Trump, Carson Combine for Over Half of GOP Support

Trump, Carson Combine for Over Half of GOP Support

With a mere 48 hours remaining until the second GOP presidential debate, Republican voters appear undeterred in their commitment to the two non-politicians in the field.

According to the latest WashPo-ABC poll, support for Donald Trump and Ben Carson combines for over half of the numbers for the entire field, with 33% and 20%, respectively.

What’s more, at least 60% of GOP voters say they want a candidate that has experience beyond politics, and two-thirds of those voters indicated either Trump or Carson as their top choice.

Perhaps most surprising among the poll’s results is the collapse of former leaders in the field Jeb Bush and Scott Walker who have fallen from the high teens to single digits in a matter of weeks.



  1. Trump is the man!!!he is a businessman…could do lots of wonders with jobs to this Country…he is a billionaire…He cares for this Country…and WE the people…we do NOT need politicians…they are liars and corrupt…look at what we got at the WH!!! more to the left than the right…he is a friend of sharptons…just imagine!!!

    • Unfortunately, Trump also does not know how to communicate in a way that can help bring people together. If he were a Democrat, we would all think Dem’s have gone off the deep end to support such an a** hole.

      We don’t need more fighting amongst the parties. We need people that are mature and act like adults. Sadly, that is not Trump :( I was hoping for Marco Rubio, as he doesn’t come on the attack, but rather comes with possible solutions in which both parties can come to a compromise instead of being stubborn about getting their way. Doesn’t look like many are looking at him though.

      • Patricia Kuhn, while I agree with you in principle, the fact is, there is no reasoning with the liberal left democrats. We as conservatives have had abortion, sanctioned invasion of illegal aliens, sodomite glorification and marriage, common core, unilateral military disarmament, veteran abuse and islamitization etc. crammed down our throats. All while so called republicans (RINO) tried to get along bring people together. That train has passed.

        • konafaid: You are correct. Democrats don’t even pretend to negotiate anymore. I can’t for the life of me understand why, after Hairy Reed in the Senate invoked the “nuclear option” to pass things with a simple majority, the Republicans restored the 60% requirement while Obama is still in office. The Iran “deal” it a treaty that should require 67 votes to approve, but now things are flip-flopped so that the Republicans have to muster 60% just to kill a filibuster in order to bring it to a vote, with 67 required to overcome a veto. It’s sick, diseased.

          All I can figure is that the Republican leadership is incompetent, or corrupt, or both. I wonder how much of the $50 billion in freed Iranian assets will make its way back into politician’s pockets?

      • for someone who doesn’t know how to communicate, he’s doing a damn fine job of it. His communication skills are what got him this far. He knows how to talk to the regular people. He is not a professional pansy in the White House.

        • Unfortunately, he says ONLY what people want to hear. Does he really communicate to the deep issues? I’d have to say no. He feeds the righteous anger of the masses but does nothing to bring understanding and unity. His rhetoric is power mongering at its finest.

  2. Trump is rough but right on and he has no choice because he is fighting the establishment that is totally corrupt. They have to be removed and sound people need to replace them like Trump and Carson. The politicians are owned by the rich, have sold us and America out. What they are doing is wrong. Being polite with them is a joke. This is a struggle to clean out the corrupt establishment before they clean us out.

    • with all the people that are arriving in the US bring us there disease and whatever else that they have you may wish you had been vaccinated he is a Dr.and I’m sure he would know more than you

  3. I do not think Trump will divide the parties more if elected. He had to work with both parties in several states to get approved for his real estate development. Right now it’s a bit frustrating in he does not lay out all of his policies on what he will actually do to correct the mess we are in during his live speeches, but does post them. This leads some supporters to think he’s hot air, but then they do not want to look and see if he actually does have a policy on this or that. I like his immigration policy, his tax policy, and his ability to negotiate when something needs to be done. Now most won’t agree with me, but this is what I’m seeing. Because I run a political page on the candidates views, I have to find out what each candidate’s position is on the issues. I’m hoping tomorrow night’s debate is not another one like FOX. I think a Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz ticket is what we will see after the primaries. As an Independent, I’m just tired of the damned Republicans and Democrats wanting each other’s toys in the sand box instead of doing the job they were elected to do, and I will not bother to voice anything on the STUPID sitting in the WH. I will say this, I did hear Hillary’s running mate will be Bill, because the Democrats think this is the way to get her elected, but that’s another story.

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