Democrats try raising money off Confederate flag flap

    A Confederate flag flies outside the South Carolina State House in Columbia, South Carolina in a January 17, 2012 file photo. NAACP President Cornell Brooks said on June 19, 2015 the Confederate flag must come down following the slayings of nine African-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina, by a white man who reportedly told police he wanted to incite a race war. REUTERS/Chris Keane/files

    National Democrats tried Monday evening to raise funds off the South Carolina Confederate flag flap, reports The Washington Times.

    In a blast email sent after 7 p.m. Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the issue of the Confederate flag, which zoomed to the front of national consciousness after a white supremacist was charged with nine counts of murder after a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, was “not over yet.”



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