Fiorina: Boehner, McConnell Should Produce Results or Be Replaced

Fiorina: Boehner, McConnell Should Produce Results or Be Replaced

(Joe Shearer/The Daily Nonpareil via AP)

One argument supporters of Carly Fiorina can offer for why she should be entrusted with the presidency is that her private sector executive experience makes her results oriented.

This fact was on display Sunday, when she was asked by Breitbart News if she supported a measure to “vacate the chair” – remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House and replace him with another Republican.

Fiorina replied:

I think leadership’s job is to produce results, and when leaders don’t produce results, they need to step aside So, I think, I share the frustration of so many people who worked hard to create these majorities.

She went on to list three areas in which the leadership could demonstrate the results they were sent to Washington to produce. First, they should pass a bill to secure the border. Second, pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and defund Planned Parenthood. And third, pass the REINS Act, which would put a check on regulations that stifle economic opportunity.

She then reiterated her point: produce or lose your leadership position.

[A]ssuming they don’t do anything, they’re sort of making the point people are saying, ‘You know what? It’s time for different leadership.’

Fiorina’s answer is once again an example of a bold position based on intelligent reasoning. No wonder she is resonating with those who want to see a new approach to government.




  2. Fiorina is My Girl. She is classy, fearless and poised. She is professional, conservative, intelligent and inspires confidence. I would love to see a Fiorina/Cruz or Cruz/Fiorina ticket. I would vote and support that to the hilt.

    • “I’m a conservative because I know no one of us is any better than any other one of
      us, each of us are gifted by God, all of us want to live lives of purpose, dignity
      and meaning and I know that our values, our principles, and our policies work
      better to lift everyone up.”
      – Carly Fiorina

  3. Ms. Carly is the “Class” of this current election season. She is the “Rx” for what this country needs now and in the future! Carly & Carson, Carly & Rubio, Carly & Whoever …. she has the “Street Cred” to Lead, which is always the first requirement of “LEAD her ship.” I would love to see her have a conversation on stage, with H. Clinton, then the world would see what a REAL person with a plan looks like! To save the world, we first have to save ourselves.

  4. I guess that’s what Hewlit Packer did when they told Carly that her leadership was ineffective before they fired her. She’s right on about that!

    • Except a member of the Board that fired her said that they made a horrible decision based on power and greed. The company nearly doubled their revenue under her

        • AT least LooLoo can spell HP. Certainly doesn’t know how to spell Hewlett Packard, even tho she professes to study websites for her limited knowledge. Maybe a Sir Hillary plant at this site???

          • She CAN talk the talk but she hasn’t successfully walked the walk. She needs to prove her worth in a Legislative position before seeking the top office in our Land.

          • Why would that be a requirement, to be a Legislator first? Obama was a “Present” voting Senator, and community organizer for Democrats and NEVER ran a business. His experience as a legislator gave him NO knowledge of how to run anything, as he has proved for 7 friggin’ years! ANY Republican running would be a better leader than ANY Democrat who stays out of jail to run.Carly has the leadership ability to get the job done, unsaddled with special interest backers as most any legislator would be! The people are fed up with “legislators” running this country into the ground, into tremendous debt, and continuing down the same road with no let up. That’s why the highest in the pols now are NON-legislators! Just leaders with positive, well-documented experience running or turning unprofitable businesses into successful.

          • Obama talked the talk and is still doing it. Are we about to do the same thing again. Talk is cheap. The Board fired her for incompetence but only the leader apologized. If she is such a good fighter why didn’t she fight this smear on her career?

          • I have never seen HP written out, thus spelling error. Smart pants. You might be more knowledgeable if you read some articles rather than spouting off blindly. I am a proud American for Cruz. Your mind reading skills are zero.

          • Cruz happens to be the only “legislator” i would trust to be President. Carly would be a great VP, as she could run herd over the Senate, or vice-versa. Or Dr. Ben Carson, another REAL human! There is nothing wrong with Carly. You should not be attacking ANY Conservative candidate. You should be happy to vote for ANY true conservative, not limit yourself to just one. You started attacking her without even having read or heard on TV about the full-page ad taken out by the Chairman of HP who apologized to Carly for the world to see, and admitted what a terrible mistake it was for them to let go the best CEO they had had, over a power struggle. She was exonerated, so maybe keep your mind open to this woman, as she is certainly a better choice than ANY Demoncrat or other Socialist they will run! Go Cruz, Go Carly, Go Ben! ANY will be a great leader!

  5. it’s not about the messenger–IT’S THE MESSAGE YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO
    voiced by so many people thinking they are republicans that have a voice in Washington
    what have they done?–
    borrow trillions that went —where?
    secure our borders?
    stopped the continues flow of jobs overseas?
    helped any of the poor in our country?
    prevented obama from dividing our country?

  6. I have narrowed my presidential selection down to 5 …. CRUZ, Rubio, Walker, Carson and Fiorina …. listed in order of preference. They all have shown tremendous leadership skills and abilities … and, Cruz is the cream of the crop of these “outsiders” …. he’s really principled and smart, too!!! My litmus test is their rejection of Beltway “politics as usual” and their promises for smaller government and support.of life at all ages … conception to resurrection. I like her better than before this news …. thanks, Carly!!!!

  7. Here’s a person who knows leadership carries responsibilities. The current political class seems not to understand individual responsibility and relies on the “collective” of congress to hide their inaction. Boehner should have been replaced a long, long time ago. Fiorina will shine at the next debate.

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