NBC Online Poll Says Trump Still Leads

NBC Online Poll Says Trump Still Leads

Donald Trump’s lackluster performance in last Thursday’s debate was underscored by the public battle that has ensued between he and Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly in the days since.

Calling her a “bimbo” in one tweet, Trump has attempted to put the blame on Kelly for his disjointed and often incomprehensible responses to pressing questions.

But his less than stellar answers, much to the surprise of analysts, appears not to have had much impact on his lead among the GOP field.

According to an NBC News online poll conducted over the weekend, 23% still support Trump which is well within the margin of error from polls showing him as high as 25% before the debate.

Granted, the poll was unscientific and was not limited either to registered or likely voters, but the fact that Trump’s public support remains high will ensure his persona continues in the headlines.

The second GOP debate in Simi Valley, California, is just over a month away before which candidates will be jockeying anew to earn a spot on the ten-seat stage.



  1. Now we know Megyn’s B-a size and how big her husbeand’s p—-s is. Yep.
    This was the broad who was outraged that Trump called Rosie a Fat Pig!!!

    • Be interesting to watch her on Bill’s show now that it was announced she wants to sleep with him. This is kind of funny – probably not to Fox news though.

    • In agree with the sentiment. But, those who will run against Trump will reply that Megyno is not running for president and her personal life is irrelevant to her questions.
      Just saying’.

  2. If the polls are correct the only conclusion is that the majority of American’s have lost their collective minds. He’s a madman and surely you must cast him as Bill Clinton’s pal, and yet another brother to Barack INSANE Obama. If Hillary does run, you couldn’t choose between the lesser of the two evils.

  3. To elect Trump would be the gravest mistake this country has ever made. He’ll just finish what Obama has set out to do. The guy is an empty suit.

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