Sanders Closes Hillary’s National Lead to 10 Points

Sanders Closes Hillary’s National Lead to 10 Points

According to a new CNN poll, Clinton’s national lead has fallen to a mere ten points having collapsed from more than 50 points in the late months of Spring.

Among Democrat voters, Clinton is pulling 37% which is just over half of the support she commanded at the time of her official campaign launch.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders continue to close in on that lead with a command of 27% among the party’s faithful.

That strong second place finish is presaged by recent polls both in New Hampshire and Iowa which show Sanders actually leading Hillary by single digits.

Similarly, Joe Biden has climbed to 20% in the poll despite having not made official his intentions in the race for the Democrat nomination.

Worse still for Team Hillary is that her performance in virtual match-ups with Republican contenders shows her losing worse than previously reported.

Ben Carson, who currently commands a strong second spot to Donald Trump in national polls, would defeat Hillary 51-46 if the election were held today. Likewise, Hillary would lose to Jeb Bush by a couple points and would tie Donald Trump.



  1. Joe Biden is going to continue playing the part of a grief wracked father until just before the cut off for him to announce he is going to run in 2016.

    Then he’ll come out saying something like even though this is a difficult time for him it will be his duty to put aside personal feelings and grievances and do his patriotic duty and rise up for the good of the country.

    He’s not in so much grief that it has stopped him from making appearances with night show talking heads and other gatherings.

    Call me unsympathetic, which I’m not really, but Biden is playing the catastrophe for all he can get out of it and we all know how Democrats do not like to let a good catastrophe to waste.

    If the people can’t see through this charade then there is little hope for us.

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