George Clooney Says Donald Trump Should Be Laughed At

George Clooney Says Donald Trump Should Be Laughed At

Photo by Michael Vlasaty (Wikipedia Commons)

While speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night, actor and producer George Clooney was pressed about his opinion of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Clooney responded, “Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at, and that’s pretty much what history will do.”

Clooney was at the film festival to present his latest production Our Brand is Crisis, which, according to People Magazine, “stars Sandra Bullock as a top campaign strategist trying to win an election for a Bolivian presidential hopeful.” Apparently, reporters believe that this makes Clooney’s opinion on Donald Trump and his comments regarding illegal immigrants worth knowing.

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  1. Hey, Clooney, you’re an actor. And you don’t even write your own lines or screen plays. What do you know and why should ANYBODY listen to a single word you say?

    • My ‘show people’ support list ain’t very long..Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer, “Lt. DAN” & Vaughan, for starters…I don’t go to movies & canceled my Comcast Cable TV..SOS DD ( same old 5hit..different day ).
      I find what I’m looking for on my laptop.. Cable TV’s the next Dinosaur!

      • Yeah, and Merril Streep maybe, but that doesn’t make them government specialists, just loud mouthed celebrities- – – -like Rosanne Barr. A shrieking non-person.


  3. Hey Looney Trumps talking about ILLEAGL Mexicans , how many of these job stealing Mexicans will you take in your mansions ?
    All I can say is F you and all you bleeding heart liberal fools.
    Liberals don’t live long in the street only in their walled compounds on cape cod

    • Good comment Clooney is nothing more then a Looney liberal. When it comes
      to paying for all the ILLEAGL and housing them he wants everyone else to pay
      the tab. Typical liberal asshole.

    • Try counting illegal aliens hired by Republicans vs Democrat businessmen. I say forget the fence and fund prosecutors at a sliver of the cost of the fence — to jail those who hire illegal aliens. I don’t think many liberals live in mansions — sorry to pop your bubble here. Obama won his election funded largely by $25 – $100 liberal checks – not oilman money, not (enough) movie star money. Nice job talking filth instead of proving your point with information! Do you think you convinced anybody with trash mouth talk? ?

  4. Cooney can say what he wants, but guess what – he thinks oblamer deserves respect. So there you go, I’m not financing Clooney; his movies, on my “no watch” list along with Streisand and a bunch of others.

  5. Why do people listen to celebrities? What do they really know? Nothing! The man knows how to act, period (and even that’s debatable)! Why does his (incredibly uneducated) opinion mean anymore than any other moron on the street? Streisand also put her two cents in political discussions. These people know NOTHING except for their craft and anyway who puts any credence in their dumb opinion is just as moronic as they are.

  6. Clooney is known best for hanging out with his motorcycle buddies that don’t seem to have girlfriends and not sleeping with his hot high-maintenance lefty socialist lawyer wife.
    THEREFORE Clooney MUST be the authority on all things.
    Genuflect toward lake Como in servitude.

  7. Clooney you may be a good actor, but your opinion don’t mean squat. So stfu, we don’t care what you think

  8. The only reason conservative Intel brings Clooney’s opinion on it’s web page, because they don’t support Trump. What’s next? Or who is next? CI you have a lot of options in Hellywood. And really, who cares about well paid Clown’s opinion on conservative side.

  9. Bet Clooney doesn’t have 20,000 people show up in an arena for him. Clooney obviously does not follow what is going on. Liberals are always very fast to be negative about anyone wanting to correct something that is wrong. This is not about bashing Mexicans or Latinos but about keeping our country safe from illegal immigration. What does he not understand about illegal. We would go to prison if we entered their Country illegally.

  10. Useless rhetoric is all that comes from useless people , no clue Clooney is as useless as they come . Go make movies not noise .

  11. The posted comments are very similar in emotional anger, parroting 5th grader name-calling, remarkably deficient in gathering facts to back-up accusations and assessments, and strangely wandering into blather about spouses, sex behavior, and 1st grader poop and body parts references. Maybe Mr Clooney gets quoted because he is well informed, not frenzied in
    emotion and his thoughts are traceable to a base of fact and logic. If you want to be convincing about conservative thoughts it would be more effective to study Mr.Clooney and not Mr Trump.

    • OF course let all follow the path of a raving loon such as clooney who has’t a clue.His wife is a muslim with highlevel family ties to the muslim brotherhood its been written about in many journals before and after his marriage, looney gets quoted because he is a movie star not because he’s well informed. If we where to believe you most of gollywood is people’d by only those of high intellect not undeducated morons who put on make-up, someone elses clothes, and pretends to be someone he/she/s not. is paid alot of money for doing nothing and is embaressed by the huge sums of money filling their bank account. while those seeking money to create cures for devastating diseases and illness’s. most are piss poor at donating to charities and when they do, it for sure makes headline news.

      • Your name callong of ” Muslim ” is directed at a woman you’ve never met because you didn’t like what her husband says. This labels yourself as a bigoted clown- flinging unsubstantiated accusations and painting over a billion people with the same color paint selected by your uninformed outlook. You are the equivalent of a foreign person mouthing off at American Christians because of stories you’ve heard about the Ku Klux Klan because you didn’t like what her relative said. I have heard Mr. Clooney answer interview questions without a movie script – he was able to give informed opinions without calling anybody ugly or fat or stupid and without labeling a nation of people as rapists and drug dealers and without labeling a prisoner of war a loser for being captured. You claim Mrs Clooney has family ties to Muslim Brotherhood without identifying anything specific or where you got this information. I think the kindest term for your accusations is “irresponsible” and I am feeling generous in observing you are “wise” — to hide your identity. Keep up your good work in trashing people you disagree with – I would like to ask Mr Trump if this is what he thinks will “Make America great again.”

          • Just a person who has lost patience in political dialogue based on: lies (birther, Obama castrated USA military, Ms. Clooney’ family are terrorists ), name-calling (commie, socialist, Muslim, general foulness), attacking family (president’s wife), and defied logic (a “better deal” is easy with a “tougher negotiator”, illegal aliens are raping drug dealers). It is pretty easy to state facts & logic and make a fool look foolish. They’re too lazy to check facts or logic or assign corroborating info to their accusations or knowwhat defines a sociallist.

    • Spoken like a true liberal. Well done. Everyone els is bad except the people you like. Not my guy causing the issue its your guy. Maybe it’s all or most of them. Wake up. We need career politicians out and business people and non politicians in. That is unless you love the $19 trillion debt we now have.

      • I am fiercely independent. If rich folks and radio personalities and failed politicians who devised a failed, trillion dollar WMD war that killed many tens of thousands, why can’t other famous people participate in democracy? Are the Koch brothers the only people who are allowed to attempt influencReafan ran up the budget and Clinton assigned Gore to cut it back — achieving surplus budget success. The surplus was PISSED AWAY BY OIL “BUSINESSMAN ” BUSH! (with hus $ Trillion dollar WMD War — hidden in another account to fool us).

  12. I sincerely hope that George Clooney is one of those Liberal actors that will “Leave this country if Trump get elected.” GOOD-BYE, GEORGE.

  13. who cares what clooneytunes says
    / he’s an uneducated actor married to a woman whose family has ties to muslim terrorist groups.

  14. Really, Clooney now knows about politics. He’s a joke. He voted for the Obama. That tells you how smart he is. I guess we can now laugh at his movie. Clooney stick to film and not politics. You obviously can’t tell what’s going on in our country. We are fed up with politicians and also Hollywood liberals that make a mockery out of our great country. Stay in Canada.

    • Laugh at Mr Trump you mean the way I laughted at the last clooney the loony’s last movie I watched which was about 10 years ago and it wasn’t even a comedy that’s when I stuck my money back in my pocket and walked away. It was the first and last looney clooney movie I ever saw. didn’t really see it all left half way thru. last talent in his family was his aunt Rosemary. Stuff it looney save the last brain cell so you can still write your name and feel important.

      • Ooh. That hurts. Really. So adult like. I guess you should be FIRED! Hope you’ve enjoyed the worse economic times and foreign affairs and scandals of Obama and Hillary. You deserve it. Enjoy. Remember the definition of insanity. If you keep electing the same type of people in office and think you are going to get different results, your insane. BTW, love the liberals who tried to set up Trump as it is coming out now. Unlike politicians he was to smart to take the bait. He speaks his mind and no PC. That’s what we need.

  15. And who gives a F#&% what Clooney or any other Hollywood Liberal thinks!?
    Sick of him and all the others, who think they are so important and that their opinions matter!
    A Hole!

  16. This person needs to keep his yap shut tight, where is he in the political scheme of politics? No where that is where he is, shut up george.

  17. Clooney’s political science education can be summarized on the back of a postage stamp. Stick to acting, pretty boy.

  18. Clooney, you may be educated but you have zero common sense. I will never laugh at you as I do not laugh at people that belong in a padded cell.

  19. Clooney is another Ballywood elitist who knows nothing about what middle class and the low income people go through. It’s easy when you live the life of the rich and famous to be able to be charitable. But they can all go pound sand as far as I’m concerned. Many are the 1%ers who are a huge part of our problems in this country. Trump 2016. Clooney… Goodbye.

  20. Let’s see who gets the last laugh. Trump is drawing huge crowds while Hill-da-beast can’t seem to get over a handful to listen to her Liberal garbage. l

  21. Who cares what lover boy Clooney thinks, the guy is so stuck on himself why would anyone with listen to him except the lemmings.

  22. George Clooney is a ‘whack a doodle’ liberal with no sense of the ‘real’ world that the rest of us live in! he should keep his mouth shut!

  23. If the illegal aliens are so great why isn’t he offering have a bunch move in with him? Georgey is for illegal aliens because he will not have to deal with them unless they are cleaning the toliets in his Beverly Hills home. Screw this liberal bastard.

  24. At the very least, Trump is doing something, he believes is helping the country. And your last contribution, Clooney? …the Toronto Film Festival and travelling to your beautiful mansion in Italy. Big news, Clooney. You do not speak for the majority of Americans….

  25. I do not give a rats behind what the worst actor to play Batman says about Donald Trump. He is as useful as scuba diving gear in a desert.

  26. clooney is an idiot! Just because he is a member of the 2% and flaunts it, you know he’ll never let illegals in his neighborhood if he had it his way. Hypocrite! Muslins yes! He married one!

  27. This just shows you what an ignorant, democratic person George Clooney is! This bozo is as anti-American as the person he sides with, that is this anti-American, muslim obama! They cannot understand the difference between the trees and the forest, pun and how this president is slowly destroying the United States of America! He wants to eliminate Christianity from our country and convert it to Islam with a Caliphate as its leader! WAKE UP YOU FOOL and ALL OF YOU AMERICANS WHO THINK THIS PRESIDENT IS A LEADER! AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED,THIS GUY IS THE WORST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN, INCLLUDING JIMMY CARTER AND A COUPLE OTHERS. AND FOR SURE AND NO QUESTION ABOUT IT, HIS WIFE, THE SO-CALLED 1ST LADY, IS THE WORST EVER, BAR NONE!!!

  28. Hollywood expands its market same way as any other business. In this case selling movie tickets to anyone who will buy them. There’s no ideology here at all, just the same business decisions they deride the 1% for. Remarkably self-serving, and no one calls them out on it.

    No one is against Immigrants or Immigration, just Illegal Immigration. No one hates anyone either. All anyone wants is to follow EXISTING Laws.

  29. Since Clooney the Looney has married that filthy Islamic pig broad, he has become the biggest asshole in the world today. It is clear who has the say in that household, she does the Islamic filthy pig. Clooney is afraid of her Islamic terrorist family and what they will do to his ass if he doesn’t speak with them. He will lose his head fast.

  30. $5 trillion vs $19 trillion and climbing. Neither is good. Illegal (yes ILLEGAL NOT UNDOCUMENTED) immigrants that rape and kill Anericans let out of our jails by Obama. Hillary cover up in Benghezi and her own private server emails. Obama afraid to call terrorists, terrorists. More terrorists attacks on US soul and US people abroad than in our history ( we were safe under Bush and many countries feared our resolve and power and wouldn’t dare do anything) An Iran nuclear deal that is a joke. Trading for a traitor rarer than our military and countrymen and giving back terrorists ready to strike at any time. Obama playing more golf than the last several presidents combined. Funding a group that mutilates baby’s and sells their parts. (Watch the videos. It’s disgusting. You dobt have to be pro life to say that and get sick to your stomach) Making our country more decisive in race and religion than it has ever been. Inviting and praising an AWOL no good person to the White House than had joined the fight against our military and country and got several of our troops murdered in searching for the traitor. Ram rodding through a health care system that no one read just to make our health care much more expensive than ever before. I can continue if you or anyone else would like. But I’ll wait since I’m sure the liberal in you (not Independent) will come out in you and others. By the way it has been shown that Ronald Reagan is the best president we have ever had. Clinton list our morals. Need I remind you that he believes BJ’s aren’t sex and are a great common practice for the leader of our country. Trump is a Joke. I think not. The establishment will do anything to get rid of Trump, Carson and Fiorina. Won’t happen. We are fed up with politicians that are not representing, we the people. The joke has been and continues to be Obama and Hillary. Just because you and the vocal minority’s don’t like the outspoken Trump who says what the majority want to and doesn’t use the correct PC Awords (thank you finally) doesn’t make him a joke. He is a world class businessman that just wants us and our country back on track. No joke there. Just old fashioned truth!!!!

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