Hillary Wiped Server Before Turning It Over

Hillary Wiped Server Before Turning It Over


The news cycle appears committed now daily to churning out new revelations in the ongoing Servergate which threatens further to take down Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

On Friday morning, it was revealed that her home-based server, which she agreed on Wednesday to turn over to federal investigators, had been wiped clean by the Denver-based computer services company Hillary hired.

Additionally, three thumb drives were submitted by attorney David Kendall which contained only pre-selected material that had already been vetted by Hillary staffers.

The revelations came amid a poll released by Monmouth University this week that a majority of American voters believe Hillary’s emails should be scrutinized under a federal criminal investigation.

Among those numbers are 54% of Independents who believe an investigation is warranted, a number that does not bode well ahead of the 2016 election.



  1. How is it even possible that this bi tch is just flaunting federal law and nobody is doing anything about this? Wiping the server clean before turning it over? At a minimum that is tampering with evidence! That’s a crime on it’s own. How has it come to the point that a person under suspicion of federal crimes can run for the highest office in the land and we just let it happen? Nixon was forced to resign for just a smidgen of corruption. This lady wrote an entire series of books on it and is running for president. God help us all.

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