The Donald’s Announcement

The Donald’s Announcement

The Briefing, Vol. III, Issue 18-

Happy Father’s Day, to all the fathers out there.

This week:

  • How Donald Trump is like Barack Obama
  • Jeb the non-frontrunner launches
  • Pelosi outwitted on TPA

President 2016

Donald Trump: “They are not our friend, believe me … When Mexico sends its people, it is not sending its best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Behold, this is Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach program. It’s a pretty ugly sight.

So should people take him seriously? No and yes.

Trump is a blow-hard, and has been a perennial tease about running for president since the turn of the century.  Even so, he’s actually pulled the trigger this time. That has to count for something.

Putting aside Trump’s personal celebrity for a moment, as well as his more clownish moments, it’s easy to tag his campaign as that of a billionaire international businessman campaigning as a know-nothing populist. Trump introduced himself to a crowd of cheering, paid actors, a fact that got quite a bit of attention — especially because his first line was, “Wow. Whoa. That is some group of people. Thousands…it’s an honor to have everybody here. This is beyond anybody’s expectations. There’s been no crowd like this.” He went on, in true Trump fashion, to suggest that other candidates’ inability to select rooms they could fill at their speeches is a sign they cannot defeat the Islamic State.

But it was his speech that really underscored what can be expected from his campaign — a lot of ignorant and unvetted comments (“When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?”), surrounded by statements with a kernel of truth (“Iran is taking over Iraq, and they’re taking it over big league”) and bluster. (“I beat China all the time!….I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created!”)

Even so, Trump talks the right talk for a lot of conservatives. His criticisms of Obamacare will resonate, as will his criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy. That doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about. “Simplistic” is the word that comes to mind — not always wrong, but extremely simplistic.

And despite his oversimplifications (he implied that as president he would have the power both to undo NAFTA unilaterally and to dissuade Ford’s president, by sheer force of personality, from building cars in Mexico), he proposes to rule as a technocrat. In his speech, he talked as though merely finding the best negotiators was all it would take to improve America’s balance of trade.

This is why the best parallel for Trump is Ross Perot — by far. But another parallel is Barack Obama, who came into office preaching the strange notion that he could change international relations by dint of his own agreeable personality. He has obviously failed by his own measuring stick, but the real problem is that such a measuring stick — the same one Trump is using now — is stupid and arrogant. There is a good reason, for example, that no past American president has solved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — it isn’t just because no one as brilliant as Barack Obama was president before. Likewise, America’s exports haven’t fallen behind because no one as brilliant as Donald Trump has ever been president before.

If Republicans have any reason to take Trump seriously, it’s that he’s a potential threat to their brand. The ugly rhetoric about Mexicans is bad enough on its own. But for all his talk of the populist talk, there is no one else who can outdo Mitt Romney in seeming out of touch with the average American than the guy who actually fires people on television.

CIB-022815-BushJeb Bush: Bush was supposed to be the frontrunner. The last few months have proven that he is anything but. He does not enjoy the confidence of conservatives, and he isn’t anywhere near to dominating the polls. He has a lot of work to claw his way into contention. And then, of course, there’s the whole problem of his last name. If it were Berkowitz, he might have a better chance.

Still, he should not be counted out. Bush started off on the right foot with last week’s speech. A few simple observations:

First, he is a far better speaker than his brother, and probably every bit as good a politician.

Second, he comes off as a more serious person. Democrats constantly attacked George W. Bush as someone who lacked seriousness — they will have a much harder time doing this with Jeb.

Third, he knows how to appeal to the same optimism that has so far propelled his fellow Floridian, Marco Rubio, into the top tier. He knows how to contrast his own candidacy with that of Hillary Clinton — “The party now in the White House is planning a no-suspense primary, for a no-change election. To hold onto power. To slog on with the same agenda under another name: That’s our opponents’ call to action this time around. That’s all they’ve got left.”

Fourth, even if he has merited the suspicion of conservatives, Bush understands how to appeal to them. One method he used was an appeal to religious freedom, citing the Obama administration’s oppression of the Little Sisters of the Poor (“It comes down to a choice between the Little Sisters and Big Brother, and I’m going with the Sisters”) and Hillary Clinton’s comment that religious beliefs inimical to the progressive agenda “have to be changed.”

Another was his citation of his record as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Yes, his case is helped by the state’s then-ludicrous housing bubble, but he makes the best of it. For example:

“We made Florida number one in job creation and number one in small business creation. 1.3 million new jobs, 4.4 percent growth, higher family income, eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses $19 billion. All this plus a bond upgrade to Triple-A compared to the sorry downgrade of America’s credit in these years. That was the commitment, and that is the record that turned this state around.”

Another example of this is his inveighing against crony capitalism in the tax code and elsewhere (“challenge the culture that has made lobbying the premier growth industry in the nation’s capital”), and in favor of limited government, which he mentioned by name.

Fifth, he successfully turned an old Obama message around and used it against him: “We are not going to clean up the mess in Washington by electing the people who either helped create it or have proven incapable of fixing it.”

It was a strong speech and a good launch. The question is whether Jeb can get it right in the primaries, choosing the right mix of attacks on his rivals and promotion of his own record. The reports about an early shake-up within his campaign are actually good for him. This suggests that someone understands that the original plan (seize frontrunner status and coast to victory?) isn’t working. A willingness to admit problems is a great first step toward winning the nomination.


CIB021215-PelosiHouse Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was either outsmarted on trade or took up what she knew to be a lost cause in the first place as a favor to labor unions. Both possibilities are plausible.

Their union-backed plan two weeks ago was to vote down assistance for workers who lost their jobs due to trade, in hopes that this would prevent Senate Democrats from voting for trade promotion authority — also known as TPA, the vehicle by which free trade agreements will be possible. (They knew that many conservatives would vote against the assistance (known as TAA) as well, even if they supported the trade deal.)

Clever, but probably too clever. It might have worked, had the GOP leadership been unable to deliver its own votes in favor of TPA. But because they managed to do this, Democrats are now angrily denouncing President Obama — who wants TPA — as “a dictator” for potentially signing bills that Democrats voted against. It’s pretty funny, when you think about all the ink spilt trying to brand Republicans as racists for saying similar things about Obama for far more dubious actions he’s taken.

Having passed a clean TPA bill through the House last week, Senate Republicans will simply bring it up along with an African trade bill that many House Democrats (especially members of the black caucus) support fervently. The latter will likely have the worker assistance language included within it. When both pass, House Democrats will be faced with the possibility of free trade agreements going through without assistance for workers harmed by trade solely because of their own stubbornness. It will be up to them to make their choice — back the unions, the dying segment of their party that opposes free trade, or back the growing, vibrant segment of youth and Hispanic voters that support free trade.



  1. Trump, despite his vigorous form of rhetoric, is a viable candidate in this age of electing and reelecting a do-nothing senator/pot-smoking community organizer of dubious origins and radical mentors. Trump’s fellow candidates, perhaps aside from the sole female, lack anything close to Trump’s corporate presence and experience. A staunch capitalist and conservative, he will appeal to the middle ground and on stage, he will make mincemeat of his debate opponents. Fox is likely praying that he will make the debate team. The trade bill, appropriately called Obamatrade will set back national security and American sovereignty. It will be a travesty, giving the POTUS the one power that can override Congress: the ability to make treaties with foreign governments. Everything this article’s author is supporting is anti-American, which will make him, unfortunately, very popular with his fellow pseudo intellectual hipsters.

    • The popular notion that speaking frankly to Mexico is somehow an insult to people in the US that are of hispanic origin is an incredibly dangerous problem. Mexico is a problem, we send then a quarter of a TRILLION dollar$ every year and they are financially damaging this nation on an irreparable basis.

      WHY is it so difficult for so many Americans to demand unwavering allegiance & loyalty to the UNITED STATES from its “citizens”, over ethnic groups or other nations? Tell you one reason: we are disgustingly weak as a nation and lack respect from others. We’ve become the nation loyal to comfort, consumption and appeasement to any party that is aggrieved. HEY PEOPLE – GET SOME BALLS. Mexico is sending over Drug dealers, crime and rapists to the USA.

      • If is an insult to the US citizens of mexican origin, what can I said the truth is the truth, unfortunately even though it hurts, is the truth.

        • Mexico and our illegal Mexican aliens insult America every day, without a second thought. Why are we so worried about offending those who have no respect for us?

          They don’t seem to be concerned about that, but, while they laugh out loud during the burning and stomping on the stars & stripes, we just apologize and ask if they’d like some more free minutes for their US taxpayer-supplied cell phones.

          There are many in this world who have applied legally for admittance.

          How about if we catch and deport ten illegals, and let in the next ten legals waiting n the line?

          That way, we admit the immigrants that Progressives insist we need (but not illegal, non-skill, non-English-speaking aliens).

          Like this we get law-abiding and probably educated, healthy, skilled new Americans who will pass the tests and qualifications for immigrant-to-citizen citizenship, and who have respect for our nation and her flag.

      • “…WHY is it so difficult for so many Americans to demand unwavering allegiance & loyalty to the UNITED STATES…”

        What you suggest is already required by law of immigrants to this country.

        • Sorry, what laws are being enforced? Especially as it relates to “immigrants”, the rule of law is being shattered to advance socialist outcomes.

          Further, the pandering to racial, gender and sexual choice +++ of specific groups is un-American and unpatriotic and disloyal to the allegiance to core American interests. The tribalization of America is a very dangerous path, many have other allegiances above their loyalties to the USA.

  2. To this conservative, the choice between Jeb and Trump is easy. On one hand you have a candidate (Trump) who adamantly states that we need a fence to control our Mexican border. On the other hand you have a candidate (Bush) who adamantly wants to let illegals into this country – regardless of the fact that we have so many Americans who are out of work. My vote will go to practically anybody other than Jeb. “Conservative Intel”, should change its name to the “RINO report”.

    • Some of the Illegals love America so much they carried the Mexican Flag across the stage upon their Graduation. Reminds me of Obama traveling around the World apologizing for America. What they really meant was ”in your face America,” ”we are here to stay,” ”so deal with it!”

        • Yep – Illegals are learning will from their leaders at the NAACP and other socialist factions. Learn to redirect the argument into the notion that your race is the issue. WE must learn to repudiate this and NOT kowtow to “Hispanic outreach program” Mr. David Freddoso!

      • Yet the so-called “confederate” flag (which looks suspiciously like the English flag) is a horror to contemplate. The “palestinians” have a flag they want to wave in our faces as well. It’s a symbol of superiority over the US that this is going on. All hail the conquering armies of foreign nationals.

  3. What’s conservative about favoring a trade vote the details of which are secret? The Republican Party doesn’t have the sense to understand who their core constituency is. The labels still seem to stand, the Republicans are the stupid party, and the Democrats are the evil party. Not much hope for the country.

    • What is so stunning is how the GOP treats conservatives. Without the Conservatives and Tea Party, Nancy Pelosi would still be the House Speaker. These “RINO” losers are nothing more than “Welcom mats” for Obama to wipe his feet on.

    • Obamacare was also a Secret and look where that got us. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats as they all drink from the same bottle. Do we really need a Speaker who likes to get in front of the TV Cameras and kiss Nancy Pelosi?

    • Vote Trump if he makes it thru all of this and stays in the race. I think Obama is evil and has been from day one. Our only hope is someone that tells it like it is. We need to be together on who we vote. The Demo are already schooling illegals how to vote in 2016. We have to block vote Republican like it or not

      • I believe the system is so corrupted that there is no way to fix it within the system. We can never allow ourselves to be disarmed, because if that happens, the light of liberty will go out on planet earth.

        All of the politicians are different flavors of shit. Some taste worse than others, but all are still shit. We want ice cream, but is not on the menu. It has gotten to the point that we vote for the lesser of the evils, but when we do that, we are still voting for evil. Very damned discouraging.

          • We had a refresher course in 2014 when the repubs promised they’d sink obamacare and vote against oblamo’s agenda. Then those turds turned against we who voted them in and they are supporting pretty much every one of oblamo’s ideas and wishes.
            Time to go 3rd party. Trump and Carson both look good. Trump looks more economically strong to sustain a long campaign. Also, Trump has been in the news so much over the years, there’s hardly anything anyone can blackmail him with. We’ve seen him with his warts and without them.

        • We have 2 people running for President who are not politicians. Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Look hard at each one. Then vote for one of them. Trump is pretty much transparent to us after all of the years he’s been on TV and in the news. He’s a “What you see is what you get” kind of guy. Ben Carson looks ok, too. Be nice if they could team up and run together on the same platform.

          • No Ben Carson was a Democrat then changed teams just a couple years ago! He is just another Obama in Republican clothing! I don’t trust him! But go Donald Trump! I love him! He tells it like it is! And in reality it is just like he says! I feel Trump is the only hope for our country!

      • We have to vote for Trump and stand together as neighborhoods, as communities, as towns, as cities, as states, as regions, etc. We MUST vote differently than we ever have in our entire lives to wrest our country out of the hands of her enemies. To vote repub only gives us the same dam sh*t we already have. Stand together, get the word out and vote for Trump in 2016. BE BRAVE. VOTE FOR TRUMP in spite of the media bashing Trump will surely get. The media is in the pockets of our current politicians. Trump isn’t.

    • Details in secret? Maybe we should send in Berger, the stuff it in my pants and socks man, to copy these documents and bring them out.

  4. Trump and Bush are both a joke. As a Floridian there is no way I would vote for Bush. Nice guy but not a good governor. At this point Dr. Carson & Mr. Hucklebee, while not forerunners look like much more credible individuals. We need people with value & intelligence not another “career politician”, aka Bush & Perry.

  5. I am constantly amazed at the so called conservatives who can’t wait to dump on Trump! What have you done, Mr. Freddoso? Do you think that running a so-called think tank and internet newspaper compares to building a 9+ BILLION dollar world wide business empire? I don’t think being a leader of the choir actually compares.

    Further, your condescending tone to everyone who doesn’t support YOUR choice for the nomination is elitist and insulting. I have a suggestion – if you want the respect and loyalty of your readers, then you have to be respectful and loyal to them. You have every right to your opinion and your choice, but so do we. It’s not any of your business who we like and support. There was NOTHING insulting to LEGAL Hispanics, nor was there anything not true in what he said about the illegal aliens coming from Mexico. In fact, it was just revealed that the Obama administration has released over 120 rapist and murderers from jail onto the streets of our country. EVERYTHING Mr. Trump said in his speech was 100% correct – NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT – 100% correct. I sincerely hope that Mr. Trump will follow the advice that I would give him – LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND MIND AND TOTALLY IGNORE THE POLITICAL CONSULTANTS , THE CHATTERING CLASS, AND THE SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE PUNDITS.

    It’s too bad you think that the opinions and thoughts of us in flyover country, the great unwashed, are worthy of your scorn. If you derision continues, I would suspect that you’ll lose a lot of your subscribers.

    • iitywybad, well said and I totally agree. I’m all for Trump. He’s been successful in everything he’s done. He’ll spend his own money for his Campaign. He’s raised wonderful children whose never been in the news for anything wrong. Ex wives never say anything bad about him. We’d have the most beautiful first lady in the White House ever. He’s smart, he’s tough and someone else’s money such as George Soros, the Socialist can’t buy him. And I believe him when he says he’d make America great again. Come on America, Donald Trump is our man for President.

      • I’m with you Peggy; This author talks about Nancy Pelosi like she’s credible. This is the woman who said it was “good to be unemployed because now you can write that book you always wanted and now you can paint that portrait you always wanted.Let the government take care of you” or how about with Obamcare “We have to pass it so we know what’s in it” DUHHHH!!!

        • Thanks for commenting Jim. I’m amazed we have so many stupid American’s. What can we do to get Trump elected? By the way I loved George Bush. Laura and my two sons were in the same highschool together in Midland, Tx. I was a teacher for 23 years and don’t like Jeb being for Common Core. I also want the fence around our borders that Trump would build. I live in Dallas, Texas.

          • WOW.Glad to know you Peg.That is some honor to have your two sons and Laura in high school together.I’m in New Jersey.There is quite a movement to get Trump in and his wife is gorgeous,but unfortunately I don’t see him as having a chance. I say no more Bushes and no more Clintons.I do like Carly Fiorina too,but I bet a she doesn’t have a chance either unfortunately. I understand Hillary is really worried about Carly going against her.A Grump/Fiorina ticket would be interesting..

      • You made some great points I hadn’t even thought about. I was ready to vote for him before; now I’m ready to campaign for him! LOL!

        • Thank you Freedom. Can any of you think how to get Trump in the Debates and then how can we help his Campaign? I’m in Texas and amazingly the people I’m talking to here agree with me after I tell them why I think Trump is the only tough and smart enough candidate to turn this Country around. Let’s go to work America!!

    • The problem with a lot of so called “conservatives” is that they are in the hip pocket of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce but instead of courting votes, (Illegal and otherwise), the court cheap labor.

      Not good for us or the country…

    • I agree. After reading this article a pop up appeared asking whether I would like to subscribe. My response is “hell no.”

    • If Jeb Bush gets the nomination, I will not vote for him and may very well leave the Republican Party. I am still seething after seeing those Jeb signs with the upside-down exclamation point! Ugh.

      • I left the Republican party over a decade ago and became an independent conservative. It was the best political move I’ve ever made.

        Not being tied to a party…and thus having no loyalty to their ideology…made it much easier for me to be objective and also have no hesitation of being critical (or feeling a party loyalty need to defend them) when they screw up. And believe me, the Republicans are absolute masters when it comes to screwing up.

        All I can say is, “c’mon in, the water is fine!”

  6. I believe In Trump. After the liar that we have in office. I would vote for Mickey Mouse. And writer of this article, you can tell we’re he is coming from. Trump has a track record of putting more people to work. Trump has proven himself to be a go getter, and a patriot. Obama has proven himself to be a liar a losser and not a Patriot. Obama has a list of lies one after another after another. I know the road I will take, how about you.

  7. Thank you, Republican establishment, it’s good to see on this Monday morning, where the “yes men” of the Marxist socialist – crony capitalist agenda are coming from, which is largely, as a tool of the increasingly liberal controlled (who could’ve believe that) Chamber of Commerce. As for your desire to guide us along to the right conclusion of who to pick for President of the United States, boys, nice try, but you’re very early, we need more time in order to check the menu of inanities, insults, provocations and outright absurdities among the prevailing herd of nincompoops on both sides of the aisle, after which, it should become pretty self evident. God help us!

  8. Anyone polling at less than 10% should get our now. Starting to look silly and like the RNC has no control, just like Republicans in Congress.

    • The difference is that the GOP controlled congress has control, that it refuses to use. Unless, it is to punish conservatives who are “prodding” them to “Grow A Pair”

        • What have you been drinking or smoking? Have you forgotten how the RNC sold Akin and Murdock “down the river” in the 2012 Senate elections in Indiana and Missouri. That is two senate seats that the party lost – not the voters.

          • Rule 1 – FORGET about abortion. It is irrelevant to the function of Federal Government and needs to be an issue litigated by the states. Making abortion a Federal Election issue is idiotic and suicidal.

            Candidates need topic discipline to discuss government in the way they envision its curtailment and redirection of many issue to states.

          • Gun-control, is a lot like Abortion in that it should be handled by the states. Yet, that topic does not stop statewide Democratic candidates from making it a federal issue, and they are “applauded” by their party for doing it.

          • Honestly? The 2nd Amendment clearly makes it a Federal Issue and the state laws are a clear infringement on those First Principles and Natural Rights. #2AStrong

            Did I miss the Abortion Amendment???

          • The “surrender monkeys” in the RINO infested Congress quickly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory beginning with:

            1. Failure to invoke the suspension rules for Cloture in the Senate

            2. Failure to follow the Constitution as to treaty making, (Iran)

            3. Promoting a trade bill into law that now one read, understood or wanted

            It’s like Pelosi and Reid are still in charge…

      • Trump has funny hair? Is that all these jokers got?! They are all so scared of Trump they are resorting to school yard childish name calling! Pitiful losers! Trump is what this country needs! Put Trump in charge and throw all these liars users and posers that call themselves politicians into the ocean! Trump for president! Go Trump!

        • I have a strong feeling that there are a lot more people like us, who share Pro-Trump sentiment. You are right, the “Progressives” fear Trump because he is the least “like” them.

          • Isn’t this supposed to be a conservative site? Did I just ener the twilight zone? This douche that wrote this article sounds like the typical liberal to me! I have a one truck trucking company it’s called Patriot Transfer. I have a big 53′ van trailer I’d love to plaster Trumps campaign posters and face all over it! Any ideas who I can call to obtain big campaign posters/ stickers? I’d love to do my part to help save our country! I know the only way to do that is if Trump were president!

          • At best, this writer is a “RINO”. He is backing the establishment and “bad-mouthing” Trump. Remember, Trump’s hardest battle will be with the GOP.

  9. The Democrats should have known 6 years ago he wasn’t a Leader..a leader doesn’t ”blame” everyone else for his own incompetence, nor does a leader threaten our enemies with Red Lines, etc., and a leader certainly doesn’t lie to his supporters about their Health Care, and spend more time on a Golf Course, flying around on a Tax Paid Jet making campaigning Speeches for 8 years.

  10. Jeb? I wouldn’t vote for another New World Order Bush any more than I would vote for Hillary.
    What we need is someone even better than Reagan was – another Goldwater for instance.
    I do admit I like the Donald’s Patton style “war face” when he uses it though.

  11. Most Democrats (not all) are nuts, starting from the top. As to Donald’s hair, it is real. Didn’t you see a lady giving it a tug the other day? I wish he goes all the way, win the nomination and give Hillary a run for her money (all those millions unlawfully gathered) and beat her real bad.

    • I find it extremely odd that somebodies HAIR is a reason to dismiss them as an idiot. Typical democrat stuff. When they can’t attack him on his ideas (they do anyway) just turn the conversation to something petty and personal. I think the Donald could afford to look like a movie star if he was so inclined. The fact that he ISN’T obsessed with his looks is refreshing to me. I’ve seen enough of the cocky, preening, strutting man we have currently in the WH.

  12. “Behold, this is Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach program. It’s a pretty ugly sight.” NO, it’s an ugly sight when we have gangs, rapists, child molesters coming across the border. THAT’S THE UGLY SIGHT.

  13. From the article: “Behold, this is Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach program. It’s a pretty ugly sight.”

    And who says we need a “Hispanic outreach program”?

    What we need is an illegal alien deportation program that is actually enforced… instead of the sleazy, corrupt, lobbyist bought and paid for politicians who are nothing but self serving puppets of those who want cheap labor.

    What we need is to throw a lot of the people who hire illegal aliens in jail for a couple of years and let them think about how they’ve screwed the American people.

    What we need is to get rid of the anchor baby citizenship for people who come here just to give birth so they can then become government leeches and parasites.

    Oh yeah, those three suggestions alone will take care of a good portion of the illegal alien problem right there, and do so very quickly.

    The corrupt, lying, establishment Republicans can all go to hell.

  14. Okay….thge guy is a partier, the guy has a stupid haircut but the guy is not stupid. He has not made billions of $$$$ time and time again by being stupid. He is SOOOOO right about the political scene in Washington DC. For once it is nice to see a candidate that says it like it is , does not worry about being politically correct, and does not need to kiss ass.

    • So, what’s a hair style these days? Long, short, bald, pigtails, messy, toupees, hair extensions, dyed? It’s really what’s under the hair style that really matters, and it seems Donald Trump, as you said, is so right!

    • Trump is anything but stupid. Caring about his haircut is the same as caring about someone’s skin color. Who cares? It’s his past actions which tell me Trump could run this country. So….let’s let him do it. The career politicians from both parties have put us where we are right now, up to our hip boots in sh*t.. I think Trump can dig us out and put our country back onto the road of greatness again. Hand him the shovel. God knows he can’t do any worse.

  15. Listened to a local radio show this morning out of Florencer, SC. The commentator, Ken Ard, was RIGHT on about three issues….race relations, gun control and D. Trump. It should be played (or parts of it) on the national news. Race relations… can not change the psychi of the American public: Gun control…a crook will always be able to get a gun if he/she wants a gun: D. Trump…not politically correct, tells it like it is and doesn’t kiss ass….about time for this in DC.

  16. Anybody seen Mr Trump’s FEC filing yet? Until he files, he’s not running for anything – he’s just runnin’ his mouth.

    It could still happen of course, so hey – you rubes just go right ahead and eat whatever he’s shovelin’ into the trough for another 5 days. That’s what you’re good at. And that’s all a dipwad like Trump thinks you’re good for.

    BTW – when National Review calls you stoopid, it’s time to get fitted for that rubber hat:

  17. I like Trump. He speaks the truth about what is and what needs to be done. He has only one problem if he receives the nomination which I believe is a good probability. This is it; He does not appeal to or does he have the trust of the black or Hispanic voting block. Wit out which he will never get voted into the office of president. I do think he would e a great president and I would vote for him without hesitation. But Ben Carson has man of the same attributes as Trump plus he already has the trust of the black and Hispanic communities and will garner their vote and would give us a republican president and with a controlled republican congress we would get exactly what Trump has outlined. My bet is Carson would invite Trump into his cabinet or as an advisor at least. I hope Carson gets the nomination for a sure win.

    • Carson lost me with his “mandatory vaccines for everybody”. Medical tyranny. I have read the inserts in the vaccine products. A doctor should know better than to force this on people. Informed consent will be a thing of the past with Carson. Read his books.

      • I doubt he would actually do that. He would be violating the law. What he advocates and what the law says are two very different things. Congress would have to change the law of medical consent first. That might be a very hard thing to do. We would have a president working with congress for a change. Better to have a president who will work to repeal all of Obama’s socialistic impositions then to get another Socialist in as president. Carson doe have the best chance to win that White House. Plus he is a people person first and his not politician, which is a real plus. Donald Trump also has all those qualities but is very hard nosed. Not a bad thing. I said I’d vote for him if he gets the nomination. But he has to get the trust of the Black and Hispanic voter which Carter already has. Trump is at a handy cap there.

        • Yes but Duck, the government is already doing away with informed consent…or consent of any kind and making things MANDATORY like vaccines. It isn’t a stretch. Dr. Carson has no problem spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical care for one illegal alien, but he feels resentment for treating Americans whom he feels have taken unnecessary “risks” with their own health. If you read his second book it will be clear what he wants.

    • I’d like to see Trump as president and Ben Carson as Vice president. Or other way around. Either way would work for me.

  18. If the Republican Party wants to SURVIVE, they need to learn the real identity of Conservatives in the U.S. As far as I can see, Trump owes “Nobody Nuthin”, and is one hell of a negotiator. He also strikes me as a Great Deal-Maker. I say, Donald Trump/Allen West is THE ticket. Trump can walk softly, and West can carry the stick. There are NO “honest Republicans” who have a chance. The machine’s too big and corrupt. Lobbies have a revolving door. Special interests have carve-outs done with a Stihl 470 Chain Saw. Reagan could do the dance and still be a patriot. He’s the last great president. “W” had a crap-nado from the first year he was in office. Clinton set it up (what a disgrace). George W. had the hardest presidency since Franklin D. Roosevelt. I say, kick these “party boys” out. Get some “Real Men” (no offense, Carli). It’s time for REAL CHANGE. And, by the way, ride Obama-nokio out of town on a rail and give him a ticket to Syria. Yeah, that’s THE ticket!

  19. This artical is worried about TRUMP? We have a President now who anybody’s dog would be better than. We need simple and right to the point at this time. NOBODY knows where Obama stands on anything except that he HATES AMERICA and EVERYTHING it stood for. We need an AMERICAN, not another freaking COMMUNIST like Hillary or Jeb Bush. Trump IS an AMERICAN who is FOR AMERICA.

  20. It seems to me quite a few Republicians and Democrats are afraid of Donald Trump. I like him and would probably vote for him and Walker or Carson for VP

    • Right now, out of all the Republicans, I like Trump the best. The other two I could consider are Cruz and Walker, in that order. The rest, (other than possibly Fiorina, whom I know very little about at the moment), are already out of the running in my book.

      For political junkies, like me, the next two years are going to be fascinating to watch unfold on the political stage. I know that for others, it is going to be absolute torture…and I can understand that too.

      So, in that regard, I’m thankful that my interest in the subject will keep me interested and engaged… as opposed to pulling my hair out.

  21. Donald Perot wasn’t serious last time either. I liked what he had to say, but he didn’t seriously carry through. He just likes the media spotlight. That, or he’s trying to split the vote.

  22. I haave, on occasion, watched Trump’s TV show. I found it mildly diverting, but there was one thing I noted. Frequently, during the teams’ performances of tasks, it often was quickly clear who was a worthwhile contributor, and who was an incompetent, arrogant, obnoxious snob. When the boardroom scenes came, it was everyone other than Trump who asked the intelligent questions – not that they got intelligent answers, but the mere fact that the question was good indicated that they had undertaken to understand the process and judge it fairly. Trump, on the other hand, seizes on obscure and irrelevant details, and asks the same questions about minutiae over and over. If they cannot answer him enough to make his view waver – and I daresay few BUSINESS professionals could come up with a coherent narrative of how minor matters or unimportant details sufficient to counter the “boss’s” obsession, you see what happens,
    Nobody with a brain cares about Celebrity Apprentice or who wins; it could not possibly be important. But how the decision is reached may reflect on how Trump performs as president, should hell freeze over.

    Trump clearly makes decisions in one fashion: he stops thinking about it. He NEVER really decides, he crowns a winner in some bizarre and incomprehensible process of elimination. You can do that as part of a TV show intended as entertainment. YOu CANNOT make decisions that way as a president.

    Another point whould be noted. Trump’s failures have been as conspicuous as his successes. I don’t criticize his failures per se; the man takes risks in high-risk, exceedingly competitive arenas. Some failures are inevitable. But Trump ALWAYS blames failure on someone or something else. He is never responsible. It’s ugly.

    Last point – it may be possible, among the many ludicrous and despicable things that Obama has done, the one with the most lasting negative influence, the one that undermines this country more than any other, is his complete disdain for the Constitution, and his arrogation of unprecedented executive power. The way Trump speaks, thinks, and conducts business is frighteningly similar.

    • Trump is a billionaire. He didn’t become one by focusing on irrelevancies in his business dealings. You can’t judge him by a TV show. Judge him by his life’s work. He’s the best choice that America has to wrest our country out of the hands of her enemies.. If you are looking for perfection in a person, you won’t find it anywhere among the candidates. I think Trump is the best choice…and best hope for America.

      • You speak well on his behalf, and you are right to say the focus should be on bigger things than what I said nagged me. But I know several people who worked for Trump, and they deplore him and his business dealings, and regardless of his success, he has had both conspicuous failure as well as some very questionable associates.

        Please don’t misunderstand – what you say and how you feel is important. If you think Trump is the man, fine – but can you honestly say that a man whose negative ratings are so high is the best man attract the swing voters that conservatives always need?

        Carly Fiorina has impressed me with what she has had to say and how she says it. And regardless of how much more difficult it was for a woman to rise to the positions she held, she also has a record of spectacular failure, and I rule her out on that basis as well as Trump. It’s not just my personal take on Trump – it’s the record.

  23. What a biased hit piece! As an Independent, I will never vote for Jeb Bush or for Hillary Clinton, which are the two the radical news media are pushing on us. This is so obvious, even the least educated should be able to see it. Donald Trump speaks the truth to the American people, something quite lacking from most of the other candidates with few exceptions. As far as the TPP is concerned, this is NOT about free trade, but about our sovereignty as a nation. Make no mistake about that. The GOP is now punishing our duly elected officials who voted against this dastardly deal. Quite a slap in the face to the people. Boehner and McConnell are nothing more than cheerleaders for the corrupt, both big government supporters. They brought us into bankruptcy with an unrecoverable National Debt, and are now moving us into a world government which will void our Constitution. They didn’t start it, but they sure enabled it. We are NOT headed in the right direction. Right now, we need a Donald Trump to speak to us in plain English! The news media can take a hike. Just my opinion……..

  24. While Trump has a limited vocabulary he does speak his mind and guess what? It resonates with what a lot of people are thinking.

    He is the exact opposite of the little poser puppet emperor that currently occupies the white hut!

    I don’t care whether he’s a “blow hard,” rich or an opportunist as we could do a lot worse…

  25. Trump didn’t get where he is by not knowing how to deal with people. Whereas, obummer is of the attitude, it’s my way or the highway. The leaders of the world are laughing at obummer. Soon after he was elected, he told the world that the USA was the cause of their problems (true-look it up), and the leaders immediately knew how much they could push him around. And they have proceeded to do just that. He also had the chance to make a big difference in race relations to the better showing the way for the young black people and he has failed miserably. He would rather just put them on welfare.

    • So true. Sad, but true. Barry made us weak, and a laughingstock. No wonder Putin is showing his true colors as a thug. He knows barry doesn’t have the balls to deal with him.

  26. On Trumps worst day he will be better than Obama ever dreamed. Obama can write a new book “Dreams of Myself” or “My Selfie”

  27. Take Trump serious, what’s with you. YES take him serious. I am sick of these sick leaders who cry out when someone decides enough is enough. We need someone who will not sit back, take kickbacks and send our Beloved America down the drain. Go Donald.

  28. ” It isn’t just because no one as brilliant as Barack Obama was president before. ”

    If you really believe that , you are a , ” f o o l ” He is not brilliant ; but only following the agenda of his ” Communist ” puppeteers ‘ .

  29. I am thrilled The Donald is running and as of now he is on the TOP of my list! He can make a deal, he is so free market!, he is pro- life, he is pro-America, he has balls! and a spine! He is not afraid of anybody. He speaks for all my conservative principles and would get the country back on track lickity-split. Why so many so-called conservatives are sneering at him and saying he is a joke is a reflection of our conservative leadership- or lack of it. Just too bad they can’t criticize and call out the other side as easily!
    Go Donald!
    The only thing I’m not crazy about is the hair- but I can get over that. He gets the job done! He’s no slouch on foreign policy either.

  30. It seems that the people who are most afraid of Trump are the establishment Republicans…and that can’t be considered as being anything other than a very big positive.

    • to Conservative Not Republican

      Don’t know why you say that. All all see is the scared looks of deep concern on Democrat faces Hil Liar already found out that Trump won’t just stand by and let her talk nonsense.

      • The reason I say that can actually be validated by the very article in reference to which these comments are posted. The establishment Republicans are doing everything they can to dismiss Trump as not being a worthy, viable, or serious candidate. The establishment Republicans always do that to every real conservative.

        Why? I think it is pretty obvious the reason is because he is not one of them…and that scares the &$#T out of them.

        Despite the name of this site, it seems that, at least in this instance, the supposed “ConservativeIntel” is much more comfortable with the establishment Republican elite.

        On a positive note, we do agree about Hillary, and I hope Trump makes her very uncomfortable. I can pretty much assure you that Jeb Bush doesn’t make Hillary feel uncomfortable in the least. After all, so many of their positions are very similar.

  31. Very funny. This article, posted to something called “Conservative Intelligence Briefing” is a typical liberal hate spewing piece. To whatever creature wrote this…you are too transparent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where your loyalties lie. Calling yourself “conservative” or serving up this hatchet job on a misnamed “conservative” web page doesn’t fool anybody. Maybe this was supposed to be satire? Either way, it’s a fail.

    • That’s right dontdoitagain! I was thinking the same thing! I kept going to the top of the page! I thought I had wandered on to a liberal site! If this is how they are going to present themselves I’m unsubscribe get to their newsletters! What a douche bag this author is! Lol

      • I unsubscribed. I’ve had enough of liberals pretending to be conservatives to try to trick me. Like I don’t have enough cognitive function to notice… It’s INSULTING!

  32. No to The Donald (reason? He asked Oprah Winfrey to be his running mate) No to Jeb Bush: (Reasons-Immigration & Common Core)

  33. If I have to vote for Trump in order to NOT put in another republican, then I will vote for Trump. The GOP already has shown us in their before and after 2014 election-behavior just how much they will lie to us to get us to elect them. Then they support our enemies. Nope. Won’t be taking THAT chance again in 2016.

  34. Both repubs and dems seem to fear Donald Trump. I’d say that that is a good enough reason to vote for Trump in 2016.

  35. Trump makes many statements of his opinions, and sometimes straight from the shoulder, but not in the contrived speech of our Progressive citizens and non-citizens.

    Sometimes I ask people just what Trump statement they disagree with, and I don’t get many answers.
    They might see him as vulgar, but he is right, and they know it, so they feel that he must be destroyed, so they talk about his hair.
    He scares them.

    He has funny hair? So what?
    Hillary has a different, sometimes clownish, hairdo every time she waddles out of hiding.
    Does that disqualify her?

  36. Donald Perot is simply trying to split the primary vote like he did last time with his very less-than-serious “run” in 2012.

  37. Trump is an American. He’s sick and tired of the BS. He’s not a politician. That’s something this country needs. Screw playing politics. Go for the jugular. Trump style. He will and can create jobs. He’s putting a 35% tax hike on outsourcing. Which means it will be more profitable for American companies to bring their work home. He will build a wall to stop these Mexican criminal from coming in. He’s a John Wayne, Bob Hope and Reagan true blooded American. Sharia law- fuck that. Only one law and its American Law. All the Moozies Bama put in office will be gone. Also think Trump will bring bam to justice for treason. Which carries the Death Penalty. Something I would definitely do if I were President. He has a vision to make us great again. The buck will start and stop here. We have old nuclear weapons that don’t work. He will make us a power again. EMP bomb to defend. Muslim deportation as few countries are doing now. Wait for the debate when Trump goes after all the candidates and calls them out on their shit and policies. He’s the real deal. He will bring back America. He’s no nonsense and most important doesn’t play politics and can’t be bought by lobbyists. He will rid the asshole politicians who are paid for. Get rid of unnecessary Gov’t

  38. What is the name of the author? This whole thing seems like propaganda that is meant to gather conservatives around the 3rd worthless Bush. The only real conservative worth voting for was Ron Paul, IMHO. Stop these illegal wars and bring back the Constitution.

  39. Trump is becoming a viable candidate because the rest of them are actually becoming less and less attractive.
    Every one of them, even the Republican outcast conservatives, still pander to the PC Zeitgeist.
    There is no way to debate anything while Progs control the language.
    Trump, however, doesn’t cow to that, at all. That’s his hallmark.
    He is also a no nonsense Washington outsider.
    Some of his policies maybe be nonsense but, in a world of nonsense policies like ‘Islam is a religion of peace” or “Hands up, Don’t shoot”, that really doesn’t matter, all that much.
    Trump is really no crazier than any of the rest.
    Trump is also the sort of person who typically buys Republican politicians.
    So, why not elect Trump and cut out the middle man?

  40. I don’t know who wrote this story about Trump, but this person is probably a Trump hater, and an obvious liberal. The story convinces me that the author is angry because Trump is so wealthy, that he can not be bought by any one, and he means what he says. My vote is for him because we need a president that will stand up and fight for our country instead of bowing down to others and kissing their asses.

  41. Let’s face it, in spite of some good commentary by the author, “Time for Trump” seems to have arrived. Leadership of the Republican Party is in trouble, having continually angered millions of good, solid conservatives who have been the life-blood of the party for decades.

    This time they screwed up! We have many alternatives to their plan, which is Jeb “Ola” Bush.

    Trump may be abrasive, and in fact this abrasiveness is one reason among many that I like him for President, but he also knows what we grass root conservatives are thinking, and I know he agrees with us.

    One of the main things that I want from all of the republican candidates is this: no matter who wins the top of the Republican ticket for 2016, all those who were in the race MUST pledge to support and VOTE FOR our candidate. No more of this crap of taking our ball and glove home and sitting out the election in self-righteous anger. Such juvenile behavior is the reason we have this traitor in our presidency right now!

    So let’s get behind our candidate of choice for the primaries, but let’s do America right by voting for whomever our party majorities put forth for the general election in November, 2016.

  42. “Behold, this is Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach program. It’s a pretty ugly sight.”

    Actually, Trump is spot on and not afraid to say it. Americans who are Hispanic are tired of being castrated by the illegal aliens and their PC termed Latino brethren. Call a Texan who is Hispanic a Mexican and they will clobber you for that insult. We are all fed up with these illegal invaders raping and pillaging through out Nation with protection from the Law courtesy of the Democrats and the Progressive Republican RINO Establishment.

    My vote goes to which Conservative candidate that has the biggest baseball bat cause it is going to take some major head bashing to ride the snakes from DC and cast the devils back to their holes.

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