Letter from Retired Generals Urges Congress to Reject Iran Deal

Letter from Retired Generals Urges Congress to Reject Iran Deal

Lt. General William "Jerry" Boykin (AP Photo by Ed Andrieski)

Almost 200 retired generals from every branch of the service have signed a letter urging Congress to reject Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, according to the Washington Post.

Written in response to a letter supporting the agreement signed by a comparatively paltry three dozen generals, this letter argues, “The agreement will enable Iran to become far more dangerous, render the Mideast still more unstable and introduce new threats to American interests as well as our allies.”

Specifically, it is problematic because it will be “unverifiable,” the generals say.

Additionally, they argue that the agreement will not prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Instead, it “actually provides Iran with a legitimate path to doing that simply by abiding by the deal.”

The letter goes on to criticize the deal’s lifting of sanctions on Iran.

“The agreement provides by some estimates $150 billion dollars or more to Iran in the form of sanctions relief… we find it unconscionable that such a windfall could be given to a regime that even the Obama administration has acknowledged will use a portion of such funds to continue to support terrorism in Israel, throughout the Middle East and globally, whether directly or through proxies.”

Hopefully, members of Congress will be more willing to listen to the generals than Obama has been.



  1. These are the same simpletons who have brought such peace and prosperity to much of the ME – we simply have to believe in their altruism. War criminals the lot of them.

    • YOU AND YOUR ILK are the war criminals and should face a firing squad for treason. You have no guts, no backbone, no morals, and you’re a eunuch.

  2. If Obama cared what military leaders thought, he would’t have launched his personal vendetta against so many of them. Lets see if this Congress has any more intelligence than they’ve been demonstrating so far.

    • Obama only launched his personal vendetta against Generals and other officers who will not bow to his will and hand with their nose up his butt. He has appointed pussified officers to positions of authority and discharged officers who oppose him.

  3. War criminals? Christopher Pringle, are you serious? Well let me tell you a few things (1) Iran’s government sponsors terrorism (2) iran cannot be trusted at all (3) since you have so much trust for the obaminator and his administration of crooked bastards, you must be one of the sheeple who put him in office twice!

    • thanks troll – you have one party – the War Party – get on board with the cognoscenti and think of Amerika first – Peace

      • The mere fact that you purposely misspelled “AMERICA” proves you to be a liberal socialist communist dumbocrap. YOU AND YOUR ILK are the immoral traitors to the United States of America and should face a firing squad. Hell yes, I’m pro – War Party to protect the United States and it’s people, Unlike YOU AND YOUR ILK, we refuse to lay down and let coward and eunuchs like you walk on us.

        Slither away with your forked tongue back under your rock into your cave and leave us adults alone.

      • Hey Christopher Pringle, don’t you dare compare me to the present troll in the white house whose whole life is one big secret from the American people who have been duped by him and his cronies! And I might add that you are speaking to the niece of a retired navy senior chief, so watch it and you will taste my fiery personality, something I inherited from my uncle the retired us navy senior chief!

  4. Unfortunately, the congress will probably give more credence to the letter from the few brain dead retired senators and congressmen who favor the agreement than the 200 General Officers who know what they are talking about and oppose it. It’s a fact that small deranged minds think alike, therefore most congressmen stick together.

  5. I have worked in the middle east there is no negotiation with them. Their thinking is all different from the way we think. It ‘s like some of our politicians you could cross them with a monkey and get a retarded monkey.and it would not be the monkeys fault. Being political correct with them is like trying to pick up dog crap on the clean end. America needs another General Patton. This the only language they understand. America don’t need a political correct General.

    • YOU ARE CORRECT!. They only respect STRENGTH, something that is foreign to Christopher Pringle, a modern metrosexual pussified new castrati male (?).

  6. These prior MILITARY PEOPLE know what is going on with OBOOOOOMA and the IRANIAN GOVERNMENT . /////////////////////////////////
    These MILITARY PEOPLE are better equipped than OBOOOOMA – that magnificent TYRANT FRAUD – – is to deal with thee BARBARIANS . ///////////////////////////////////////////

  7. Pretty clearly, the Generals don’t all agree. http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/documents/world/read-an-open-letter-from-retired-generals-and-admirals-on-the-iran-nuclear-deal/1689/

    The Generals opposing the agreement are dead wrong about Arak. The agreement calls for removing the core and filling the reactor with concrete. It’s not coming back from that. Allowing low level enrichment is completely legitimate for power generation and creating medical isotopes. The levels they are allowed to enrich to and what the inefficient centrifuges they are allowed to keep, are even capable of, are not even remotely close to weapons grade levels.

    It sounds like these opposing Generals signed on to what was rumored to be in the agreement as opposed to what it actually is.

    But understand this. Generals are in the war business. What these opposing Generals are saying is that we must go to war with Iran. It’s really that simple.

    Three choices. 1. Sign the deal and put nuclear weapons out of reach for a minimum of 10-15 years. It takes them back to years before we were even concerned. 2. Go directly to war. Nothing less than a massive invasion and take over has even a remote chance of success. And we’d need to start today. 3. Do nothing. Assuming they continue at current levels, weapons in 6 months are not only possible, but actually probable.

    Signing the agreement doesn’t rule out military action, but not signing it pretty much rules it in and quite soon. Some of these Generals likely don’t have a clue, But for a lot of them, foreign policy is strictly about blasting people into submission. History tells us that often doesn’t even work.

    • Also, in that agreement is the fact that if Israel provokes or attacks Iran even in retaliation then the US is obligated to fight for Iran and against Israel. If I was the military I would never fight for that terrorist country. We also have to give Iran 24 days notice before we can inspect anything they’re working on. I do not for one minute believe Iran will abide by the agreement as they still continue to chant “Death to America” “Death to Israel” The majority of Democrats are all for this deal which tells me just how stupid and self serving they are and any Rinos that are on board are also self serving. The ones agreeing are also being paid to vote yes just like they were in the trade deal. I’m not talking pennies but, millions of dollars. Iran will make sure we go to war once they get those billions b/c I’m sure he knows how much Odumbo has weakened our military and gutted the higher ups that don’t agree with his socialist agenda.

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