Poll: Carson Joins Republican Leaders

Poll: Carson Joins Republican Leaders

This week Monmouth University released a poll supporting those who argue a three-tier complexion of the GOP presidential field is emerging.

With Donald Trump’s anticipated candidacy and Scott Walker’s all but official campaign, there are only a few hopefuls left who have yet to declare.

As the sediment settles in the murky GOP waters, Ben Carson has pulled into what is now a four-way statistical tie for first place—a new top tier of candidates that includes Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

The leader tier continues to separate itself from the second tier, which includes Sens. Paul and Cruz; Govs. Christie, Perry, and Huckabee; and Donald Trump, by amounts outside the margin of error.



  1. I’m torn between Carson, Cruz, and Walker. I want to know what the candidates are going to do about the illegals here that we are forced to support and the muslims Obama has imported. and we are expected to support. I do not want to support any of them and doing something illegal should not be rewarded by citizenship. It would not be in any other country.If they break the law to get here what makes anyone think they won’t break it after they are here. Doing somethingthe first time is the hardest after that it gets easier and easier..

  2. We need Dr. Ben Carson! The rest are just politicians who say what you want to hear and then do nothing. We need God back in the White House. Please vote for Dr. Carson.

  3. As of right now I am also leaning towards Dr. Ben Carson but I see a couple of others that I would vote for as well. What we can not do is sit back and not vote like some did last Election because Romney is a Mormon. If the dems win again, we can kiss America good bye.

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