4 States Are Critical to Senate Control

4 States Are Critical to Senate Control

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Senate Democrats harbor a hope beyond hope that the balance of the 2016 election has shifted in their favor for winning back control of the Senate as a hedge against a possible GOP victory in the White House.

But as the calendar marches headlong toward Labor Day — the unofficial beginning of the 2016 cycle — control of the upper house may come down to four states, as Josh Krashauer at National Journal argues.

To take back the Senate, Democrats must win five of the seven competitive GOP seats and protect two Democrat seats which the GOP is heavily targeting.

The key for the Democrat strategy lies in recruiting and protecting credible candidates to run for the seats in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. GOP-aligned groups are already amassing money and spending early to discourage big names from jumping into the race.

If Democrats fail to take all four seats, the prospect of winning back the Senate will be virtually impossible.

Additionally, the Senate races in Illinois – Mark Kirk versus Tammy Duckworth – and Wisconsin – Ron Johnson versus Russ Feingold – are sure to be exciting to follow.

Conservative Intel will focus on all six of these races leading up to Election Day.



  1. It won’t make any difference if we elect more ‘Not Democrats’ In Name Only and continue to have McConnell in charge who would give away all power to Hillary.

  2. I personally believe that the same thing has happened to McConnell, and probably Boehner, as happened to Chief Justice Roberts. That is, our little king or one of his minions, has informed them of the nature of the NSA data they have amassed and are willing to release, er, excuse me “leak” to the press. Remember, their phone numbers and email addresses are well known and a simple search of the “meta-data” in NSA computers gives the NSA access to EVERY conversation and Internet exchange they have had for a Long time.

    • You give Boehner and McConnell too much credit. They (i) lack the courage for confrontation, and (ii) don’t really give a damn about anything beyond retaining their places at the government trough. Whatever the scumbag HNIC may have on them pales as a justification compared to their personal lack of any convictions.

  3. I live in PA. Unless the Democrats can get a better candidate than Joe Sestak, Toomey holds the seat. As it is, the state Democrats have a ton of issues right now with the law. The two preferred Democrat candidates for Senate, Rob McCord and Kathleen Kane, both have legal issues. McCord has resigned and pled guilty. Kane may still face charges. Besides that, none of the Democrats running for President poll very well in PA.

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