Fiorina Jumps to Top Tier in Iowa

Fiorina Jumps to Top Tier in Iowa

(Joe Shearer/The Daily Nonpareil via AP)

A day after her campaign reported a strong surge in contributions following a stellar debate performance in Ohio, Carly Fiorina rocketed into the top tier of the GOP field in the first post-debate poll.

According to Public Policy Polling, Fiorina jumped from her 1% position prior to the “happy hour” debate, to 10% among Iowa voters to capture a fifth place position.

What’s more impressive — and perhaps even unprecedented — is that her favorability jumped fully 26 points in a matter of 24 hours.

What makes her meteoric rise after the debate different from similar phenomena in the 2012 primary — in which insurgent candidates were beaten back by Mitt Romney — is that attacks from her GOP opponents could backfire and threaten to rally women voters to her defense.



  1. I was very pro-Fiorina following the debate,…watched Crowders “Carly Fiorina
    Uncensored” twice,…she looked like a candidate I could back,…but after watching
    her bad mouth Trump in favor of Magyn Kelly and the deviant media, pretty sure she
    lost my vote. PS…Just before I heard her bad mouth Trump on Sunday, Trump praised her, and said he’d like to see her go up in the polls. After Trump heard of her bad mouthing him, he said something more appropriate.

    Ever hear of the Social Game called “Dirty Minds?”

    -The hotter I am, the harder I get.

    – I can only get laid once.

    If your first answer to the above clues wasn’t “EGG” you have a dirty mind!

    The media,…and politicians like Hillary and Carly,…have DIRTY MINDS.

  2. Ms. Fiorina is not the conservative she makes herself out to be. When she was CEO at Hewlitt-Packard, she supported more visas for foreign born workers (cheap labor). When she was let go/ resigned, she was making a multi-million dollar salary and received a multi-million severance package. Be careful and do your research. We need a true constitutional conservative as the nominee; not a RINO; wannabee, or another Bush. This Bush is no where as conservative as the others.

  3. Fiorina is a light weight she was voted worst CEO as the head of HP. Her approach is to bad mouth and blame but she is the problem.

  4. I voted no that Carly should not have been invited to the debate. It is not that I don’t like her. I still need to know more about her, but as for the debate…. The rules were established and she was not in the top 10. She proved herself in the earlier debate that night and I fully expect to see her in the next one. I’m sure she can hold her own with the likes of what we saw at the last debate. I would have loved to see her put those worthless moderators in their place.

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