POLL: Trump surges into second place in NH

POLL: Trump surges into second place in NH

He’s dismissed by the political professionals, but there is no denying that the appetite for Donald Trump among Republican primary voters is real, reports the Wall Street Journal.
The New York developer and reality television star is second among 2016 presidential candidates in a new Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire Republicans – behind only former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
The poll of 500 likely GOP presidential primary voters found 14% back Mr. Bush. Mr. Trump is right behind at 11%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio come next, with 8% and 7%, respectively. The poll tested 19 GOP candidates – a rare survey that included ultra-longshots like Mark Everson and former Govs. Bob Ehrlich and Jim Gilmore.



  1. The only thing making Bush in First Place is the Mainstream Media. The Dems know that if Bush gets the nod, the Dems will stay in the WH. He cannot win and the Dems back him all the way. The Dems are scared to death of nearly all the other front runners.

  2. I am tired of all the political professionals, they suck and do what their master tells them to do, TRUMP want have to do that

  3. I find it disgusting that this so called conservative website eliminated the name of Donald Trump. I this what you call fair polling? His papers were filed with the FEC and copies of income as well as intent to run for President of the United Stated. This is unfair polling, and whatever your position may be, Mr. Trump is a bona fide candidate in the nomination process of the Republican Party. Shame on You!

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