EPA Spill Spawns Blame Game on the Hill

EPA Spill Spawns Blame Game on the Hill

In full damage control, the EPA has accepted responsibility for the massive three-million-gallon spill of waste water from an abandoned mine into the Animas River.

The spillage has since contaminated source water that feeds into southern Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and the Navajo Nation, who is now filing suit against the agency.

In the aftermath, finger pointing has already begun for what some reports indicate are as many as half a million similarly abandoned mines across the west that could threaten further contamination if not cleaned.

The ironic twist, according to the NY Times, is that a bill authored by Representative Nick RahallĀ  (R-WV) in 2007 would have created a royalty system similar to what exists for the oil and gas industry that would fund the clean up and remediation of mines.

When the bill made it over to the Senate, it was promptly killed by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), whose state relies heavily on the mining business. That move has now come back to bite the Democrat administration and its aggressive EPA agenda for clean air and water.



  1. another example of democrat claiming to be the benefactor of the people
    appointing incompetent people to lead, just because they are faithful to THE PARTY
    refusing to make the rich democratic miner companies responsible for any damage their mining does in the future.
    makes the taxpayers pay for any & all clean ups required of any business that contaminate our environment, while making the EPA, the same people responsible for the latest disaster, attack other companies the president wants to close down –FOR OUR OWN GOOD regardless of costs?
    just another example of incompetence in leadership resulting in another disaster that will take years to clean up, costing millions, effecting thousands of people’s water supply used for drinking, watering of food, washing of people & clothing
    then quickly being told it’s safe use?–heavy metals sink, then move again when it rains only to contaminate the same water again& again–why I can’t stand democrats?–the new breed are LIARS

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