Monmouth: Hillary Polls Lowest Yet, Biden in Second

Monmouth: Hillary Polls Lowest Yet, Biden in Second

According to a national poll just released by Monmouth University, Hillary Clinton is running at 42 percent in the Democratic primary race – 10 points lower than the 52 percent she was running at just a month ago.

Hillary’s dive is her sharpest monthly drop yet and probably coincides with increasing Biden talk. Speaking of Biden, this is the first poll to find him in second. He’s at second over Bernie Sanders 22-20.

That’s an increase of 10 points in the last month for Biden. Sanders also gained – he was at 16 percent in August.

Read the rest of the numbers here.



  1. You’d think with the people fed up with Obama’s ball fumbling that the Democrats would find someone that hasn’t been under his tutelage and controlled by the same puppet masters. Maybe they’re thinking the learning and training process for Biden would take as long as it would for someone totally unfamiliar with the program.

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