Fiorina Dazzles in South Carolina, Contrasts with Hillary

Fiorina Dazzles in South Carolina, Contrasts with Hillary

As previously reported, Carly Fiorina staged a brilliant media blitz in South Carolina yesterday designed specifically to upstage Hillary Clinton in Columbia and highlight her unwillingness to be open with media questions.

According to reports, Fiorina’s strategy was a profound success in which she ‘dazzled’.
Although her campaign had booked a visit to Columbia weeks ago, the serendipitous crossing of paths with Hillary offered a spotlight to draw further on the scandal-riddled former first lady.

Instead of condescending and dodging, Fiorina complimented members of the media for highlighting the fact that the Clinton Foundation did not adhere to its own standard of equal pay for women.

Pointing to the ongoing twin debacles concerning email servers and foundation donors, Fiorina pressed that the White House should be an institution of ‘transparency’ and ‘trustworthiness’.  According to Politico, Fiorina’s “words were blunt” when she presented the question “how can we trust Mrs. Clinton.”

Fiorina pushed back at the suggestion that she is simply the GOP’s surrogate for attacking Hillary on the campaign trail. She argued that her campaign has been much more than the failure of the former Secretary of State.

Despite the growing intrigue over her candidacy and her ability to woo crowds with smart rhetoric, Fiorina still lags in 12th place according to RCP’s polling average. Whether she will earn a spot in the early debates still remains in question.



  1. I have a problem with the republican polls saying that Bush is in the lead. I don’t know anyone nor have I read anywhere that says he is that immensely popular. However I cant understand the popularity, or so called popularity of Hillary Clinton either. I neither want a Bush or a Clinton myself. I like Ben Carson and Rand Paul. I also like Carly Fiorina.

    • Jeb is not in the lead. Sorry to burst bush supporters. Rinos/RNC can any poll come out any way they want or benefits the lining of their pockets. Computers and Pols make no difference, garbage in garbage out. Polling has become so specific with today’s technology they can predict how the make the results come to minute numbers.

    • I’m hard core conservative and I’ll vote for anyone withe the same values as mine, that definitely Isn’t Bush. If he’s the nomination, guess I’ll be throwing a vote away for one of the true conservative candidates.

    • Viva Carly. She’s a soaring eagle. That Clinton woman is a waddling duck.
      All those missing e-mails? Stuffed in her pants.

  2. Yes!
    The NSA can come up with every Sportsmanguide order that I or my entire zip code have ever placed, but they can’t come up with Billary’s commo regarding Benghazi?
    That one is easy!
    Now, how about gov’t-corporation collusion with Fiorina, a la Dick Cheney?
    Wasn’t that kind of problem?
    I think this is a case of too many GOP candidates figuring “this is my election” with the Progs in the dog house, as they are.
    The winner needs to be the candidate that has something to offer besides Prog Bashing.
    Not that Progs don’t deserve it, and it IS fun.
    But, which one has a plan?
    Which one will abolish the IRS, EPA, curtail big gov’t in such a way that it can’t grow back?
    Close the border?
    Reform ICE so it works as intended rather than present a continual excuse for “no borders”?
    Pay back the debt?
    Social Security! That’s a BIG one. No, the Feds aren’t going to renege on that one.
    But, where is the money coming from?

    • We can easily save social security,,, round up every stinking illegal alien and ship them home, and then give the free medical and other benefits the illegals are getting to seniors…. And, don’t even get me started with how much we could save by stopping the money wasted on welfare hos and their welfare rats….. NO MORE MONEY TO WELFARE HOS AND RATS!!

      • Saving Social Security? Why not pay out on compounded interest, like all investment accounts do, put our money a retirement lock box and send us statements so we know what to plan on for retirement. This is a retirement savings program and we are FORCED to pay – not a welfare program! As it stands now they are using our money to pay illegals … and we’re on the hook!

        • The sad truth is Soc. Sec. is NOT a savings plan. It is a transfer/entitlement program. In fact, you have no “right” to Soc. Sec. money, only an entitlement to claim benefits. Fact is, the govt. could eliminate it entirely tomorrow and you’d have zero recourse.

          Lost financial history would reveal FDR was offered opportunity to put Soc. Sec. on a legal reserve basis (like a real pension plan with real assets funding it) but rejected it as “too costly.” Well, at least he was right about the too costly part.

  3. The problem with Fiorina is her history running Hewlett-Packard into the ground. She was just one of a succession of CEO’s who ran one of the country’s leading tech companies into the ground, a shell of it’s former glory days. She can’t blame Obama or the economy….she freely drank the Fed cocktail of cheap money, turning HP into a stock buy-back machine that funneled dollars into the pockets of executives via lightly taxed stock options. Funding growth via capital expenditures to actually be competitive, grow the company, provide jobs? Sorry, but that does not compute with the pump and dump agenda.

    Fiorina, like Mitt and Lucy before her, “has a lota explainin’ to do.”

    • The “esplainin’ to do” has been covered adequately elsewhere. Essentially, HP had become a conglomerate, and Ms. Fiorina pruned off a lot of dead wood. The company got smaller, but more focused, and after a few years is now doing well within its field.

      As for Ms. Fiorina herself… I’ve long said that I was only accepting applications from “successful Governors”. I define those as Governors who have won re-election. Who can argue with Gov. Perry’s 14+ years of success in Texas, for example? However, Ms. Fiorina’s business successes (including HP), and her campaign positions and rhetoric are impressive. I may be willing to make an exception for her; especially since she’s going after Hillary so well (and others are NOT).

      She’s definitely one to keep an eye on, anyway!

      • I was interested in your positive comments on Fiorina’s judicious pruning of HP deadwood. I know I had tried their products a couple of times, and been lucky to be able to return them. I’m still ‘sour grapes’ for a while, but my attitude is slightly better.

      • Fiorina was CEO from 1999-2005. The merger with Compaq was a failure. Share price melted away. She’s been called one of the worst CEOs. She earns praise for leadership style, but comes up short on execution. My beef is based on the leveraged buyout of Compaq…an example of the failure of capitalism in the era of easy-money. HPQ is thus one of many who succumbed to the idea you could use financial engineering to build value, not real business building, innovation or competition. So while share price plunged, the executive class profited through the stock buyback-stock options scheme that let execs convert ordinary income to capital gains taxed once and lightly.

        If Fiorina didn’t see this as a problem while CEO at HPQ, how do we know she doesn’t continue to believe it is a good thing now? Is she still in a front row pew at the church of Greenspan-Benanke, or does she now renounce “Satan” in all his ways?

        I’m sure she knows way more about the business of America than any of her GOP rivals and I like her taking shots at Clinton. But none of that matters if our next Chief Executive still thinks we can keep kicking the can down the road without serious political and fiscal reforms. We need someone who can tell the truth and prescribe the needed medicine. I see no indication she would be any different than say Bush III.

  4. Jeb Bush? Give me a break. I’ll admit it, i’m for Carson. But there are lots of really good candidates way in front of Bush. At least in my estimation.

  5. 3This lady definitely has my attention, and I think she’ll gain momentum and hopefully make it to the first debate stage. I like her take no prisoners when it comes to questioning Hitlery the money whore Clinton.

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