiorina’s surprising performance in the first debate GOP debate, some are predicting a clash in tomorrow’s debate that may prove to be Trump’s undoing among female supporters.



  1. This is laughable..Trump vs Florina..the lady who sold computers to Iran during an emabargo Carly..the one who shipped 30,000 jobs to China Carly..the one who gave herself a bonus while others were losing their jobs Carly..the one who destroyed a company and was voted one of the worst CEO’s ever, Carly. You guys have got to be kidding.She barely has 3 percent and she is surging..what in the world are you thinking. Trying to influence the people. Remember we have the net now and we don’t really need any of you..we can cut you off as fast as we turn you on. This is a stupid,ridiculous title to a stupid ridiculous article.

  2. Haha..women love Trump and we can’t stand Firoina..she is everything we don’t want to be. A woman who blames her gender on her lack of success.

  3. And Carson.what is he your token convenient.. He is a nice guy, but you have to be kidding.continues to

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