Nevada Election Officials Investigate Hillary’s Campaign

Nevada Election Officials Investigate Hillary’s Campaign

Hillary Clinton (Photo via Hillary Clinton for President)

As if Hillary Clinton needed any more problems, the former Secretary of State’s struggling campaign is now under investigation by the Nevada Secretary of State after the latest video from conservative activist James O’Keefe caught a top Clinton campaign leader on tape possibly violating election rules.

According to Breitbart:

Nevada attorney Christina Gupana, who is managing voter-registration efforts for the Clinton campaign in the key state of Nevada, was the unwitting star of O’Keefe’s undercover sting video this week. Gupana was caught on film apparently conspiring to violate election laws.

Now top state officials are investigating the matter.

“We do have an official complaint referencing the video,” Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary for elections in Nevada’s Secretary of State’s office, told Breitbart News. “The complaint was filed 2:30 local Nevada Time today. We will be investigating the complaint.”

“We can confirm that we are aware of the video and we will look into what’s on the video,” Thorley said.

The tape revealed that Gupana instructed uncertified volunteers to register voters, contrary to Nevada law.

“Do whatever you can. Whatever you can get away with, just do it, until you get kicked out, like totally,” Gupana told who she believed to be Clinton campaign staffers and volunteers in the video, which was released Thursday by O’Keefe’s organization Project Veritas.

Anyone registering voters in Nevada is supposed to be certified by a County Clerk.

The Nevada issue comes on the heels of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary in Iowa. The Socialist Senator has opened up a double digit lead on Clinton in New Hampshire and is making gains across the country.

The future doesn’t look much brighter for Clinton: she continues to face questions about her emails, and in October she has to face Congress over Benghazi as well as her fellow Democrats in their first debate.



  1. She had nothing to do with that. She is totally in the clear and she told them to make sure that her campaign was completely above board. And she has the emails to back that up.

  2. Nothing will come of this, Harry Reid will tell the state to back off and they will. She is above the law and will get rid of anyone that tries to stop her.

  3. Of course she will deny and no one will ever know if she did or not know about Gupana’s illegal activities. There a lot of old saying about things like this. If you sleep with dogs you will get fleas or maybe you are known by the company you keep. I do not view her as honest. Ever since her days back in Arkansas. I see her as shady, corrupt, above the law, arrogant, manipulative, deadly, too much power, deceitful, and why she has a following is not understandable to me. Why anyone wants a shyster in the WH must be a matter of being brainwashed. We have one in there now that will take the nation years to recover from , if ever.

  4. the ho clintoney associated with something illegal ?? how can that be…awla sent her up here in angelic form to guide mere mortals through the pitfalls of living in the best country in the world…

  5. Unfortunately or not, high ranking officials such as campaign managers can hurt the ones they are supporting. But in this case, who cares. Hillary deserves all that she gets.

  6. In the above picture to this article, there sure a bunch of ignorant, uneducated people who are smiling and reaching out to this criminal, Hillary Clinton! Wake up America! THIS WOMAN MUST NOT BE ELECTED AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT OR WE’LL BE NO BETTER OFF THAN WE ARE NOW! AND IF YOU THINK THE UNITED STATES IS WELL OFF, YOU ARE IGNORANT AND BETTER DO SOME DEEP RESEARCH AS TO WHAT THIS ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS DOING TO YOU AND ME!!

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