Walker-Rubio 2016?

Walker-Rubio 2016?

With fewer than 60 days until the first official GOP primary debate in Ohio, speculation over the on-stage line-up continues to intensify as the crowded field tightens with each passing day.

The most obvious subjects of daily interest are: who is most likely to surpass whom in the polls and who is dominating the all-critical early primary states. But one consideration has yet to take center stage: the ideal GOP ticket.

The scattered speculation offered so far has centered on which duo might best energize the Republican Party while counter-balancing the strengths of a presumed Clinton ticket.

walkerfbSome suggest a ticket with a leading contender on top paired with Carly Fiorina as VP nominee.  This could cut into Hillary’s appeal to the female vote. Similarly, others suggest New Mexico Gov. Susana Martienz for her appeal to both the female and Hispanic voter population.

However, Scott Walker piqued interest with regards to a Walker/Rubio ticket in an interview this week. When asked for his thoughts on the idea, Walker indicated that he gets the question often but didn’t reject the notion.

According to weeks of consistent polls, Walker has been in a dead heat with Jeb Bush. Rubio is far and away the most popular second choice among Republican primary voters.



  1. It’d be my first choice with Scott on top … nothing against Marco, it’s just a matter of proven executive performance.

    • I agree. We all know that the only reason Hillary is pushing for amnesty is to get the Hispanic vote. I think Rubio as VP running mate could pull those votes in.

      • Hispanics are not homogenous lay in favor of or against illegal immigration / amnesty, just like other people

        • Well I am Hispanic and come from a large family. We all have Hispanic friends and we discuss politics a lot. I am so surprised at how many of my friends have bought in to the Hillary hype about how much she cares about us. I know she only wants our votes and does not give a flip about us.

          • Please supply as much information as you can to them and others. Information and education is key to success.

    • I like Scott Walker. But Rick Perry has more experience in running a state.

      I am on the fence as of this moment and haven’t gotten excited about any of them yet. I like Ted Cruz.

      If Trey Gowdy decided to run all bets are off. He would be my #1.

      I am looking for someone that could turn the country around on a dime the first day in office. I believe Rick would do it quicker and better than Scott.

      I believe Scott would chummy up to the establishment. To me that is death.

      One thing we all must agree on is #1 No establishment pick like Jeb Bush, Huckabee, Santorum.

      We need a very strong candidate and we must all band together. How to accomplish that is the hard part.

      • The only problem I have with Perry (problems, actually) is that he’s going to come off to some as too cornpone and the mistake he made in the 2012 primaries about the three cabinet departments he’d close would be repeated by the Dems time, after time, after time. Other than that, I agree, he’d make a great prez — just don’t think he’d be elected. And as far as Rubio for VP, how about him still in the Senate, and Carley for VP? She’d KILL Hillary.

        • Rick Perry had an operation and was drugged up during the primaries.
          I would hold that against him since you now know the truth.

          I stand by my statement as of today. Listen to what he has to say.

          Gang of eight Rubio doesn’t belong in the race. Will fit right in with the establishment.

          Carly would be good VP. I want her at the debates just to hear how she handles them.

          • The problem is that whether or not I know the truth is immaterial. The Dems are going to have a field day with it, and altho’ that might be quite legitimate, it’ll sound like a sad attempt at a coverup. I like Rick, I will certainly campaign and vote for him, but I don’t think he’s electable. Walker is. The only thing the Dems have on him is that he’s a few SH short of a silly degree, which has value for maybe three years.

          • Perhaps. Again, I have nothing against Perry — heckofa good governor and a good man. Where in Jersey, I left Cherry Hill to join the Navy at age 17 — born and raised around Filthydelphia …

            SPEAKING OF JOISEY — How ’bout Christie? Or not. Or Trump-et?

          • Trump just jumped in the race. He will bring very good points to the debates and should be given a clear thought process as to people voting for him..He has the guts to change this country back to one we could Love again.

            I live in Monmouth County and also in Berks County Pa during the week. My plant is there.

            Christy needs to stay out of the race..Doesn’t stand a chance. Just Like Huckabee, Santorum, Graham, Rubio and Jeb Bush and Pataki.

            I don’t know where these polls come from but I haven’t heard anyone say they are going to vote for these people.

          • Not so sure about Rubio or Bush — but totally agree about the others you named. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see Jeb win it because of the $$. Trump’s problem is Trump (sort’ve like Hillary’s problem). If Bush gets it, once again, I’ll hold my nose and vote for the lesser of evils. If Hil wins, I’m going to look at Ecuador.

            If you meant you own the plant, thank you, as one American to another, for your get-up-and-go. I do ISO 9001 auditing in numerous smaller businesses and admire the heck out of the guys that run them.

          • Trump isn’t afraid to speak out,much like Ted Cruz, the biggest Problem we have are our boarders, believe or not. noting else will matter if our boarders are not closed and the illegals don’t go back. We all have to obey the law and that includes the illegals, none of the politicians will enforce the laws when it come to the illegals, Trump is right when he says we don’t need another politician in the White House, they are the ones that got us in this mess, every criminal obama wants in office they go along with it. the confirm them, those hearings are nothing but a joke, hillary should be in jail by now, but instead she’s running for President.

      • I don’t know if I’d lump Santorum in with the rest of the “establishment.” The “establishment” shafted him but good in the ’12 primaries in favor of Mittens. I remember. He was my guy then.

        Not now, though. I want new blood. I want people who haven’t been tarred & feathered with the liberal regressive brush. Scott & Marco seem to be the guys who’ve managed to escape that fate for this long. And they’re both very eloquent at illustrating conservative principles to everyday folks who may not be political junkies like me.

  2. If Walker gets the nomination, the one sure way to lose the overall election will be to pick Rubio or any of the Constitutionally unqualified people to be VP. I will not vote to put another Unqualified person in the White House. Obama was more than we deserved.

    • Assume you mean in a primary. To allow the likes of Hillary or any lib to again occupy the WH is unthinkable.

      • Why must we always choose between the lessor of two evils. I think it’s time we true conservatives pick who we want for P/VP…it’s way overdue.

        • I hear you. But I fear that we are a minority now and by using your strategy, we may never win. It is akin to Libertarians only voting for Libertarians… They can never get a Libertarian president.

        • Conservatives need to get a backbone and let the supposed conservative party (Republican) know we demand that they follow the constitution. What did the lesser of two evils get us with Perot, Dole & McCain? Time to let the RNC hear that we conservatives are as independent as the Independents are. Vote the QUALIFIED candidate not the party.

          • McCain was a joke, i think he was the Wrench that turn the key to obama walk to the White House I refuse to say elected, I don’t believe he was honestly put into the WH. mickey mouse and friends, the deceased were not legal votes.

        • Im with you, long over due, I also want to the Pick at a President,
          I keep calling for Sheriff Paul Babeu of Az. to run for President, check out his web page, he does a lot for the state and our boarders, he’s a Vet and he is out there trying to keep America safe, him and his deputies. they are dealing with some very bad criminals, the Sheriff has been on Hannity and Cavuto the could help promote him. We need some that will not turn on us and make deals with the other party, some thats not afraid to fight for America, Sheriff Paul if just the man, I’ve listen to him many times and follow him on facebook, he could do the job in the White House,

      • To pick a VP it must be beyond the primaries when a loser for President is chosen. An equally unqualified VP cannot assume the office of President or Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 does not mean what it says (only a natural born Citizen may hold the office of President). Yes, Obama is not qualified and only continues to exist in that office because of the cowards we have in Congress. Check out the Supreme Court on or after June 18 when they take up the case 14-9396 which is Judy v Obama. It will be the first time all of the eligibility information will be present to SCOTUS. Depending on what the court decides it may change the entire face of the 2016 primary election. Do not look for the MSM to report on this as it transpires. Sorry but ALL of the Constitution should mean what it says therefore I, among many, will not vote for the lesser of two evils if either candidate is unqualified.

    • Walker gives Republicans a shot at Wisconsin. Rubio guarantees Florida. It’s already clear that the ticket will be either Walker-Rubio or Rubio-Walker. Tending towards Walker in the primaries, but I could be persuaded to switch to Rubio.

      • not so fast, Florida and the Cuban people are not for Rubio they are for Jeb Bush,
        they were talking about it earlier today on Fox, The Cubans are rejecting Rubio, Rubio would be another obama.

  3. Nota chance in a lifetime will I EVER vote for Rubio. I’d like Allen West and whomever he chose for VP. His choice would be based on his own ideals…which are firmly rooted in conservatism.

      • hitlary is not the only one that will give it all away, Jeb Bush is not talking securing our boarders like you think he may be saying, he’s another one that won’t enforce the law, can’t send them all back, reform the they say, hell with reform, just enforce the laws, If we have to obey the laws, so do they, the illegals are just that illegals and they must go.

    • Allen West would make a Great Speaker of the House, he wouldn’t take any crap, He not afraid to speak out, I don’t think he Blackmailable so he would fit in with the crowd. We need someone out side of Washington and not Trump even thou Trump will be good for the debates. he will bring up many issues that other wise wouldn’t be mentioned.
      My personal pick is the Sheriff of Az. Sheriff Paul Babeu there are several good men in the republican party that would do a good job but they won’t run, Why do we always have to get the worse bunch, the rotten apple to run for President.

    • So vote for Hillary. She should appeal to single-issue voters like you, since she is guaranteed to cover all of the bases all of the time.But let me guess: If it’s Walker-Rubio 2016, and “We’re Ready for Hillary” doesn’t include you, perhaps you will just serve up the cop-out we experienced in 2012 when so many disaffected “conservatives” decided to get even with the GOP by just staying home on election day, thereby handing the prize to Obama.

      • Obama is not qualified and only continues to exist in that office because of the cowards we have in Congress. Check out the Supreme Court on or after June 18 when they take up the case 14-9396 which is Judy v Obama. It will be the first time all of the eligibility information will be present to SCOTUS. Depending on what the court decides it may change the entire face of the 2016 primary election.

          • You can go to the Supreme Court website at http://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=docketfiles/14-9396.
            For more information and education of the nbC issue I suggest you go to http://www.thepostemail.com. You will need to subscribe and if you do search for Apuzzo. You should get an article that was published Oct. 29, 2012 that will provide complete information and you will also gain an education on natural law as provided by Emer de Vattel in his “The Law of Nations”. This book was used extensively by the founders in writing the U.S. Constitution. You can find all of Cody Robert Judy’s filings that lead up to the Supreme Court (14-4136) on Scrbd. There you can view them as a guest but to download you must subscribe. Hope this helps.
            Semper Fi

    • Gowdy would make a great Attorney Gen. some really good men in the republican party but they won’t run. you have to have the gift of gab, you have to know how to con the American people, you must know how to lie, you must be blackmailable, those are the qualifications for a Candidate for President.

  4. Rubio has no intensions of securing our boarders, he flip flops only to lead you to think he’ll enforce the laws of the land, All Americans must obey the law, but Rubio doesn’t think the illegals have to obey the law, They All must go back,leave this country, and come here legally, Rubio wants to Reform the immigration laws, Just enforce the laws we already have, Stop Birth Tourism,

  5. Rubio doesn’t think we can send them all back, so he sides in with obama in keeping them here,
    Rubio can get in front of the line or in back of the line and leave with them, Castro’s waiting

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