Hillary Turns on Obama

Hillary Turns on Obama

John Locher/AP

Despite her 11th hour mea culpa this week, Hillary Clinton’s public support continues to tank in successive polls and critics continue to pile on as the investigation into the home-brew email server presses on.

Speculation since the outset of the scandal has centered on a theory that the whole ordeal was and continues to be orchestrated from the White House in a plan to ensure Hillary does not win the Democrat nomination.

If true, the theory might explain why Hillary appears to have abandoned any defense of Barack Obama in the quest to regain control of her narrative ahead of the next month’s first Democrat debate.

First, she presented a plan to enforce the new Iran deal that departs from the Obama policy in that is assumes Iran will remain a bad actor, using the term “distrust but verify” to describe it.

Then, during the mea culpa interview with ABC’s David Muir, Hillary described how her mother’s struggles inspired her to run for president.

She followed the comment with a veiled swipe at Obama when she explained that people like her mother need someone in the White House “who cares about them again.”

Rather than urge that the American people need a president who will continue the fight for the little guy, the clear implication of the statement is that they do not currently have such a person in the White House.



  1. It matters little now to the Republic of Texans as we will be on the 2016 ballot to secede. We no longer see any way of making the America we grew up in recognizable. And in another 8 yrs. they will only be back in power. The GOP making show votes and pretending to give Obama a hard time when the give him all he wants. We have a GNP which is 3rd, behind that of Russia and Canada. During the recession, we added 12,000 new jobs. We are in the Black to where we gave back tax dollars to our citizens. We have more oil than the entire US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan combined, and that is where we know of. We have the great shipping ports of Houston and Galveston, where trillions of pounds of merchandise goes out of our ports on the Gulf of Mexico. We need not Obama’s Federal monies, for we understand that anything from Obama is never really free. We have our own power grid, a pipeline that runs through the US and to our port that we collect royalties on. We have the two Fts. Bliss and another one and that is nothing to sneeze at. As Sam Houston said,>Texans will hold their heads up high and join the other nations of the world, as we ought to do, for no other country has been so blessed with the resources as has the Nation of Texas! So, please sign Operation Texas Secede, or go to the website to check it out. We also have merged with the oldest Nationalist Movement in Texas. Take a look, you may love what you see. + we have standing and precedent as we were the Nation of Texas in 1936!

    • Umm…Ms Kleiman, I truly wish, being that I am a Texan as well, that I could hop on board with your comment, however there are a few misstatements you’ve made, the first of which I believe to be major. Texas does NOT have the quantity of oil you have described, at least not in terms of the most in the USA. To date the largest oil reserve that we know of is located in the Dakotas near the Canadian border…and supposedly that one dwarfs everyone else in the world and could turn the USA into a major exporter of petroleum products and crude oil which would basically put OPEC out of business. We actually have many more military facilities than you’ve listed, in addition to Fort Bliss. There is Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, which is a major medical facility, and there is also Fort Hood in Central Texas which is the largest military installation in the Continental US, or it was when I was serving there. We also have several Air Force bases and a few Navy bases, and at least 1 Naval Air Station that comes to mind. However, none of that means much because most of those locations are manned with Federal Troops and equipment, the vast majority of which would be reintegrated back into the USA proper should Texas actually Secede. The only troops and equipment Texas can legally claim as it’s own are within the Texas National Guard, which, all together, probably would not occupy even 1/4 of Fort Hood. I’m sure you made a typo at the end of your comment when you said Texas was a Republic unto itself in 1936…that should be 1836…minor error there. I will mostly agree with everything else you’ve stated, but although Secession sounds very appealing to many, it would not be all that simple to accomplish successfully and remain viable as a republic. You have to remember that when Texas joined the Union, it was a floundering republic and would not survive without being a member of the United States. Although there have been numerous breakthroughs in technology and agriculture, etc., I am personally not convinced that what we have now would necessarily sustain us should Texas secede.

      • The bases in Texas do not belong to us, they belong to the Federal Government, including Ft Sam Houston, I was speaking only of Ft. Hood and Bliss. Don’t rightly know about Camp Bullis. But we have spoken to both Dan Patrick, our Lt. Governor, and Gregg Abbott. They both support our operation, and the oldest Nationalist Movement has now joined us. I, myself, do not believe it will happen, not in 2016, But Abbott is damned made about Operation Jade Helm and as a safety precaution, we have the Oathkeepers and all of our militias keeping a close watch on the goings on. But we also have an elusive but deadly group called The Yellow Rose of Texas, NONE KNOW WHO THEY ARE, I MUST POINT OUT, but they are keeping watch, with all of the vets here who are totally fed up, and when, not if, when America goes bust, we do not want to go with her. My best friend of 35 yrs says it would be catastrophic. But, I remind him that the Federal government has not paid us as of yet for using our own militias to quell the “Invasion of the Aliens.” last summer. WE were on our on and Obama and the US Fed Gov in no wise “defended us from invasion from within or from without.” That is why we have open carry so terrorists, like the ones in a little Texas town called Garland, who were upset over a little drawing contest tried to spoil their party. DO THEY HAVE A DEATH WISH? HERE? IN THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS? So, some of us like to say Ragheads -2, Texans-0. One of Texas’ best qualities is that we are a really backward state. Progressives want to erase all things that went before. As I was radicalized at 15, I have read all of Trotsky, Lenin, (because I wanted to understand why my great great grandparents who were very wealthy in the Soviet Union as they made beautiful furs for the Soviet Elites they so despised, but when they saw revolution rife in the streets of Kiev, they made their move, up and left–as they had to have TRAVELING VISAS to be in the furrier’s guild which you never knew what country it would be in. My great great grandparent owned land there since the time of Catherine the Great.When the Communists came to power, they sent an auditor around once a week to count the chickens and to tell them how many eggs had to be sent to the city to feed the masses, and God Forbid they eat one of their own chickens for that meant jail…or worse. What I didn’t learn in Hebrew and History class every Sat. morning of my life, I learned at the knees of my beloved Russian grandmother (my grandfather was born in Transylvania, modern Romania) She used to tell me over and over how “The butcher made the same as the doctor.” My grandmother spent another 50+ yrs selling furs to the Hollywood elites. And I have read Abbie Hoffman Revolution for the Hell of it. So, you show me a left wing Progressive voting Democrat and I will unmask for you a Communist! I don’t even have to aim! I have a BA in History with a field minor in Historical Research and another BA in Education.And yes, it was a Republic unto itself until we entered into this “Cursed Alliance.” Believe it, they won’t stop and they will not go away and Obama’s ideology (that is what rules him) will become more and more dangerous as his time lessens and he will not rest until the USS America is dashed upon the rocks.
        But we know it would not be that simple to accomplish, but the legislature of Texas disagrees with you. There is a little bit of a battle with those who do not want to risk those government checks. I myself live on Widow’s benefits and they are substantial, and Medicare. What they Hell would I do without that? But how many more months can we hope that the dollar will not collapse?And then there is a little thing called ROYALTIES that in reality belong to the people of Texas. Royalties from that pipeline I mentioned.And if you think Donald Trump is serious about ending chain migration and deporting them back….As Hillary said,”What are we just going to put them all on boxcars and send them home?” She said it, not me. That is how they got here and that is how they will go. And Entitlements? Forget that. I live in a beautiful community (frickin’ 400$ a year goes just to the community so I can live here) We even have had a sit down at the Community Center–Party House, whatever you want to call it, figuring out what we, as a community would do should the worst happen. We will park trucks at the entrance (thank God I live way out US Hwy 281) with men posted with arms no one coming in or out.). When you go to church, the very last thing you expect you pastor to say is to fill up on water and food, and from now on to treat his sermons as if this is the last time we will see him. He said that the next 2 yrs. will be extremely risky (Yeah I am a Messianic Jew much to my parents dismay). Then there is a little thing called the last of the four blood moons, every 5,000 yr, have ALWAYS HIT ON A JEWISH HIGH HOLY DAY(I have never been one to believe in coincidences) this week it began on the 15th, the most holiest of holies, the 10 days of Awe which the Rabbi opens the Book of Life and you repent of your sins, etc.It has always been the harbinger of great global change, either good or bad. And with this atmosphere…it couldn’t be good. And also Obama met in a secret meeting with the federal reserve, the oversight committee was pissed and they don’t know what was discussed. Anyway, my pastor said we were like the Noah’s of the day, and that we know what is going on, one only needs to read Revelations and we know Mystery Babylon is us. Read it for yourself, it is not that long. Anyway, We are getting people used to writing, for example, San Antonio, The Republic of Texas, and this does not come from me. So, as a low level researcher, I am just handed down the stuff to do as I am 1st member of the 21st District of Bexar country under Rep. Lamar Smith. Thank for taking the time to talk, I am on FB and check out my website http://www.theeditingchair.com I just got a graphics designer to do it so I am asking people what they think. Have a nice night, looking out at that Texas moon, people when you tell them about our moon say your are crazy to sleep out in it, but I say you are crazy not to try. And Last night all the clouds stayed home on purpose and it made a perfect silhouette in the sky. Even the deer came out because they knew there were no humans around to dampen their dance, Hell, we couldn’t stand an encore! Live Love P. Kathy Kleiman

  2. That woman changes her position daily…depending on who she is trying to get on her side. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She is just exactly like obama. When I hear him talk I reverse everything he says and then I know what is real and what is his lie of the day.

  3. What Hillary said does not mean what the article is trying to force onto its audience. In last 6 decades, the White House has had more time of Republican occupant when compared to the period of time for which it has had Democratic occupant. That’s where it is directed to. These are all ‘lip stick on a pig’ kind of instances that the media are hoping on cashing from Reps in their last-ditch attempts.

  4. I wouldn’t trust Hellary in the shithouse with a muzzle on! Nothing her, Bill or Bama ever says has ever been even close to any kind of truth! They are the biggest bunch of LIARS that has ever been in politics, EVER! If any of them told a TRUTH, they would explode! Semper Fi.

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