Polls Show Voters Want Outsiders

Polls Show Voters Want Outsiders

According to Quinnipiac’s latest survey released on Monday, a full 71% of Americans are unhappy with the direction in which the country is headed. What’s more, a mere 26% said they were “somewhat satisfied”.

When asked about their sentiments on the federal government, 76% of respondents indicated either ‘dissatisfaction’ or ‘anger’.

The supermajority of negative opinion about the national leaders is being seen as the latest among temperature gauges that show Americans, perhaps more than ever, are looking to an outsider to bring fresh perspective to Washington.

The poll comported with a Bloomberg survey which showed Democrat at 82% and Republicans at 91% in Iowa who ranged from “unsatisfied” to “mad as hell”.

The twin polls are the latest to offer scientific evidence to the quixotic catapult in support both for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in which the respective parties’ standard bearers continue to fall to the margins.

They simply reiterate the logical conclusions of the latest Monmouth University poll showing three candidates who have never held office – Trump, Carson and Fiorina – running first, second and third.



  1. I have seen Carly Fiorina in business related interviews, but never heard her
    political platform. I have to admit that I am very impressed with her qualities, values, and skills.
    I am watching the candidates closely, to finalize my decision. I am also a
    Marco Rubio fan, and have had years of exposure with him in Florida. The more
    you see and hear from MR, the better you like him! He is intelligent,
    effective, articulate, with commonsense values.
    As far as Donald Trump goes, he is an interesting phenomenon. I think he
    “mirrors” the frustration of intelligent people regarding failed government
    policies, the stupidity of some career politicians, and the bloated bureaucracy
    our government has become. He says what we are all thinking, without the
    “political correctness” barriers. And he is not financially beholding to anyone
    with his opinions.
    I think the Donald is good for our political process, right now. He is
    bringing discussions to the forefront that would not otherwise be discussed. I
    don’t believe that he is electable however, with his limited expertise, and his
    crude arrogant behavior. My fear is that with the following that he has,he
    could split the Republican Party if he ran as a third party candidate. His
    arrogance could override any common-sense judgment regarding the greater-good
    for America.
    It would be sickening to hand the Democrats a victory in 2016.

  2. The polls are correct, however Trump is not in it for the long haul, the RNC needs to follow Americas lead and try to restore the GOP with Fiorina and Carson. The Voters are really connecting with these two. Rubio and Cristy are both great options but have yet to touch the heart of voters. Cruz and Paul would not help if they could win, and the remainder of the pack will not get out the vote.

  3. It is a long time between now and November, 2016.
    A lot of unpleasantness may befall us between now and then because of Obama’s failed policies which are dangerous to our nation. By the time Election Day in 2016 rolls around, Dr. Carson and Donald Trump will have successfully made their cases to the American people. Hillary may be locked up, leaving Joe Biden to go up against either Dr. Carson or Donald Trump.
    When Obama finally leaves, or is removed from office, our nation will let out a collective sigh of relief. Our allies will bid him good riddance. Our enemies will be kicked off the gravy train Obama has allowed them to be on for eight years. A new sheriff will be in town. America will be great again!

  4. Well, so far the only candidate that has been able to sustain a campaign attack by other candidates is The Trump. Nice as Dr. Carson is, no one has challenged him yet. So he is gaining in the polls on a ‘skip to my lou’ type of intellectual campaign. Can he sustain a barrage of attacks? I don’t think so. Fiorina has been campaigning in the same manner. She will be a much easier attack target as many of her supporters don’t realize that she lost out in a huge way too incumbent California Senator Barbara Boxer in 2010 plus she carries baggage from why she was fired from HP.
    Wish Dr. Carson would get with Trump and they run a Trump/Carson campaign which would win all the primaries by a landslide and the 2016 election by big landslide.
    TRUMP 2016

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