Perry Joins the White House Fray

Perry Joins the White House Fray

Against the backdrop of the C130 aircraft he flew while serving in the U.S. Air Force and surrounded by Navy Seals, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ended speculation about whether he would make a second go at the presidency on Thursday.

He argued his experience as commander in chief for one of the largest states in the union gives him a unique background within a likely dozen-plus official field. Perry detailed that he is the only candidate that has experience in both military service and the handling of regional conflicts.

Taking a shot at his fellow Republican contenders, he fired that in a post-Obama era there needs to be “clear-sight[ed] leadership” demonstrated beyond “a speech on the Senate floor.” This was an obvious reference to fellow Texan Sen. Ted Cruz and his colleagues Sens. Rubio and Paul.

Perry joins Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum as the three former candidates from previous races, all of whom enjoyed front-runner status for portion of time. But Perry’s situation is unique. Not only was his fall from grace in 2012 self-inflicted, he is also the first candidate to fall so far and run again, according to FiveThirtyEight.

But supporters argue that he deserves a second look despite the heightened competition. Redstate’s Erick Erickson points to Perry’s convincing record as governor and argues he would likely have gone on to compete with Mitt Romney for the nomination in 2012 had he not battled excruciating pain from back surgery, a reality that contributed to his dismal debate performances.

What’s more, points out Erickson, Perry adds to his strong resume the fact that President Obama’s much-touted economic rebound is almost exclusively a result of jobs added in Texas under Perry’s leadership.



  1. At least Perry has a ‘pair’ which he demonstrated at the border before he was attacked legally for doing the right thing. …He and Rand Paul are the only two running who have a chance to beat Hillary and break the mess up, in DC…there are others who are good people and could probably get the nomination for their party but would lose the war on election day..

  2. I keep asking myself…who do I want sitting across the table from Putin. I’d feel a lot safer if it were Perry.

  3. He has met with the bilderbergs twice, a major red flag, and supports the treasonous NAU. That asinine grin makes three strikes with me. A shill in case other CFR candidates from either “party” fail or falter. VETT EVERYONE. bama was not vetted.

  4. Still hoping for Romney to jump back in … third time is the charm! He called all issues correctly but progressives did all they did to detroy him. Why? He would destroy their tax & spend madness and save America and probably only charge $1 a year, as he did in Mass … he’s in it to save democracy for our kids and not for the money … the only four years as a successful governor of blue state is positive but, even better, NOT a politician is his best advantage. He saw and studied terrorism in his book before the current mess … he has vision, he’s an inspired leader to bring a positive tone to America again as a self made free enterprise entrepreneur … even better experience that governor for 14 years … PS From what I understand anyone running for Pres has to go to CFR … sadly.

  5. I like Rick. I thought something was different with Rick when he was running last time. Now that I know that he had a tremendous amount of pain, I want to see Rick take the field! He would make an outstanding President! The economy of Texas is fantastic. He’s blowing the lid off of every liberal junk program out there. He doesn’t put up with the stupid national grade school test and education standards. Parents have the ultimate right there. All the democraps can’t understand the success because the government isn’t running the people ragged. Corporate taxes are low, small businesses are flurishing, people are working there (taking up a 3rd of all of Americas jobs). Democrat programs just suck.

    Everything they do is to control and manipulate everyone else. They think that they’re so special that they have to meddle in everyone else’s business. They brought us the Global warming farce (thinking we ever had anything to do with a 4.5 billion year old system’s problems (stupid)), They brought us bankrupt cities Detroit, Baltimore, Sacramento, etc, a broken education system, crappy colleges, a broken student loan system (that has driven college costs to Mars), a debarred Bill Clinton and his equally felonious wife Hillary, Al Gore (who tried to claim he “invented the Internet”, (but that’s ok, he fooled all the dumb dumb liberal base with global warming nonsense (he has bankrolled that doozy), the wonderful Lynden B. Johnson (who gave us the most liberal welfare system ever), the list is astoundingly long. They have ruined our economy ($17 trillion that we see), and the other $100’s of trillions of dollars indebtedness we don’t always see. Then there’s Obama. What were people thinking with this clown? When George Bush was in office the Dumbocrats added $3.6 trillion dollars to our deficit. What a major group of A’Holes. They continued their A’hole attitudes with the big A’hole, Obama. UNBELIEVABLE! just UNBELIEVABLE. You watch one of the libterds will attempt to challenge anything I write. The truth will never be enough for them. They just have to have their stupid utopian feel good selfish little plot with their selfish little environmental save the snail or whale, do something about the plastic or cans or oil, really? The earth consumes it. The earth has gone through billions of years of destruction, plate tectonics, volcanoes, meteor bombardment, worldwide wildfires, ice ages, hot, cold, whatever! These are stupid lost little people looking for a cause. Look to God. it works.

  6. Does anyone else think the RINOs and traitorous “Establishment” Republicans are financing Perry’s race to draw support away from Ted Cruz…?

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