Two Polls, Two Stories: Trump Opens Lead, or Is It Walker?

Two Polls, Two Stories: Trump Opens Lead, or Is It Walker?

On the heels of this week’s latest controversy in which he traded barbs with Sen. John McCain, Donald Trump is getting a huge green light from Republican voters.

According to an ABC/WashPo poll released yesterday, Trump has surged to an almost unbelievable lead among his GOP competitors nationally, sucking up much of the oxygen many of the lower tier candidates had hoped for.

The survey of likely primary voters showed 24 percent support for Trump as the GOP nominee, a number completely unprecedented for the field so far in the race.

In a veritable tie for second place were Scott Walker, 13, and Jeb Bush, 12, with Huckabee, Rubio, Carson, Paul, Cruz, Perry and Christie all below 10 points and declining.

The poll, however, was completed on the night that the controversy over Trump’s comments about McCain were breaking which means that any fall-out for their perceived slight against veterans would not have registered.

Whether Trump takes a major hit in the polls as a result may likely not matter much given his sizeable lead with only two weeks until the first Fox News debate.

A second poll, conducted by Monmouth University, shows Scott Walker with a 9-point lead in Iowa, following his recent announcement. (Walker is at 22 percent, with Trump in second at 13 percent.)

Much like the ABC/WashPo poll, the results may not reflect the latest news: Walker may get a bump in future polls (in contrast to Trump) after the news that he signed a ban on non-emergency abortions after 20 weeks.

With just over two weeks before the first debate, the two frontrunners are certainly Walker and Trump, but how long that will last remains to be seen.



  1. After hearing Walker is stronger on immigration than Trump, I may find Walker is the better guy,,, at least, not in the media cross hairs so much… But, what will they do to him when he takes the lead??? Funny how the media hypes so much on Trump statements, but has nothing to say about Billarys follies with her email scandal,,, claiming she ”had no knowledge she sent classified emails” is phony,, ignorance of the law is no excuse…

    • Walker’s stand on immigration is not very different from Trump. NO ONE running is going to advocate deporting between 11 million and 30 million people, many of whom have citizen children. The lame stream media and FAIR have reported Trump’s comments as favoring amnesty. That is NOT what he said at all. He said “I have to tell you I believe int he merit system. First we have to seal the border. Then we get rid of all the bad guys – send them back for good. Then we can work something out about what to do with the rest”. That is the only reasonable way to handle the immigration problem. Seal the border, Seal the border, Seal the border so illegal immigration is halted, then identify the illegals remaining and work on a solution to deal with the people who are here and have been for years.

      • The media likes to pull at the heat strings, and talk about separating the poor families,,, I say, the best answer to that question is this .” the parents made that decision when they broke the law.. My job as president is to enforce the laws, and the illegals job is to follow the laws ,and stop coming here and downloading welfare rats and thinking we have to choose to keep you here for sympathy. You made the decision to separate your family. Stay in your own country and you won’t have to worry about your family being separated”. —-Piss on all illegals !! If you feel differently, then you keep them in your libtard house and don’t ask for my tax dollars.—

        • You and Mr. Trump both seem to think that being right on an issue
          is all that counts, and that how ones says things doesn’t matter.
          Anyone who thinks that should try asking out a young women in
          a perfunctory and discourteous manner, and report the results.
          Or one can ask salesmen how well rudeness works in their line of work.
          ” Why offend with style, when one can offend with substance ?”

          • If you can’t handle the truth, then POU 2 ! Criminals crossing the border for any reason should be rounded up in another OPERATION WETBACK !! Being the great libtard you claim to be, I am sure you never lock your doors and leave food and drink on your steps for the homeless,, No? Hypocrite…

          • I suppose that one ought to be grateful to Jack Nicholson, and to you
            for giving us all ” the truth.” whether we can ” handle it,” or not.
            However, I think that you are straying from the truth a bit here. I have never
            claimed to be a ” libtard,” great or otherwise. Looking at the world as it is, rather
            than how wishes it to be is usually thought to be more characteristic of a conservative
            bent. In the real world complex human activities are understood to be imperfect, with
            imperfect results.

          • To think that the border cannot be sealed is nuts. Two double fences a hundred feet apart with land mines in the middle, and it will be sealed. It is the will to do it that is lacking. It can also be done without landmines, but, mines would be the perfect solution. A few tunnels, or other ‘minor’ infractions could easily be handled. The hordes flowing across the border like water, could be stopped. But only a loser would think it could not be done. You just don’t have a backbone.

          • I hav no background in how to evade the obstacles you
            suggest, but even I can think of ways to defeat such
            measures. When mines are not protected by interlocking fields of fire and zeroed-in artillery, then crosssing a mine field is easy. One simple way ( and there are many others ) is to drive animals across the path in front of you to set off the mines. Whether I have a backbone or not is something about which you have no relevant data on which to base an opinion.
            I realize that knowing nothing about an issue is not likely to stop many people from having an opinion on it. In addition my personal characteristics play no role in the validity, or lack thereof, of any arguments I put forth. You don’t know anything about me and that really doesn’t matter, because any argument I make does not rise or fall on any virtues or vices
            I possess. You also ignore the facts that there is international trade flowing across our borders which will never be fenced off, so that the crossing points through which legal travelers including tourists, and imports and exports flow are still weakpoints through which some illegal
            immigration might flow. Determined illegal immigrants do not need to use our land frontiers, when our country has thousands of miles of coast lines on which small boats can easily land people. It would be nice if you had practical plans to completely end other types of crimes.

          • Passive defenses are, in principle inadequate. See the Maginot Line. And we have limited resources with many higher priority demands on our resources than chasing diminishing returns in this area. Fighting terrorism ( not a completely independent task) is a higher priority task tan simoply decreasing illegal immigration.

          • Are you this ignorant because you keep your head up your azz?? Comparing illegal aliens to the German army with tanks and guns is about how stupid you libtards think. Wonder why our military bases and the white house have fences around them???? Or maybe they should take those down too?? I would agree with taking down the white house fence so someone could get the illegal alien …… Your ignorance is frightening…

          • It is interesting that you bring up the fence around the White House. While the
            Secret Service, which used to have a reputation as a very professional agency has
            had several embarrassing incidents made public recently, I don’t think that even now
            the defenses of the White House can be fairly characterized as ‘ passive,’ I think
            that many military reservations are far too large to have fences around them.

            I suppose that I ought to be flattered that you devote time and energy not only to
            respond to my arguments ( well, actually you don’t do that, do you?), but you also
            are gracious enough to give a lot of attention to evaluating my character and abilities..
            I suppose that I ought to be flattered that you take the trouble ( or do you have a lot of time
            on your hands?). Now I make no claim to returning the favor. While parts of your post
            ( libtard, ignorance, stupid) strike me as a bit … rude and crude – and I have a rather
            high threshold for such things – I don’t pretend to know ( or care ) whether you actually are
            rude and crude or are just having a bad day. I do not claim to know anywhere near
            enough about you to evaluate you, nor am I interested enough to know more.

            Given the thousands of miles of land borders our country has, I hardly think that
            fences or land mines are really cost effective or wise. I suspect that experts would
            think more of cameras and other sensing devices which could signal a response
            by … humans, such as border control agents. There are small portions of the borders
            where fences might make sense, but there may already be fences there. I know very little
            about military matters, but I will share one of the few pearls I have heard : ‘ Amateurs
            talk of strategy and tactics; professionals talk of logistics.’

            If you enjoy insulting perfect ( OK, imperfect) strangers, far be it from me
            to ask you to curtail such a pleasurable activity. But might I at least privately
            make certain judgments about your priorities and prudence, if you find a lot
            of pleasure in such a … sterile activity?

          • All military installations are fenced. Glad to see you admit to your ignorance. Do you ever clean the chit out of your ears after you pull your head out of your azz? I doubt it…

          • You seem upset and a little bit hostile. Did you perhaps

            forget to take your meds this morning ?

          • Ah, you still have chit in your eyes and ears!! Forget to take your weekend shower??? Sorry you are so ignorant about the security of our military installations and how easy it would be to seal the border. Floods of 18 year old ‘children’ would no longer walk across the border along with their diseases and criminal bad habits.. How did you sneak across the border??

          • I hope that venting in this way is helpful with whatever problem is bothering you.
            I certainly don’t mind the invective you hurl, if it is somehow …. therapeutic.
            But in the long term, I think that actual therapy or medication may be a better
            more lasting way to deal with these demons interfering with your peace of mind.

          • The enjoyment I receive from showing your ignorance is therapeutic enough. I get such a laugh at your attempts to pretend to be better than everyone else. Must come from living a life of poverty. I pity you…….

          • I was born here, as were my parents and three of my grandparents. My father’s mother was
            a legal immigrant, and both then and now there were many of them, including Irving Berlin,
            Frank Capra, Enrico Fermi, An Wang, and the Gubernator. The last one has had
            problems with marital fidelity as I understand it, but he did have a fairly noteworthy
            career in show business, body building , and , I think, state government.
            Please consider as a long term project how to disagree without being disagreeable.
            It could change your life.

          • I am having too much fun showing how much brain damage you suffer from by keeping your head up your azz….

          • If you get into a discussion or argument with someone like yourself, does it ever get
            somewhat heated with bad ( and badly spelled) words being exchanged ?
            How do you feel about that. Perhaps you and your treating trick cyclist can work out
            a regime of PRN medications to supplement the scheduled doses, when life gets to
            be too much ?

          • So, you think other sane people talk to themselves just because you do it?? You are oxygen deprived and suffer brain damage from having your head up your azz so often…

          • I accept your apology. Let’s say no more about it. I am sure that you did not intend to
            be so vulgar and that you won’t do it again.

          • I accept your surrender and your admitting to being such an ignorant individual, and that you will shut your pie hole.

          • My guess is the word ‘libtard’ which you use in your post is meant to be a non-standard way
            of describing what others call ‘liberal’ or even ‘progressive.’ If, as seems likely, you disavow
            liberal positions, it is odd that your main point here is the perfectability of immigration control.
            Many liberals do consider human perfectablility desirable and practical. Almost all conservatives
            are too wise and too religious to think of man in his fallen state as capable of perfection in this world.
            The Marxian position derides looking to the hereafter for perfection, but conservative thought,
            often informed by the Christian tradition, does not seek after perfection here on earth.
            An example of this is you labeling me as a ‘libtard’ af6ter I already told you that you are wrong
            about that. Perhaps you think that you know more about my beliefs than I myself know ?
            Some might consider that either arrogant or just silly.

          • ” Comparing illegal aliens to the German Army … ” I don’t believe that I used the word ‘German’ at all.
            I did refer to the Maginot Line as an example of passive defense being close to useless and there
            are many other examples, not only from military sources for such a claim. Do you assert the contrary?
            Do you think that passive defenses are practical ? Here you are in a difficult position.
            You can either assert something you know to be false, or you can change your mind about your
            project of thousands of miles of double fences and mine fields. Now Most people don’t mind
            changing their minds from time to time, but, you, I suspect, are un willing to do any such thing.
            Am I wrong about that ?

            You also make no response to my point that besides land frontiers our country has thousands of
            miles of coast lines and that small airplanes can also penetrate our borders. Here is one more
            thing. Many, many illegal aliens did not enter illegally, but came here legally and overstayed their
            visas. Fences and mine fields would have no effect on people overstaying their visas, would
            they ?

          • Do you have similar plans for eliminating some more severe crime problems
            such as murder, rape, robbery, ADW ? If you have plans to eliminate all such activities,
            that would be even better than eliminating all illegal immigration .

          • If the world is lucky, you will suffocate with your head up your backside, and leave some oxygen for productive people in this world instead of paid instigator hacks on the internet. Eliminating illegals would lower murder, rape and robbery!! Works in other countries… it will work here!! And, the family of Kathryn Steinle would agree she would be alive if illegals were not allowed to cross and recross the border at will, 7 times in the case of this murder… Just to list a few whose families would disagree with slugs like you….
            The information below is taken from news sources. The aliens in these reports were all identified as being in the country illegally, and many of them had come into the hands of law enforcement agencies prior to the crime that is described below, but the alien was not deported or in some cases was deported but reentered the country.
            These cases are listed as a demonstration that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue. These cases refer to crimes other than terrorism.
            May 2014 — Humberto Gonzalez, an illegal alien, was convicted in New Jersey of criminal assault and sentenced to 50 years in prison. The rape occurred in 2005 and Gonzalez was not identified until a DNA match was made following an arrest in Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Gonzalez also had a criminal record in Louisiana and Arkansas.
            (Times of Trenton, May 9, 2014)

            February 2014 — Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, an illegal alien from
            Mexico, was found guilty of two counts of a felony for failure to
            perform the duties of a driver and sentenced to three years of probation and 250 hours of community service. Garcia-Cisneros committed a hit-and-run that resulted in the death of two stepsisters, 6-year-old Anna Dieter-Eckerdt and 11-year-old Abigail Robinson. (Associated Press,
            Feb. 4, 2013)
            January 2014 — Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon, aka Jay Hendrix, an Iraqi immigrant, was found guilty in Colorado on multiple counts of sexual assault. He faces a possible sentence of life in prison. Sarmad Fadhi “Levi” Mohammed, another Iraqi was earlier convicted for the same assault and sentenced to 16 years in prison. An additional three Iraqi
            immigrants involved in the assault have received misdemeanor
            convictions. (Colorado Gazette, January 21, 2014)
            January 2014 — Modesto Osco, a Peruvian, pled guilty to indecent assault on a minor. He was sentenced in Pennsylvania to five months to two years in prison. (The Morning Call, Ja

          • I see by this email that you agree with me that human plans and actions in this world
            are, as are all people, imperfect . You write of lowering ( the rates of) murder, rape, and
            burglary, not eliminating these crimes. In doing so you embrace rationality, if only

            In lowering yourself again to invective, you are admitting the weaknesses of your
            previous arguments, such as they were. If you weren’t such a fine, upstanding citizen, I would
            read the first sentence of your post as positively adolescent. Perhaps you are having a bad
            day ?

          • I guess suffering from oxygen deprivation from ‘head up azz syndrome’ has caused permanent brain damage. Too bad, you just can’t handle the truth. You obviously love illegals, like the one in the white mud hut, and pretend you are a conservative. You have unfortunately exposed for the fraud you are. LIBTARD

      • I am all for decreasing illegal immigration. But to think that
        illegal immigration can be completely eliminated is … just a bit mad.
        Our prisons can not succeed in keeping out all contraband, a much easier problem than stopping people from crossing long land borders.
        Small packets of drugs, and sometimes even weapons, are smuggled into
        prisons. Are we willing to give up more of our civil liberties and to
        seriously interfere with our trade with our neighbors in a vain effort
        to eliminate all illegal immigration? I would rather try to eliminate, for example,
        all murders, but I will not hold my breath on either task. But decreasing illegal immigration is worth devoting more resources to, among other reasons because of the crime all too many illegal immigrants commit after they arrive.

    • Please tell me that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are our only choices.
      I am more qualified to be president than either of them, and I am not at all
      qualified to be president. This is no time for amateur hour. There is never
      a good time for an amateur in the White House. Remember Jimmy
      Carter ? How did that work out ?

      • I’ve read all your posts and the only thing I can see that you’re really competent at is using a lot of words to say basically nothing. I wish to God that I could be as smart as you think you are.

        • I can a few other, more practical things, but you would have no way of knowing that.
          In my work I occasionally have even contributed to saving a few lives. But I have many
          weaknesses and failings, as , do, I think, all of us. I commend you on reading all the posts.
          You must be very patient to persevere to the end, considering that there was so little substance.

          I have no comment to make about your posts, that is, about you. I may have already commented
          on some of your posts, but I pay little attention to judging the anonymous authors of the posts.
          I merely respond, in what I hope to be a helpful way, to the ideas in the posts, rather than
          wasting my time and energy making judgments about the people posting. My opinion of them can
          hardly matter to anyone, including me or them.

          At work, on occasion I am called on to evaluate student, but in those cases I have much more to go on, and there are reasons for me to evaluate them

        • How silly ! Nobody, certainly not me or you, is half as smart as I think I am. But it is good to have a goal to shoot at.

        • I am afraid that you not only are not as smart as I think I am,
          but you are not even as smart as you think that you are. Do not be discouraged. God loves you anyway. And all lives matter, certainly including yours.

        • ” using a lot of words to say basically nothing” You write that
          as if it were a bad thing ! Do you want to deny public relations people and lawyers the right to make a living ? Do you think that it is easy to use many words to say nothing ? Have you ever tried it? Don’t knock it until you have tried it.
          You should look at the artful way Ike answered questions the press asked which he didn’t want to answer.

    • Real estate speculation and governing require rather different gifts and characteristics.
      Truman went broke as a haberdasher, but as a president he had his moments.
      Mr. Hoover was a very gifted engineer and administrator of the post World War I European relief efforts. As president he faced problems which he just couldn’t
      deal well with. ( FDR did not have much success with those problems either).

  2. I like Walker too. In his state welfare recipients must pass a drug test and enroll in job training before they can collect their welfare checks and voters must present an id before voting. I would vote for Trump if he won the Republican primary, but he is not my first choice.

    • Walker did a great job as County Executive of Milwaukee County. His performance in a majority democrat county propelled him into the Governor’s office. Again, he did a great job as Governor, instituting reforms, standing up to the public unions, and winning election twice in his first term, making him the first governor to survive a recall election. He won election for a 2nd term and IMMEDIATELY began his run for President, leaving Wisconsin without strong leadership. He “studied” allowing the Menomonee Indian Tribe and the Hard Rock Resort organization to build a casino and world class resort in Kenosha County. It was opposed by the Potawatomi Tribe. Walker decided against the Hard Rock Resort, claiming future financial damage to the state even though the Menomonee Tribe and the Hard Rock organization proposed a bond to protect the state from any financial loss. Walker has lost a lot of his support in Wisconsin because his constituents know that he vetoed the casino and world class resort in an effort to cultivate evangelical voters in Iowa. The casino and Hard Rock Resort is going to be built about 20 miles north in Lake County, Illinois.

      • Walker did not announce his candidacy until he made sure Wisconsin’s budget was balanced. I admire him for that. I really don’t buy the bad press he receives and feel that most of the info given to the press is from disgruntled union members. I also like Walker’s stance on marriage, abortion and religious freedom. As I said, however, IF Trump wins the Republican primary, I will support him.

        • Trump is the only candidate of the 16 who, if he were nominated, would compel me to sit out the election for the first time in 40 years.

          • I know…but I am a Christian and I hate what the Democratic Party is doing to us. I guess I figure that Trump is the lesser of two evils.

          • Then you must suffer from TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. If you would sit out the election and let another liberal dumbocrap win the election, you are neither a patriot nor a true conservative. You are probably one of the brain dead people that thinks Trump was referring to ALL Mexicans when he said ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Every word he said was 100% truth. There have been over 3000 murders in Texas alone by illegal immigrants. If you didn’t understand his remarks, you’re either too racially prejudiced to make rational decisions or you are in a coma. If you went through the procedure to immigrate legally, spent the time and money to become a citizen, then it would seem logical to me that you would oppose illegal immigration as well. I know that all my legal Hispanic friends support Trump 100%.

          • You are one silly rabbit. Just because you see a Hispanic surname you make all these wild generalizations and speculations based on nothing but your own prejudices.
            My conservative credentials are pretty solid. I was knocking on doors for Nixon in 1972–in San Francisco. I’ve voted GOP in every election since 1976. I’ve been a subscriber to National Review since 1975. I served my country both enlisted and officer. My kids are Republicans. On election days I wear a screaming red shirt and a hat that reads “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – Lifetime Member”. This is courageous because I’ve always lived in solid blue precincts. My car’s license plate read AUH2064–you can figure it out.
            So why do I detest Trump? Well, he’s a big government guy for sure. Big time crony capitalist. He is completely devoid of substance on matters of policy. He’s all bluster. And stylistically he is a monster. A brute. Intensely anti-intellectual. Off the charts crass and vulgar.
            Really, he’s an American version of Hugo Chavez. A dictator with a lot of entertainment value.
            Sure, I can’t argue with you on this: Hillary Clinton is an arch-criminal who ought to be exiled to a maximum security prison in Antarctica. But I refuse to soil my hands by voting for Trump.

          • You can cite all the conservative credentials you want, but you have formed your opinion on Trump from heresay. I don’t know him personally but I have friends who do, and he’s nothing like what you have described. You have no reason to hate Trump except the same as his other enemies – jealousy.

          • I have formed my opinion based on his public speeches and pronouncements. YOU have formed your opinion based on hearsay–look it up in the dictionary, will you? I have stated my reasons for being repelled by Trump; it has nothing to do with his money (there are and have been plenty of rich candidates, but none of them bothered me). Everything to do with his total and complete lack of class. But you wouldn’t recognize that.

          • I’ll have no further conversation with you, because you are full of crap. My hearsay comes from people who actually KNOW HIM PERSONALLY. You dislike him because he is a man who speaks his mind clearly without using all the bull sh*t politically correct speech we’re used to. The people who know him well, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and his business partners tell a different story. They all say he is very nice person, totally not prejudiced, and very smart. Just how much time have you spent with Mr. Trump? How many world class resorts do you own? How many of the world’s top businessmen and world leaders have you done business with, entertained and have entertained you? The truth is that he is very fair and honest in his business deals. All indications are that the people who are his partners and do business with him like him very much, that is, all except the ones who lost a business deal to him. The other hatred for Trump comes from the GOP elite who are RINOs and dumbocrap lite.

          • Most of what presidents do does not involve issuing orders.
            The president can not issue orders to members of the judicial or
            legislative branches. The president can not issue orders to state or local governments, to foreign governments, or to the general public.
            Even federal civil servants can often successfully resist political
            decisions. I know because I was a civil servant.
            Presidents have to work by compromise and persuasion. Reagan
            and FDR were masters of this. Clinton was good at it. Most of the
            success of other presidents was based on compromise and persuasion.
            Gratuitously insulting people is not a sound basis for persuasion or compromise, but it is how the Donald rolls.

          • Just how much time have you spent with Mr. Trump? How many world class resorts do you own? How many of the world’s top businessmen and world leaders have you done business with, entertained and have entertained you?
            None? Then we’re even. I won’t acknowledge your hearsay. How many of these people depend on him for their paychecks?
            What you call “speaking his mind clearly” is demagoguery, pure and simple.
            I don’t think a guy who supports Walker is a RINO or closet Democrat.

          • I have only owned one resort. I’ve entertained many including President Eisenhower and Governor Luther Hodges as well as Mrs. Angier Biddle Duke and Tallulah Bankhead.

            I haven’t said anyone who supports Walker is a RINO or closet dumbocrap. I don’t support him for the reasons I stated and I am not alone. Many of us in Wisconsin feel the same for the same reasons. However, that being said IF Walker gets the nomination, we’ll vote for him. We would even vote for Bush before a dumbocrap if he were the nominee, fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

          • FDR and JFK grew up rich. LBJ was rich before he became president.
            Many other presidents, including the past four have been millionaires.
            Some of these presidents were good at their jobs – others not so much.
            Most members of the Senates are, I believe, also millionaires.

          • Don’t forget George Washington. He was, in his time, the richest man in America. He was arguably our greatest president.

          • Thank you. He may have been our greatest president, because
            he faced a problem no other president faced, starting a new nation.
            One way in which he surely excelled is that he was, I believe, the only
            president who was not hated by a significant portion of the population. In my lifetime, with the possible exception of Ike, every president was hated by a large portion of the populace ( which may
            say more about Americans than about our presidents).

          • Despite the perennial appeal by candidates of growing up poor
            (sometimes accurate), I think that many of our presidents, even those who did grow up poor, were rich before being elected president.
            ( The Clintons became much richer after Bill left office ).

          • I think that the word you want is ‘hearsay.’ And I am
            not sure how we are to know about any public figure, other
            than by indirect means. Since Mr. Trump has never held any
            pubic office, elected or appointed, it is hard to judge him
            by performance. Mrs. Clinton on the other hand can be judged
            by her public record.

          • Mr. Nixon was charming in private, I hear, but in public he was awkward and both he and we paid a heavy price for that? What matters
            in public life is public actions.

          • Don’t stay home on election day! Even if you can’t vote for the GOP presidential nominee, the other GOP candidates on the ballot will need your support.

          • Don’t worry, I’ll vote in the primary. But if Trump is the nominee–I think I said that already–no way will I endorse him in the general election. Can’t endorse the Democrats either, so that means I’m out. Unbelievable.

          • The one time I felt like that, I voted for a conservative third-party Presidential candidate. I figured that would register a more explicit protest than simply abstaining from voting.

        • Our budget is only balanced by borrowing and the Governor wasn’t here to help get it through. Walker hasn’t been around to push through further changes that are necessary because he’s too busy traveling around campaigning. He only returns to Wisconsin to sign bills and to make his announcement. He has an obligation to the people who worked their asses off to elect hm three times. He lied to us because he never intended to serve out his 2nd term as governor, he only used it to bolster his credentials for a Presidential run. Any other reasons you can give don’t matter a damn.

        • If Mr. Trump receives the Republican nomination, then the Democratic nominee will have an easy path to the White
          House. Why make it easy for the press to demonize theRepublican nominee ?

      • Casinos are bad for society. Studies show that the increases in crime, poverty, and gambling addiction that inevitably follow casinos cost the government more than any revenue they might contribute. The only winners from casinos are the corrupt bosses of the gambling industry and the advocates of big government, who get more revenue AND more demand for government intervention to address the problems caused by gambling.

        This makes me an even more ardent supporter of Walker.

        • Bu*l Sh*t! I see you have a Biblical name so his actions impressed you. Thank God you’re one of a very few. Any studies you can muster are rigged and probably conducted by religious zealots. I hope most people are not as ignorant, no stupid, as you. We’re electing a President, not a choir leader or a pastor.

          Another question – how does your religious fervor stand with the fact that he has now agreed with the boy scouts having homosexual scout masters.

          • I am a Christian. I am also an economist. My opposition to casinos and lotteries comes more from the latter than the former.

            However, personal experience probably weighs heavier than either. I know people who have been hurt by gambling-addicted relatives who lie and steal to support their habits. Statistics show that such cases are not rare.

          • No matter how many people you know who have been hurt by a gambling addiction, the number is still small. I know many more that have been devastated by the actions of incompetent and dishonest politicians.

          • Addiction is a lifetime problem. For every addict there are several
            loved ones whose lives are seriously affected. I am not sure that
            the comparison to ‘ actions of incompetent and dishonest politicians’
            is apt. Avoiding both is important. But such actions rarely have lifelong
            effects, although sometimes soldiers pay for such mistakes with their

          • Q. How do you know when an addict is lying ?
            A. An addict is lying when his lips are moving.
            Addictions, including gambling addictions ruin lives.

        • iitywybad has it wrong. Scott Walker NEVER agreed with Boy Scouts having homosexual leaders. In fact, he has pointed out that is where he and his son’s views are different.

          • I think it be hooves you to re-read the article you sent. Walker was trying to explain that the media had construed as meaning that he thought all gay scout leaders were predators…which he did not say. It’s just like when the media jumped on Trump when they said that he thought all Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers. Both reports were false.

          • What it says is that Walker has back tracked on his original statement, and is trying to have his cake and eat it too. He’s now saying it’s up to the Boy Scouts to try and deflect criticism form homosexual rights groups.

  3. I like Walker a whole lot. Trump is too arrogant and too thin skinned and is too willing to climb down into the gutter and have petty squabbles that someone with a little class would have the sense to walk away from. I liked him at first…I am already getting weary of his petty nonsense. I have liked Walker for years. I think he will rise up to the top in the end. He is probably the most likable…no real baggage (like Bush, Perry, Santorum, Huckabee, Graham, Pataki etc) Walker has name recognition is probably seen as less radical (Paul, Cruz, Jindal) more appealing to conservatives (Rubio, Christie), I would actually love to see Walker and Carson (the Washington outsider for those who are sick of the status quo). We have A LOOOONG way to go still. All I can say is at least it’s more interesting than when McCain and Romney were running.

    • I suppose that when someone slaps you up side your face, you just sit there, take it, turn the other cheek, and don’t respond in any way. What a crock! The day YOU travel in the circles that Trump travels in, I’ll believe that you have credentials to say he has no class.

      • Mr. Reagan certainly did not just sit there and take it. In fact he knew how to reward friends and punish enemies, as does almost any successful politician.
        But he was not given to gratuitously insulting groups of people for no good
        reason and he rarely bragged in public. The Donald could learn from Ronnie.

    • People praise Mr. Trump for being brave, when he is only being testy
      and self-involved. Governor Walker has proved that he has two big, brass
      ones by his actions under fire. He also has proved that he can appeal to
      people who are not movement conservatives, an absolute need for
      any successful presidential candidate. Mr. Trump does not even seem
      to care for winning people over ( just telling people to bugger off doesn’t

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