Jeb Fires Back at Trump over Border Wall

Jeb Fires Back at Trump over Border Wall

A day after Donald Trump declared to his campaign press corps that he will build a massive wall along the US border with Mexico, Jeb Bush fired back during a Florida rally.

Explaining that he had recently visited with community leaders along the border, Jeb revealed that a wall is not wanted and would not be a practical solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

Citing problems like cutting off American access to the Rio Grande river that separates the two countries, Jeb offered as an alternative the use of drones and local law enforcement as a sufficient means to stem the tide of illegal incursions.

Regardless of the merits of his position, Jeb’s chief challenge in the campaign is the overwhelming support Trump’s rhetoric has gained in that it appears to have hit a vein of overwhelming frustration among the American populace.

Where the two agree is in ending the so-called sanctuary city phenomenon in which illegal immigrants have been given refuge in cities across the country that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws resulting most recently in heinous criminal activity.



  1. Donald J Trump!2016-2020! Great Leader! Energy and Passion! God Bless “OUR MAN” He has Extraordinary! Multiple Intelligences! This is his mission To Lead our Beautiful Country and Lead the WORLD! We do not have a Leader, No Energy! America is Broke :-(((((!

  2. The GOP and Jeb Bush need to listen to the American people for a change….we DON’T want the illegals here!!! We DO want a wall and all things we can get to keep them OUT!! LISTEN to the people of this country for a change!! We DON’T care what your reasons are to keep them here….NO NO NO!!!

  3. Bush supports drones, instead of a wall, because he knows that a wall is at least semi-permanent. Once a wall is built, it would require a positive action to undo it. By contrast, he knows that drones can stop flying at a moment’s notice. I have no doubt that if Jeb were to by some fluke, become president, he would start flying drones over the border. Then, within a year, he would determine that drones are not having a noticeable affect and cut funding for the drones and in that instant, he would have us back where we are today. Furthermore, unless Jeb plans to arm the drones, which is not going to happen, drones can only “report” border crossings and by the time the Border Patrol gets there, the wet-backs would be miles away. On the other hand, a wall creates an obstacle that can be more easily policed, since it will take illegals time to get over the wall and by that time, the Border Patrol will be waiting for them.

    Bush certainly knows that building a wall is a ONE-TIME COST, with very little ongoing maintenance and most of that would be the occasional maintenance of inexpensive detectors. By contrast, flying drones over the border would require significant ONGOING COSTS. In order to be effective, there would have to be more than 100 drones in the air, across the 1,954 mile length of the U.S.-Mexico border, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and that’s a bare minimum. In that limited case, each drone would cover roughly 20 miles, so there would still be holes in the coverage. Of course, the drones would have to be controlled from a large facility, employing hundreds of drone pilots, per shift, to monitor what the drones see. Think millions of dollars a year, just to keep such a facility open, not to mention the salaries of the pilots, who are taken off of more productive pursuits. Of course, the drones would require expensive maintenance. The expensive batteries in the drones would have to be replaced after so many hours of flight and since they would be in the air 24×7, they would reach their life expectancy very fast. Some drones might even require fuel.

    Bush would make sure that the ONGOING COSTS of drones, along with their ineffectiveness, would be made public. This would create an outcry in the liberal media, which would give Bush an excuse to tell the public that he tried, but that drones were too expensive and that the flights were being discontinued. At that moment, we would be back to exactly where we are today. Jeb’s whole drone concept is DESIGNED TO FAIL.

    On the other hand, a properly constructed wall could have its meager maintenance funding cut and still be quite effective for another decade – long enough for another president to be elected and restore that funding. Bush and his RINO buddies are afraid of a wall, because they know that, not only will it work, but it is semi-permanent. Trump is s problem-solver. Bush is just a problem.

  4. I sent an email to the TRUMP campaign – I volunteer one week of my vacation time when he is Pres to help BUILD the WALL for FREE! Zero taxpayer cost. Please join me, send an email… let’s start something! Help make America great again!

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