Clinton’s big CNN interview

Clinton’s big CNN interview

The Briefing, Vol. III, Issue 21

To: Our readers
From: David Freddoso

This week:

  • Obama’s crisis of competence;
  • Hillary’s big interview;
  • Senate big picture

Obama administration

Crisis of competence:Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions – who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans.

This line from President Obama’s first inaugural address has always stood out for conservatives because CIB112514-Obama-2 it clearly refers to them. Obama followed it up with reassurances that these doubting Thomases were wrong, and that events past and future would prove this. He called them cynics and said that with his election, “the ground has shifted beneath them.” At the time, it certainly seemed that way.

But not any longer. And it is Obama’s administration that has changed all of that. That’s not so much an ideological statement as one of practicality. Government is bad at doing most things, but we only get a chance to see it fail when it starts trying to do too much. Witness, the stimulus package, and now personal data breaches so enormous that no one can ignore them any more.

Government is not as powerful as Obama would like it to be — and that is a statement of how things simply are, not of how they should be. Events have proven that the scale of Obama’s ambitions was far too large for government’s competence.

Nowhere has this been more obvious than in the area of information technology, whose importance is already enormous and will only grow as the 21st Century progresses. Last week’s announcement of yet another data breach at the Office of Personnel Management is just one more example — and the worst one yet — of just how badly government does the basics, setting aside any thought of grand plans.

The magnitude of this breach is really mind-blowing. It affects 22 million people — more people than live in the entire state of New York, and about one in every ten U.S. adults. And they didn’t just have their Social Security numbers compromised, but much, much more — medical, criminal, residential, and educational histories, fingerprints in many cases, and more. Everyone who had applied for a security clearance was affected, and in some cases their spouses and friends as well.

People who live in Washington are familiar with the sort of information that goes into these background investigations, and it’s quite extensive. It’s actually quite common in D.C. to have the FBI show up at your door to ask questions about a friend who is being considered for any kind of sensitive government position. The information in these files would be incredibly valuable for purposes of foreign espionage against the United States.

This OPM disaster was quite preventable, as the Inspector General had warned last year that the OPM system was an accident waiting to happen. But in government, people don’t act from the same kinds of motivations that private property owners do. That data wasn’t theirs, and they didn’t care about its security enough to make it a priority.

In fact, this is the second such breach at that agency discovered this year — 4.2 million current and former federal employees were affected by am earlier-announced breach. And this new revelation was almost immediately followed by the revelation that the U.S. National Guard suffered a breach as well. Meanwhile,, whose early disaster was obvious, continues to lack proper data security, and it was confirmed earlier in the week that IRS officials illegally shared more than 100,000 tax returns with the Justice Department.

None of this speaks to President Obama’s personal failings as a leader — think what you will of him and the low quality of his appointment to head OPM, but this kind of thing will keep happening. Still, the overriding Obama project has been to convince Americans that government can do things. His administration keeps providing evidence to the contrary. After the huge wave of progressive feeling that swept him into office, he has proven that government can do very little well, and he’s done it more convincingly than any conservative or libertarian politician could. This is his crisis of competence and confidence. After Obama leaves office, this era will likely be cited in many arguments that government just isn’t that good at implementing or overseeing grand plans involving data, software development, or industrial planning via subsidy.

Depending on what happens this week with the Iran deal, that could be Obama’s most enduring political legacy.

President 2016

Hillary Clinton: Clinton’s big CNN interview — her first as a candidate — demonstrates why her campaign House071015- Clinton-CNN (House Only)has gone to such great lengths to keep her away from interviewers. A defensive Clinton blamed Republicans for most of the problems she created for herself.

She made many untrue statements in the process — for example, that she was not required to turn over her work emails, that there were no rules or regulations against her keeping them private and withholding them for so long, and (although one might quibble that it’s a question of opinion) that voters trust her.

This isn’t the place to dissect these, or her claim that she was not under subpoena (it depends on what the definition of “was” is), but it’s important to note the continuity of Clinton style. The maze of Clinton investigations and allegations became so complex in the late 1990s that it became all too easy for Team Clinton to muddy the waters with factually false statements.

In a similar way, Hillary and her team seem to think that all she has to do under media pressure is state that everything she did to separate her work product from as secretary of State was both legal and ethical (even if it wasn’t), and keep stating it. One potential problem with this is that the Clintons do not control the White House anymore and lack the institutional levers that contributed so much to Bill Clinton’s popularity. After all, he was president and Republicans were trying to remove him from the office. This time, in contrast, Hillary is a private citizen with a large bank account from monetizing government service. Voters (as the polls suggest) already smell a rat, and it’s still only July 2015.

It is unclear whether Clinton’s scandals as known to date can truly sink her in a general election.  A lot will depend on the quality of the Republican nominee and whether the mainstream media is willing to continue pursuing these issues in depth as the campaign progresses.

But every time you see or hear about a huge Bernie Sanders event, bear in mind that fear of the potential for Clinton implosion is motivating some of his support. Among those who do not believe Clinton is an honest person, a small but significant share are liberals who will vote for her in November 2016 no matter what. It is not a hopeful sign, but it might not be fatal either.

Senate 2016

Big picture: It is still very early, and many races are still taking shape. But there have been a few important developments that make continued GOP control of the Senate more likely.

For one thing, former Sen. Kay Hagan, D, declined to take on Sen. Richard Burr, R. There appears to be no obvious plan B, and that nearly takes North Carolina’s Senate seat off the table.

Democrats have also failed to find any credible alternative to former Rep. Joe Sestak, D, to challenge Sen. Pat Toomey, R, in Pennsylvania. Having defeated Sestak in 2010 and framed himself as a sensible conservative with a moderate streak, Toomey appears to be in a far more comfortable position than anyone would have expected a few years ago.

For another, Republicans got a good matchup in Nevada, where Harry Reid’s handpicked successor, former Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto, D, will face Rep. Joe Heck, R, a medical doctor and Army Reserve officer who has held down the state’s swingiest district now since 2011. In offsetting their expected losses elsewhere, this race is a must-win for Republicans, so this recruiting success is a big deal.

Finally, the official entry by Rep. Alan Grayson, D, into Florida’s Democratic primary takes one of the Democrats’ top pickup opportunities and turns it into a much murkier affair. It is nearly impossible to imagine Grayson winning a statewide race, but it is not impossible to imagine him winning his primary — and polls suggest that he is either well ahead of the far more electable Rep. Patrick Murphy, D, or else roughly even with him.

Not everything has gone well for Republicans. For one thing, they have gotten nowhere in finding a strong candidate to run in Colorado against a vulnerable Sen. Michael Bennet, D, and this is bad news in a cycle where pickup opportunities to offset losses are few and far between.

Meanwhile, Republicans still have enough other shaky seats to worry about — in Illinois, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Ohio — that a wave year could return the Senate to the Democrats.

The next big shoe to drop is in the Granite State, where Gov. Maggie Hassan, D, has not yet decided whether to challenge Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R, or to run for re-election. If Hassan stays out of the race, Ayotte is a strong bet for re-election, and it becomes much harder for Democrats to plot a path back to the majority.



    • People didn’t know how deceitful Obama was six years ago but surely after 60 years we know who both Clintons are pathological liars, crooks, slanderers, despicable, excuses for human beings. It takes an empty brain to believe a thing they utter and they are desperate to get back in the White House so they continue their corruption and they will be too powerful for the people to do anything about it. Obama should have been impeached two years into his first term.

  1. we CAN’T WAIT to get rid of the current piece of $hit in the white house….. WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH LEADS YOU TO BELIEVE WE WANT ANOTHER PIECE OF $HIT IN THERE???? You are both of a kind…… liars, cheats, thieves, egos, no morality!!! In other words: EQUAL PIECES OF SHIT…. ONE WEARING A SKIRT!!!!

    • Watch how Michelle runs for the Senate in California and wins. Someday she’ll want to be president, too. Tragic!

      • No, she will run in Illinois and you can be sure the mafia in Chicago will make sure she wins. Like Hillary, she will serve two years in the Senate and then run for president. At that point, Chelsea Clinton will run for the Senate in New York and the cycle will continue. No more Obama’s, no more Clinton’s & no more Bush’s.

      • You frighten me out of my wits! Meantime, I worry about the USA (of which I’m not a part), because the present pres. keeps on & on about racism in the USA not being dead: is he trying to cause unrest, which will allow him to declare Martial Law & keep him in the WH?

  2. All the the above material is true. However liberal(democratic) voters are blissfully ignorant and will continue to vote democrat no matter what the facts are. Or what future scandals occur.

    • only those who are willing to be bribed with more welfare…. more ways to sit on their fat arses, watch tv and abuse their kids!!!

    • Some are ignorant with their hand out and others are in on the power takeover. The whole illegal alien issue and ignoring our laws is to get more union members and Democrat voters and not for the poor’s welfare.

  3. It is time to start showing people in a calm way how Progressive Socialists like Obama and Clinton cannot admit to even minor mistakes. This shows they do not relate to any “common” folk or our needs. Paint them as the ruling rich elites they are that say anything with a straight face that will keep them in power–and condemn and belittle us if we dare to dispute them with facts and reality. Avoid the nasty comments like Aunt Dot made below, and just cover them with their own BS being outed in a way that is very plain for all to see. Don’t expect their devoted to publicly agree, but know their subconscious cannot ignore the depravity and abuse of all voters forever. Things like proudly proclaiming unemployment is at 5.3% because 40 million have stopped looking for jobs and are no longer “counted” as unemployed so things that are getting worse can be touted as getting better. Reality is the US unemployed is larger than the total populations of France and England combined. Such arrogance and bold untruths by out leaders should be shouted down in their faces at every opportunity, or we can only expect more whoppers to redefine themselves as a success and our “saviors” while they continue to destroy the quality of our lives and our freedoms for their personal power and gains.

    Hillary needs to be eliminated as a political power, along with other key Progressive Democrats and Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Chris Christy, John McCain, etc, It is especially important to purge the Republican Party of all these professional politicians who passed things like Obamacare and stood idle while our immigration laws were shredded “because we everyday folk are too ignorant to know what is best for us.” Otherwise, we have no one in Washington to turn this country around as these Rinos join the left in demeaning, belittling, and lying about real patriots and public servants who speak the truth even after getting attacked and threatened.

    It is essential to accept that many of them actually believe the garbage they are saying, and ignore that we have 300 years of modern history proving that Socialism and all powerful governments never are for the “good of the people”, and they serve no one but their own gains.

    Vote the elitist self-serving bums in both parties out in 2016.

    • Spot on.

      McConnell and Boehner have to go because they are liars, no different than Obama.

      Ditto Paul Ryan who repeated lied about the secret Trans Pacific trade treaty and somehow got rolled on budget reconciliation negotiations by a real dope like Patty Murray.

      Chris Christie is another back stabber who will go nowhere (I’ll stay home if the choice is him or Hillary) and will have to live with his dream of fellating Leftist, America hating Bruce Shitstaain.

      John McCain is an Escaped Mental Patient who has morphed into Chuck Hagel, a guy who is so stupid that he wore a perpetual look of “Did I crap my pants…again.”

      Lindsey Graham is merely the latest Republican “Maverick” (a title passed from nut job George Voinovich to Hagel to McCain and now to Graham. Maverick = Working Across the Aisle with the Marxists. “Mavericks” need to be defeated in Republican primaries in order to force them to actually go join the Marxists. Good riddance. Give us absolute clarity over bipartisanship any day.

      The Repubics were handed two landslide elections in 2010 and 2014 with a mandate to stop a lawless President. They have done NOTHING. Worse, they have relinquished their Constitutional power on Treaty approval (the Senate facilitated by corrupt Bob Corker) and the Power of the Purse (the House…and the Senate AND the House via the Cromnibus bill). Obama has only been forced to veto four bills in seven years so they haven’t even been able to force Democrats to take ownership of unpopular positions that can be hung on them for the 2016 elections. And their investigations that should have lead to criminal charges and perhaps Impeachment on Fast & Furious, the IRS, Benghazi and NSA domestic spying have gone nowhere. Why?

      When the Democrats were in the minority and Bush was President, they tied up his Administration in knots, forced the resignation of his Attorney General, threatened Impeachment, and stopped his most Conservative judicial nominations (Estrada). The Repubics have not been able to do anything to stop Obama from strong majorities. The only conclusion I can come to is: They don’t want to stop him!

      The only people that are being punished by Republican leaders are Conservatives. Because of this I believe Repubics will lose the Senate in 2016. And I don’t believe they care. Their biggest fear is having to cut the size of government because it reduces their influence, power and ability to become wealthy (or wealthier) by insider trading their way to multi millionaire status. These scumbags have even skirted the pain of Obamacare by funding the cost through our taxpayer dollars. Even the SCOTUS which, under the most false “Constitutional rationale” (John Roberts pulled it from his rectum), is exempt from Obamacare.

      During the attacks on 9/11/2001, I remember how, after the two towers were struck in New York, followed by the Pentagon and the plane perhaps intentionally crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, all the Rats were running out of the Capitol Building, Nancy Pelosi wearing only one Manolo shoe. Today, when I think back on the deaths of 3,000 at the Twin Towers and of hundreds of First Responders, I wish that the first two planes had been flown into the Capitol building while Congress was in session because that might have sounded a warning to the thousands in New York to evacuate the towers. I would gladly trade 435 (mostly) liars and crooks for the 3,000 that perished in the World Trade Center any day of the week.

    • God bless you. You covered all the bases and told it ‘like it is’. I don’t think we could survive another four years if the Socialist/Democrats or RINO Republicans are not ousted. Away with all the professional politicians who really do not care about what is best for the people. The lying and deceit have just gotten to be the norm and ‘we the people’ need to wake up and take our Government back.

      • There will not be a conservative President in 2016! The
        president will be whoever the liberal nominee is (Democrat). Most of the
        Libertarian & independent party voters think moderately conservative, but
        they will not vote for a republican because they are not exactly what they
        want. On the other hand Republican
        voters are perfect people, and there are just no perfect conservative
        candidates. So they will find something wrong with each candidate and will not
        vote for whoever the nominee is. He or She will be a; Mormon, or a Christian,
        changed their mind on something (Flip-flopped), has too much money and will not
        relate, to religious or not religious enough, supported TARP or didn’t support
        TARP, there is 100s of reasons republicans won’t vote. The nominee won’t be the
        perfect choice so they will not vote for him or her for some really good reason.
        Liberal voters stick together and vote for their liberal nominee, they will win
        in 2016. There is not the separation in liberalism like there is in the
        conservatives. So be ready for the next president to be democrat whoever is

  4. Look to the sky for Hillawitch. She rented Harry Potter’s broom. Her head is in the clouds, and her brain is stuck in her under side.

      • HIllary is also make-believe. Nothing she says about herself is true; she’s a former NY Senator who never lived in NY; she’s a former first lady who did nothing but fix things for her husband; she is a failed Sec. of State who used her time in that capacity to enrich her family and self. She was fired from her job on the committee investigating Nixon and has continued to live a lie ever since.

  5. There is absolute peace that passes all understanding ruling my heart, so we are certain God hears the prayers of the righteous and will destroy the ungodly decisions and corrupt nature of those in our Government offices. We will have a righteous man once again in the White House. God’s choice and it will not be Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat as they have sold their souls to the devil, as we note:.. the devil acts just like Hilary Clinton and Obama… twisting the truth and perverting love..Calling what is licentiousness, freedom and liberty and twisting what is decadence and immoral behavior, and calling this love..

    God is never wrong and He is love.
    . Bye, bye Democrats. Jesus will rule in the White House through a righteous man or woman.

    • God also tells us that He helps those who help themselves. This means, because we have the freedom to do so in the US, we must go to the polls and vote the bums out, and force laws protecting our religious freedoms out of Congress.

  6. Randy ‘ I agree with your comment ‘ ; but are you aware of the alternative ; Bernie Sanders , who is more, to the left ,than hit-lery ” . I see that this website isn ‘t updated , yet ‘ ;when it showed the list of republican candidates ; I didn ‘t see , TRUMP’S , name listed .
    He isn’t ‘ beholding ‘ to anybody , he would be using all of his own finances ‘.

  7. The dimwits elected Satan twice and now they want to elect his sister. Six and a half years of lies, incompetence, stupidity, and evil is more than anybody can take, so why would any normal human being want to elect the criminal Clinton????????


  9. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

    (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States

    • Apparently that no longer applies to the political elite. If the Democrat/Socialists get another four years and all our laws will be obsolete and we will quickly drift into full blown Communism where we will be ruled by a Dictator whose word alone is the law of the land.

  10. Awww hitlerly sucks fat spit. Her changes will totally turn us scocialist. Worse than ovomit due to bubba in the wings with his cigar.

  11. Best thing which I heard about about Hillary was the statement by the comedian Mason when she tried to portray herself of being Jewish when he said to the effect: “Just because you spent some time in a garage that does not make you a car”.

  12. Randy, I agree and the responsibility to vote is as important as the responsibility to pray. Unless we go and get the vote out, all our talk is just a waste of time. The less publicity we give to Hillary and the more time spent on promoting those running for office with high moral priniciples. ” You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time”, I still believe in “we the people”, Keep up the good work Randy… you make sense to me.

  13. Long gone are the days when assassination of your political opponent was in vogue.
    Not since the sixties has there been any progress, but just like State of California which is long overdue for the big earthquake, we in America are long overdue for some serious change in leadership.
    Don’t get me wrong Obama and his minions are just someone else’s niggers, doing what their
    masters have instructed them to do. Killing them would be like killing the puppet, and expecting a new show. Though they be lifeless beings GODLESS), the real targets should the puppet masters!
    Let’s all enforce the Constitution on them and hold them to accountability, and those who
    duck, dodge and dive from their lawful responsibilities, should be the first to perish.
    For too long America has been the worlds police force. Every drop of American blood shed to protect others abroad, has been wasted to further the designs of the political cowards here at home, and to further the erosion of our Constitutional protections.
    America put on your WAR face, and gun up! Before this Executive Order prone administration is out office, I wager it’s going to get medieval sooner than anybody imagined.
    Best be prepared to operate in a third world Banana Republic they are turning America into!

    Just one combat Marine point of view, I welcome yours.

  14. Hillary Clinton’s approval rating is now 39% when it comes to her honesty. 48% think she’s dishonest.
    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

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