Carson Opens Fire on Trump

Carson Opens Fire on Trump

In the weeks following the first Republican presidential debate, both Donald Trump and Ben Carson emerged as the clear frontrunners in the national polls and in many of the early state primary polls.

One of those polls argued that Trump and Carson may be tied in Iowa for the lead, and that reality has put pressure on the two distinctly different candidates to distance themselves from one another.

That event came this week when Ben Carson took occasion to air differences in policy ahead of next week’s Simi Valley debate.

Carson took issue with Trump’s hardline stance on deporting illegal immigrants by questioning the costs associated with the idea then boldly challenging, “Where you gonna send them?”

Trump had previously suggested that his fellow frontrunner had no job-creating experience, a charge Carson responded to in an interview with Megyn Kelly by pointing out that he has served on numerous corporate boards.

The dust up between the two candidates is the first serious threat to Trump’s months-long lead among the field of 17 candidates as voters have shown overwhelmingly that they prefer non-politicians for the GOP nomination.



  1. Dr. Carson, we have to deport the criminal first, but send people back to the nation they came from, or an island in the pacific far away… we don’t have time or money to take on questionable people who want only to drain our resources…

  2. To answer the article’s rhetorical question: I am for Trump. Carson seems a good man, but he is too cool for school. Way too cool.

    • That’s quite the oracle you’ve just rendered; shall we take it at face value, with all of its ambiguity seen as mere window dressing?

      • He stated he is for Trump. What is ambiguous about his answer. State who you support else your answer just fills white space.
        TRUMP 2016

          • No it didn’t miss is because it is true. But you pulled out what you wanted to focus on from Dwimby’s post and I pulled out what I wanted. So in your world you are the only one that can ‘chrome it with your friendly fire”? Sure it is enough to state support for your candidate. Very telling that you continue to post but will not support your choice. Well who is your candidate. Let’s see you support your candidate for a change else your are filling white space. If you support Carson put it out there.
            TRUMP 2016

          • “My candidate” is whoever puts America and all of hers first and foremost on the candidate’s agenda.

        • I don’t. So the immediately ambient “we” don’t. It takes more than one person to establish the potential for there being a “we” by the way. Just a WEE bit of help for ya. You’re welcome.

  3. Carson questions the cost of deporting illegal aliens. I think the question should be the cost of keeping them. Many diseases that were thought to have been eradicated have resurfaced. Crime rates have skyrocketed. Illegal aliens that commit serious crimes should not be deported. They should be locked up for an extended stay, then deported afterwards.

  4. There you go. Ben is already singing the democrats tune. These people will say and do anything for a vote. At least Trump has his own money and won’t sell us out to the illegals for a vote.

  5. Not interested in Candidate sniping. That wastes time and money It seems to me to be a GOP ploy to divide and conquer followed by the media press. Don’t fall for it …..stick to the issues and if you cannot present you thoughts on a cure for our Nations problems ….get out of the way!

  6. I don’t care where you send them, anywhere outside the U.S. is fine with me. Enforce E-verify, cut off welfare payments to illegals, they will self deport. Go Trump!!!

  7. Good Day to All,

    Reading the responses posted Re: illegals,where are we going to send a group of people who have been part of the American fabric for at least 35 years ,and then we discover the tittle sanctuary city bestowed on select cities Which are quite numerous thru out the USA ,are not these cities making out financially thru the Government with this status.Donald Trump Says we will put up a wall and not let them in,and the ones that are here we will throw out.I ve got
    A news flash for everyone one Google interstate 11.this road
    That is well under construction is now @boulder cIty and started in @ Mexico and is to connect to Canada all for commerce.So we really don’t have to be so concerned about
    A wall ,check out the route yourself.No candidate is going to address this in a debate nor is the media going to Report it.
    Donald Trump has hit on some raw nerves with
    The American people Which I for one am greatful for ,but he is not necessarily the solution nor does he appear to have many
    Plans to give of substance @the moment…Time will tell.I like
    Some of the other candidates Carly,Ben and much to my surprise Ted Cruz aNd I am looking foward to the debate to
    Hear some other thoughts.Wouldn’t it be nice to have some out of the ordinary Moderators for a debate like Mark Levin,Mark Styne,Mike Gallagher,SaM Sorbo ,Hedi Harris,add to the list whom ever you please and maybe as a country We could have one really good debate this season. have a Great
    Day! ?

  8. An opinion is not correct just because it feels good to say it and would make a good bumper sticker. Take the time to think things through.

    Trump is a loose cannon knocking over some things that need to be knocked over — saying things that need to be said — but he is also reckless at times, and that undermines perceptions of his ability to be consistently presidential. He needs start to demonstrating an ability to remain controlled, rational, and practical. He could take some lessons from Carson in that, but it might already be too late for him.

    • What you won, but Carson no have any idea what are politic, he are a Doctor, and economy and business job
      Carson not qualified. But if you get full attack for many way at some time be will hard self defense , also remember all poll are manipulate for confuse voter. For liberals Trump win are a start of end liberalism, and for Republican many are not real good candidates take out all chance of win, but a Voter was decide, no any candidate have a support who Trump have now, no worry he be will win.

    • Teddy Roosevelt was also reckless at times, but the people loved him. To not be reckless and pushy in American politics at this moment is to let the wimps and anti-American knuckle draggers take over, more than they have already. To reverse this slime coated curse one must be reckless at times. I accept that Trump can be reckless, but I do not condemn him for it since I believe he is a truth-teller and a patriot, precisely what we need, with imperfections included, RIGHT NOW.

  9. Benson, whatever it costs it will be worth every penny… You have no executive or administrative experience, you would fail much like the community organizer has.


    • imcookie1, You Are Correct. That Did It For Me When I Learned That Carson Supported Amnesty For The Illegal Invaders. And He Aligned Himself With
      The Maniac Racist Al Sharpton. !!!

  11. I’m on Team Rubio. Carson is a nice guy and brilliant surgeon but I don’t feel the policies he supports are correct and he doesn’t have the Presidential IT factor. Trump is too much of a braggart and bully. So far the only plan I hear is I’m great, America is great and it will continue to be great because I say so. Unh Huh and you plan to keep it great by ???????? Personal insults and putdowns don’t belong in a Presidential race. Insult policies or past work not personality or looks. I want a person who has laid out plans for fixing what is wrong, can work with other people to get the job done and someone who will show the best representation of the U.S.A. That person is Marco Rubio.

  12. Carson said about his run for President “I don’t want to do it but if I have to you’ll have to open the doors.” Carson doesn’t even want to be President!!! That’s weird and messed up. Carson’s patients are out cold, there is no negotiating. He’s followed directions very well too. Go to school, get a job. Trump is an entrepreneur and has built an empire. The world is in turmoil, ISIS is death, and the U.S. Boat is sinking with too much illegal aliens. We need a tough person, a fighter, we can not afford a wimp in office. We need strength. Trump 2016 for our health, safety, and preservation !!!

    • You Are Absolutely Correct, Kimt. We Do Need Someone Who Is Tough and A Fighter, We Cannot Afford To Have A Wimp In Office. !!!

      • The thing that has started bothering me is that Trump is starting to sound like a reincarnation of Mr. Hitler…just look at the latest photo of him with his head held high. I’ve watched movies of Hitler expounding at some of his rallies, and this photo shows Trump in a like posture. Sort of scary. I also want a tough guy in office who will get rid of the trash that is inhabiting the WH, but I also want a guy who will know how to keep us free and allow us to live our lives under the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Germans, in the late 30s, were in a like situation; that being, high inflation, poverty and depression. Now, in the mid teens (2011 to 2019), we are dealing with a president who is importing millions of illegals, muslims and other types who will drown our country and change the face of America until no one will ever recognize it again. And it’s all part of his plan. We cannot allow that to happen. Whether or not anyone likes it, America has been the hope of the world because we offered a way out of hopelessness and want and persecution. However, that offer was made only to people who would come here Legally, do the work of integration, become a citizen, and assimilate into Our society, not try to change us into what they want us to be.

        Whoever becomes president needs to be living and working from that platform…a platform that states that we, as a people, believe in Jehovah God, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom to work where we can/want to, raise our children without school induced propaganda, send our children to the schools of our choice (or even to homeschool, if we wish). talk on our phones in privacy, freedom of the fear of being carted away in the dark of night (which the English used to do to the patriots before the Revolutionary War), and a myriad of other rights as citizens of this country.

        If Mr. Trump will honor his pledge to protect us and our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, as well as to leave us to make our own decisions, then he’s my man. If not…then I go with Ben Carson, a man of integrity, a man who knows what really hard work and dedication is, a man who understands that education and hard work combined make for a happy and successful life, a man I could trust.
        At present Mr. Trump is saying everything people have wanted to hear for lo, these last 7 years +/-, and it’s such a breath of fresh air that people are flocking to him just like people were hypnotized by the speeches of BHO way back when. But with all that bluster comes hidden agendas. That’s what we need to investigate thoroughly right now, before we leap into another pot of boiling water. So…I’m holding out to see what happens from now on between Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson.

        PS: Make no mistake…Dr. Carson is no wimp. I watched the speech he gave at that meeting so long ago. I watched as BHO, who was sitting right next to the lecturn, smiled and looked up at Dr. Carson, probably thinking that because Dr. Carson was a truly black man, that he was going to parrot what BHO wanted to hear. WOW!, that didn’t happen. As the speech progressed, especially when Dr. Carson spoke about Obamacare in such deprecatory terms, BHO’s head dropped lower and lower, until at last he was looking at the floor. It didn’t take him long to try to get his revenge. Not 10 days later, the IRS was knocking at the doctor’s door. They tried at least twice to find something wrong with his tax returns…result: NADA. I’ll bet that really steamed BHO, but what could he do? This man is squeaky clean. He stood up to the assault from BHO and won!!
        Make no mistake, anyone who has risen as high as he has in the medical world is no wimp. Wimps don’t even graduate from medical school, let alone make it as far as Dr. Carson has. I know, I watched my son fight that battle…and he also won. So……I’m biding my time.

  13. I think everybody needs to look up Trump on the internet. I did like him, but after looking at how he has worked in the past, I will NEVER support him now. Look him up then decide for yourself’s.

  14. There is no such animal as a republican conservative black. All blacks are racist bigots and for no one but themselves. All we have to do is look at “Obummer”,time the polls closed on his 2nd election. Gone was the guy who was for guns and the gun grabber came out that same night. When blacks are killed by police who are attacked by blacks, “Obummer” is dead on the cops trail. When white cops are murdered by black trash, not a word from him. We have seen the real him during his 2nd term when he couldn’t run again or be voted out. We don’t need another black in the White House to pull the same stunts of ending majority rule and putting the minority in charge. We have given blacks too many chances and they have done nothing but take advantage of it. They have proved that THEY are the racist bigots and the NAACP is a hate group!!! Carson is no better!!!

  15. On the one hand Carson preaches “don’t divide” then the following week he divides. Hello? Anyone else sense this? Notice it? Carson is “too cool for school” and must be watched. He speaks well, obviously is very intelligent (but not necessarily 100x more so than the next guy) and he earned his conservative bonafides by insulting Barack Hussein to his face at a prayer breakfast, for which I respect Carson immensely. However, he is another unknown, even though we are certain of his citizenship and that he actually went to school – all inferences intended. This is not a time for more PC. PC must go the way of the jabberwocky. We can’t pretend anymore this is all a game played around a pot-smoking group having some chuckles, but always watching their PC and leading us into a sewer that flows oneway. Nonsense. The USA has been intentionally damaged on an ongoing basis by the total loser we sent to the White House, its present occupant, TWICE. This is no time for more PC. That is over now. It’s now time to slip off the velvet gloves. We must get a grip this time or slip further down the slippery slope of left wing lunacy. To me this also means Carson must get a grip and do exactly what he lectures the rest of us to do. If he preaches unity he must also practice it – or zip it!

  16. All you candidates attention. Don’t fall for the CNN plan to cause chaos and hatred. Those of you who attack another candidate personally will turn off voters. I will not vote for any person who makes personal attacks on another Republican. Debate issues, and your plans and goals

    Do not fall for CNN’s plan to elect another Progressive.

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