Rand Lands First Blow on Trump: ‘He’s Used to Buying Politicians’

Rand Lands First Blow on Trump: ‘He’s Used to Buying Politicians’

With Donald Trump leading in most of the latest GOP primary polls, everyone was interested in seeing how he would perform in this first Republican debate. An equally interesting question was who would land the first punch on Trump.

Answer: Rand Paul.

The moderators opened the debate by asking a question clearly teed up for Trump: would he promise to back the Republican general election candidate no matter which of the 17 candidates it turns out to be? Trump, predictably, would not promise to do so.

Instead, he responded that he would pledge not to run as an independent only if he were the Republican nominee, a line surely calculated to please his supporters who are dissatisfied with the Republican Party.

But Rand wasn’t letting Trump get away with avoiding a pledge not to hand Democrats the election on a silver platter.

“This is what’s wrong [with Trump],” he shot back.

“He buys and sells politicians of all stripes… He’s already hedging his bet on the Clintons, okay? So if he doesn’t support Republicans, maybe he supports Clinton or maybe he runs as an independent, but I would say, he’s already hedging his bets because he’s used to buying politicians.”

A just question about someone who has donated to as wide a variety of politicians as Trump has…and who has changed his position on so many issues.

As an outsider unlikely to be bought or persuaded out of his principles, it isn’t surprising to hear Rand Paul calling out Trump on his answer. What viewers may not have expected is someone landing a punch that early in the debate.



  1. Paul was terrible and your editorial is far off. Trump is a non-politician and as Cruz mentioned: we vote them in and they do nothing. Bought and paid for! Why did the Senate leave without voting on Kates Law? Repub’s are against Sanctuary Cities… yet they do nothing? Cruz is right and Trump is not going to support a bought paid for establishment politician. He’s win 3rd party

  2. Gotta say, Trump knows which ones can be bought. He bought them hahahaha He even said he gave Paul money and all Paul did was look away>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Trump did say he would support a candidate he respected. That is when he was DISRESPECTED and told he would back Clinton by Paul. I don’t blame him, if my numbers were up and they choose another I would run as an independent too. If they want support, they would do a lot better if they started giving Trump support!! To Date most on that stage hasn’t!!!

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