Hacker Claims to Have 32,000 Hillary Emails and Will Sell for $500,000

Hacker Claims to Have 32,000 Hillary Emails and Will Sell for $500,000

RadarOnline.com claims to have an exclusive scoop on a self-described computer specialist who says he has 32,000 Hillary Clinton emails and is willing to sell them for $500,000.

Reportedly, the outbox containing Hillary’s emails was deleted, but not the emails in her sent box. This is apparently what has been obtained.

According to the story, the hacker has provided subject lines from a number of emails in order to prove their legitimacy. Some of the subject lines imply that they contain information on such events as Benghazi and the Algerian hostage crisis – subject lines such as the following:

“H Libya security latest. Sid” (with attachment)

“H FYI, best analysis so far of hearing Sid,’ about the latest security in Libya”

“H Algeria latest French Intel on Algeria hostage Sid”

“H Latest French Intel in Algeria hostage Sid” (with attachment)

“H Latest Libya intel internal govt discussions high level” (with attachment)

“H HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Comprehensive Intel Report on (with attachment)”

If they do prove to be real Clinton emails, her campaign is done, based on what the hacker implies is contained in the emails.



      • Biden won’t run. He is too devistated of his son’s death that he cannot sustain the political pressure. Kerry fears opponents bringing up his faux heroic military career.

        • What do you mean “why does this matter”? She is a liar and a traitor. They used to hang those who betrayed our country.

          • Did you put your reading glasses on this morning, friend? I said why doesN”T this matter. I was responding to someone who said it doesn’t matter.

          • she knows it doesn’t matter in that she will still be elected president …this whole email matter, to hitlery, is nothing more than a minor challenge – she knows that in the end the public will mostly forget or forgive her illegal behavior and elect her, because they, the ignorant masses, will want to make history – and that is why she knows it doesn’t matter …

          • No. She will not get away with this. People do NOT like her. She is ugly and petty.

          • Obama is Ugly and petty. Mitch McConnell sure is ugly. They are elected and re-elected over and over. I hope you are right but I fear it is wishful thinking.

          • BTW I think Obama and Biden are seeing to it that her ship sinks. When she is done, Biden will announce.

          • She’ll NEVER make President. Trump, IS your next President, watch and see what I’m telling you.

          • but don’t you see? … the system is fixed – rigged – we the people have no control unless we are at that level of wealth and influence … the American voter is nothing …

          • Rosalinda, In a way it does not matter if she is protected as usual by the media, her political party, and unemployed voters who will overlook everything to elect someone who promised to redistribute the wealth of the nation from those who work to themselves.

    • The Clintons consider themselves royalty. They rely on the stupidity of the ignorant voter outthere. Case in point, the last 7 years.

    • jbiden will announce shortly, on or before 9/23 – she’ll come up with baloney health excuse and step away in to mist..

  1. if she used a govt email as required by law this hacker probably would not have her email for sale. why a liar and traitor she is.

    • Obama and Lynch won’t prosecute unless it is in their best interest. However, in 14 months a new AG will take office and then, maybe then, justice for our dead Americans in the Benghazi attack will be served.

  2. I am going to pray tonight that this hacker is on the level. I do sooooo want to see this crooked witch behind bars not only out of the presidential race. This jail time is long overdue.

  3. Didn’t Rush say something about this recently? I think he said he was considering buying the hacked emails and donating them to the FBI.

    Tick tock, tick tock

    • What are the legal issues around possession of hacked emails? Are they considered stolen property or not? What if someone gives the hacked emails to you? Are you in possession of stolen property? What if you pay for them? Is that worse? Anyone know if there are legal precedents for this?

      • Yes, you would be receiving stolen classified property and could be prosecuted but if you are not involved in prosecution of Hillary the stolen E mails would be admissible unless the Judge has been bought off.

      • I’d be more concerned about what the punishment for hacking into Clinton’s private server and copying highly secure correspondence would be. Whoever this is has painted a target on themselves. Maybe they should be seeing if there is room where Snowden is hanging out. Better yet they might just hop a flight to Ecuador and seek asylum there.

    • purchasing of known stolen goods is still a crime..
      This person should save their own soul and make all of those emails public and put an end to the corrupt and disgusting reign of evil.

      • We might find out that this hacker is really one of Clinton’s older staff members with an ax to grind.

    • This would be the only way we could know for sure what was in the those emails and that they got into the hands of those responsible for investigating H. If it were left up to the FBI itself they might get ahold of them and claim there was nothing of real value to them… With a third party having read them first and knowing what was in them it would be hard to conceal their contents from the public.

    • This guy would need far more than half a million dollars to cover his legal bills if he actually hacked her and had possession of real emails. Same would be true for anyone buying them and in possession of them.

      If this is even a true story, the FBI is already on this guy and will either sting him or bust his door down and take the stuff.

      The whole thing sounds fake. Forgot to delete the Sent Box? Come on, she’s not stupid! She’s had enemies digging into her dirty underwear for decades. The whole server was purged and wiped, long before it became a story. She had lawyers and a top notch IT guy involved from the day the server was set up. Don’t forget, Hillary’s a lawyer. (Yale, no less) She may be a bitch and vindictive, but not stupid or careless. If somebody hacked something they think was her email, they’re already victims of an FBI sting.

      If there ever was anything, it’s long gone. But she’s smarter than to be using email, because whoever got the email, would have a copy. They’ve already searched all her contacts in government. The only things there would be some embarrassing private emails. (Stuff that’s really none of our business)

      People are all cranked up chasing this red herring designed to keep you occupied. Liberals don’t care about any of this. The only ones who care weren’t voting for her anyway. This is all about creating doubt in one target group. Conservative women. Women who just might vote for her if one of the women hating candidates gets the nomination. Women will decide this election again. And if you think women won’t say one thing openly and vote another way, you haven’t been paying attention.

      Nothing to find here. If there was at one time, it was personal and long gone. Stay on this path instead of policy, and the Democrats win again.

  4. It would seem that any communication from the SOS would be classified as secret until deemed otherwise. Everything about this woman drips of lies and falsehood. She asks “isn’t it time for a woman in the White House”? Well Monica beat you to it.

    • Its a Nobamanation that previous presidents wouldn’t let their wives or daughters inside the White House and made them live outside

    • Well she’s not Bill. For some reason, he memorized everyone in the 90s and got away with so many lies. People don’t like her as much as him, so she will not stand.

  5. The Republican Congress should Authorize this Expenditure STAT!
    She should be indited for Treason, Incarcerated, Tried and Executed. She is complicit in the Murder of Americans, and Patriot Heroes to boot.

    • I totally agree! We’ve gone WAY TOO FAR in burying HRC so early in the process. We want HER as our opponent in November 2016. Think how much more better the Democrats chances are with a Biden/Warren or Warren/Anybody ticket. OK, they would not be invincible, but I like their chances way better than I do with a Clinton/Anybody ticket!

      • What’s wrong with soft spoken. People listen harder. Carson is VERY strong his life has proven it. he is capable of and intelligent. That is what we need. He is for making the government for he people and by the people and he is listening to what the people want. His character is flawless.

  6. “what does it matter”, “trust me”, why is she running; he didn’t have sex with that…; she knows nothing about the server; I am Hillery…NOTHING MATTERS BUT ME!…..ME, ME, ME,…..
    Hillery matters..of course. Who would vote for her? Why would someone vote for her? Libs of course, and will vote for anything.

    TRUMP will TRUMP over her nutty effort to get in to the oval office. she wants to go through another 8 years of clinton and obomo style crap.

    We, the People that have sense…Vote for TRUMP and TRUMP over Hillery with his big ole boot…and boot her out where she belongs. then it “just doesn’t matter then”.

    TRUMP the way to go. Hillery?….. she doesn’t matter, not to me and probably not to YOU.


  7. National security interests would allow the government to confiscate those emails that is why I don’t think the hacker really has any.

  8. I would question this story’s credibility. The emails would be worth much more than the cost of one speech. If these have been shown to the Clinton’s, they would be worth millions.

  9. The Clintons AKA, Julius and Ethyl Rosenburg, should both be indicted. He for murder, those innocents killed in the bombings he ordered during the “Monica” episode to get the sheeple’s attention off of his perjury, and her for treason. Please all Liberals and Conservatives, google the late, far Left genius, Christopher Hitchens, “Nobody Left to Lie To”.

  10. Dear Hacker… please release them for the entire world to see – it’s the right thing to do!
    Let’s all ask the hacker to please just release them for the benefit of the entire world.
    He will be richly rewarded in so many other ways.

  11. Hellery should have been incarcerated over 30 years ago . “We are the president” She gave the direct orders to murder everyone on Ruby Ridge armed or not, Waco Texas massacre, White water, Water gate she was found unfit to be a lawyer, Looting the oval office, selective concussions on demand, A proven whore monger like Wild Bill and a pathological liar who loves “I can’t recollect” or “I can’t remember” Anyone else would have been tried for treason as she took funding from the same countries the USA gave foreign aid to AKA kick backs IMHO

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