Perry Denies Rumors That He Has Quit the Race

Perry Denies Rumors That He Has Quit the Race

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump stirred the pot of controversy in the GOP fight for the nomination this week after asserting that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has dropped out of the race.

Perry quickly took to the airwaves to deny the claim, retorting, “The bottom line is I’m still here, I’m still working…”

In the weeks following the first debate in which Perry was relegated to the “happy hour” event for lower-polling candidates, Perry has lost key staffers both in Iowa and New Hampshire due to an inability to pay them.

Speculation continues among party insiders that, despite Perry’s defiance, he may still be the first casualty in the 17-wide field as his campaign appears to be running on fumes.



  1. Perry is nothing more than a BS artist and he is bad at that. He talks a big talk about what he has done about illegals while he was governor. He could have stopped the Sanctuary cities if he was not a typical politician playing politics. All he had to do is ENFORCE THE TEXAS CONSTITUTION WHICH SAYS TEXAS WILL FOLLOW THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and all laws under it. He simply had to tell the local politicians they were violating the TEXAS Constitution. The same could be done in all of the states that have sanctuary cities. But it will not happen because of the political prostitutes in office. These people put self above the country.

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