Speaker Boehner Investigates Planned Parenthood

Speaker Boehner Investigates Planned Parenthood

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Despite a lack of mainstream media coverage, the bombshell revelation of the now-infamous Planned Parenthood video continues to gain steam as the ire of Congress has been stoked.

On Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner released a statement in which he called for multiple House committees to begin investigating the claims alleged by the video that Planned Parenthood engages in the sale of post-abortion fetal remains.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) went a step further in a separate press conference in which he ordered several committees to “investigate inhumane abortion practices”.

Chairmen for the House Judiciary Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee quickly responded by announcing the launch of full investigations into the video. Calls for a complete defunding of the organization were already being made by congressional leaders ahead of those investigations.



  1. A day and a dollar late.
    Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  2. So the Pathetic, Moral Coward Boehner “investigates” planned Murder-Hood. This is the same piece of RINO Garbage that FUNDED them in the First Place. Any bets, NOTHING happens? Maybe John should read a Few of the Things YHVH Hates-“A Proud Look, A Lying Tongue and Hands that Shed INNOCENT Blood.” Proverbs 6:17 Sounds like Most of Our Government.

    • Alan, we are sick of the POLITICAL POSTURING by Boehner and McConnell.

      They are great at VOTES that ultimately mean nothing but look good on tv.

      Boehner knows McConnell and the Senate will block any conservative legislation.

  3. We allow abortion & years later find out that it can serve some people’s pockets? And now we’re angry? We give Iran a way to obtain nuclear weapons and find out later …

  4. If I were them I’d be so scared. Hahahahahaha! They think we’re all idiots like them. Well most of us aren’t.

  5. Solution:

    God’s people called by his name, Christians
    humble themselves
    Seek his face
    turn from wicked ways

    God will
    Hear from heaven
    Forgive their sin
    Heal their land

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Cron 7:14

  6. Boehner????? Send a TRUE AMERICAN IN!!! Someone who just moves but makes sense and is telling the TRUTH…. a RARE COMMODITY in this country anymore!!! Boehner has sold us OUT OVER AND OVER…… HE KISSES THE TURD’S BUTT…. HE AND MCLAIN…. RINOS AND GLOSS OVER THE TRUTH!!!! WE WANT BOEHNER RETIRED!!!

    • BOTTOM-LINE: I sick of the POLITICAL POSTURING by Boehner and McConnell.

      They are great at VOTES that ultimately mean nothing but look good on tv.

      Boehner knows McConnell and the Senate will block any conservative legislation.

  7. Women do not want inhumane treatment of any child/fetus. There should be a National Outrage against Planned Parenthood.

  8. These are akin to war crimes, or what Hitler’s “experimenters” on live Jewish people and kids were doing. Instead of really experimenting, they did crazy experiments that couldn’t have helped anyone. This is no less than the same thing. Imagine what that newborn feels, being ripped out of its mother is one painful endurance, but being crushed here or there is another. We must stop being or feeling numb to this inhumane practice. What will history perceive us to be? A humane nation? Certainly not. End PPH once and for all by signing the Life at Conception act. Urge your Senators to do the same and tell them you will never vote for a Senator who is pro PPH. Imagine the kickbacks and the stocks some of these Senators make off the selling of baby parts also. This was the first time a social issue went before the SCOTUS. Again, they were not INTERPRETING the Constitution, the were putting in their own words into a country’s paper of their laws that were never there and instead of putting this thing to bed years ago, we are still fighting it. I thought it was the rule of the people. And the majority, as was seen in the mid-terms were a republication of all things and policies of the Left wing Progressive voting Democrats and all of Obama’s policies, so besides the Keystone, Life at Conception should have been enacted and this shameful business of stolen baby parts would have never happened.we do not want to be judged by the God we believe in and upon whom the Constitution says our inalienable rights come from. We don’t want the National sins of some become our sins as well. We reject Roe v Wade and we reject the tearing down of Traditional marriage, making another social issue an “INTERPRETATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, WHICH IS IT NOT. It is a social issue that should be left up to the states. And for Hagan and Ginsberg to not recuse themselves for not being impartial and after asking for a retrial because of this very fact, again, we got slammed down. So, again, 9 unelected men and women have now told the millions that traditional marriage, which has been the norm for thousands of years, is no longer what the Bible teaches it to be. God will have his retribution, just not on my head. P. Kathy Kleiman

  9. My goodness still flogging a ‘doctored’ video that is patently false. Trying to ‘ACORN’ Planned Parenthood are we?

    Gosh, I bet you are outraged by Donald Trumps statement about McCain but supported the lies when you folks ‘swift-boated’ another War Hero, John Kerry.

    You just can’t do it without the made up falsehoods can you?

    • Nasty lies are a Republican specialty, and their rank-and-file love the lies, which they slurp up as if viciousness were honey.

      James O’Keefe is notorious for these hatchet jobs. Wouldn’t want to be him.

      • Very sad torturing of facts, Mr. Waters.

        You should be ashamed and sick, that is if you comprehend what is happening to America.

        • I fully comprehend the duplicity of the Republican Party and their vicious attacks on whomever they see as opposing them.

          No, I’m not ashamed, not sick.

          Clear-headed observer here.

          • “I fully comprehend the duplicity of the Republican Party and their vicious attacks on whomever they see as opposing them….”

            Non-sequitur supreme, Mr. Waters.
            Our country is being sold out and is being destroyed, by the Obama machine.
            You do not seem to comprehend the situation at all.

            Now you can call me a racist.
            That’s your next argument, isn’t it?

    • Oddly enough, the terms “ACORN” and “swiftboat” – especially when used as verbs – are synonyms for “telling the truth.”

      Surprised you’d bring that up, Hog.

      And calling John Kerry a “War Hero” is a synonym for bitterly ridiculous.

      • You know, why don’t you address the fact that Republicans used doctored video in causing ACORN’s demise and are doing the same with Planned Parenthood? Basically using lies.

        As for John Kerry being lied about and his service to the country denigrated, yes the Republican did that as well. They basically use lies to defeat him.

        So much for the ‘values’ party. I don’t understand why you would support them. Unless you are ok with what Trump said about McCain? Are you ok with that?

        • ACORN, NACA, CRA…
          Do you know what these initials stand for, Hog?

          Have you ever looked up the recent history of America?
          Please don’t lie; no offense, but you indicate that you don’t know anything but how to regurgitate the Kool-Ade.

          But you must know something.
          Do you know something?

          PS – It’s embarrassing to feed little trolls, like yourself, Hog.
          So I’ll say God bless you and yours and Adios.

          • Yep, run and hide without say anything but insults. Just what is it about ACORN, NACA, CRA that frightens you so?

            I’d be more frighten about ALEC, FRC, AFP, AFA…

          • “…Just what is it about ACORN, NACA, CRA that frightens you so?…”

            If you do not know what is so terrifying about those organizations, I cannot correct such massive ignorance.

            No offense, but en education in recent American history – economic & social – would be worth the research & the classwork.

          • Are you teaching it? And what are your qualifications? And you are talking about how terrifying ALEC, FRC, AFP, AFA… are, right?

    • If you think this is false, look at the whole video or better yet, ask to go into a planned butcher shop and see what they are doing.


      No one believed what Hitler did. Go see for yourself if you think this is false. You just can’t believe that some people have lost their conscienes and performed such heinous acts. So, at least you have some humanity about yourself for not wanting to believe this evil.

      It’s happening. If you don’t think it is, then go and personally see it happening under our noses. “Out of sight, out of mind”. We’ve fallen for this hook, line and sinker.

      The founder of planned parenthood was a eugenisist and hated blacks, Jews and Christians alongside others. Margaret Sanger revered Hitler. Yeah, that’s a place that should get government funding. Not.

      St. Francis de Sales, pray for us.

  10. Beohner never misses a chance to promote himself on TV. But didn’t the Hyde Amendment (~1976) prevent federal funding of abortions? So how long has Boehner & the GOP Congress been ignoring that and giving PParenthood money?

    Boehner lies to his own constituents to benefit from his own power.

  11. The video which started this silly brouhaha was edited to give the erroneous impression that PP os selling body parts (for ridiculously low cost too!).

    The videographer, James O’Keefe, is the same dishonest person who has produced other deceptive videos which the Far Right has gobbled up uncritically.

    Beats me how someone who in the past has operated in a deceptive manner can be believed, but the Right is eager for dirt. If there is no dirt, they make it up.

    Sad. It’s sadder that people fall for this dishonesty.

      • TORO writes “Mikael, you are full of SHITE.”

        Actually, I’m trying to tell you the truth.

        Do you honestly believe PP would be selling BODY PARTS, at ridiculously cheap prices? Think about it.

        James O’Keefe is known to have done hatchet jobs before. Years ago, the video of the poor ACORN lady was similarly jiggered to produce a storyline Breitbart and O’Keefe sought.

        Sorry to stomp on Republican fantasies. But I”m trying to tell you the truth.

        • Michael,

          What does it matter if planned parenthood sells body parts at cheap or expensive prices. This is a wrong at the highest level. No one believed what Hitler did and now people such as yourself think that this atrocity is not happening here in the states.

          The whole video is available. Have you become so numb to babies getting ripped apart? Do you have any sense of humanity left in your soul?

          You think this is a fantasy? I dare you to go into a planned chop shop and see what they do in there yourself. Or are you scared at what you’ll find? I highly doubt they’ll let you see the butchering that is going on. This is evil. And you are too blind to see that it is happening.


          Poor planned parenthood. No place that does the murdering of babies whether or not they are selling body parts deserve tax money. This is sick and demonic.

          I pray for your conversion and those who support such evil.

          St. John Bosco, pray for us.

          • “What does it matter if planned parenthood sells body parts at cheap or expensive prices.”

            You missed my point about the cost. “Selling” “body parts” on the black market brings thousands of dollars per “part.” The fact that this lady is mentioning prices like 50 bucks means she’s not in it for profit or money, though a company in the business of fetal tissue is.

            Getting recompensed for the cost of producing tissue for research ISN’T “selling body parts.”

            It’s obvious the interviewer, who is secretly video-taping, is egging on the PP woman to raise the price, in order to discredit PP to the maximum extent..

            This entire brouhaha is about the Right trying bring down PP, regardless of the facts of the matter.

            By the way, I’m against abortion, and I’d never have one done. In fact, most so-called libs are anti-abortion. We want as few abortions as humanly possible (while the Catholic Right insists on more unwanted babies through its archaic position against birth control, which is the main emphasis of PP)

            The law of the land allows abortion within certain parameters.

            Wise people of good will believe that it would be, and is HAS BEEN, worse when abortion was illegal.

            It’s a very tough issue, but one with which self-righteous crusaders grandstand mercilessly.

            If it was made illegal again, what penalty would you suggest?

            Twenty years in prison?

            Life in prison?

            Or execution?

            And what is your plan for young women who through lack of wisdom, bad luck, or rape, become pregnant and feel forced to go to a back-ally practitioner?

            If you’re a serious thinker on this subject, you’ll have to answer these questions in a specific manner.

            So, DO TELL!

  12. Boehner doesn’t care much one way or another about abortion or the future of this country……only thing that matters is his god position and holding on to it. This man and McConnell could do so much good if they had only been born with a spine!

    • NEWS FLASH: I sick of the POLITICAL POSTURING by Boehner and McConnell.

      They are great at VOTES that ultimately mean nothing but look good on tv.

      Boehner knows McConnell and the Senate will block any conservative legislation.

  13. We have a video. The Left takes significant action (“Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, ” I can’t breathe”, “Bush lied, people died”) based on much less than that or just hearsay. Enough of the hearings. DEFUND Planned Parenthood and BE DONE!

  14. I sick of the POLITICAL POSTURING by Boehner and McConnell.

    They are great at VOTES that ultimately mean nothing but look good on tv.

    Boehner knows McConnell and the Senate will block any conservative legislation.

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