Cruz Hauls In $51 Million in Three Months

Cruz Hauls In $51 Million in Three Months

According to a release from Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign, donors forked over at least $51 million in the three months since his official announcement in March.

More than 175,000 supporters gave an average of $81 which combined with early cash infusions from billionaire Robert Mercer and others to push PAC money to $37 million last month.

The total outpaced the $45 million reported last week by Hillary Clinton’s campaign which showed early signs of instability with staffers being shuffled or replaced after reports of internal strife.

Unfortunately for Cruz, so far, fundraising doesn’t equal polling numbers.

Though Cruz’s haul is almost certain to put him among the top fundraisers in the race, his standing in the RCP polling average is a meager 8th place with only 4% after having briefly commanded a third place spot.



  1. I think there is some funny business going on, I think Ted Cruz has a whole lot more supporters than the media is reporting. I don’t trust the media at all. I think Jeb Bush should run as a Democrat. He just doesn’t get it ( illegal ) means not legal. We start down that road and illegal will mean nothing. Does he propose anarchy?

    • A LOT of “funny business going on.” The media, including Fox News, is doing their best to push Bush down our throats. NO WAY!

  2. @margaret_s_tennant:disqus made a comment below, which I completely agree with. I’ll go even further, in regards to “Jeb Bush should run as a Democrat” … He & Hillary could be on a ticket together. They could get together & toss a coin as to which one would be President & who would be VP. Still…SMH at this thought … if another Bush and/or Clinton is the best we have to offer, we are truly doomed as a nation. YET, there are those of us who KNOW they are not the best we have to offer! Regardless of what the media would attempt to have us believe. If you support Ted Cruz as our next President, we have FB support group, with over 20,000 devout Ted Cruz supporters & would be honored to have you join us.

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