FEC Backs Down Internet Regulation

FEC Backs Down Internet Regulation

After feeling the public outrage coupled with Republican pressure on the commission, Democratic members of the Federal Election Commission assured there was no intent to propose internet regulations for political content.

Last year, Chairwoman Ann Ravel, a Democrat, suggested a “re-examination” of the agency’s approach political content on the Internet was “long overdue.” This comment sparked protest from both ends of the spectrum, Fox News details.

In her comments this week, Ravel promised there would be “no such regulation” to force creators of political content on Youtube to disclose spending like television and radio.

However, Rave’s comments belied the stance she took previously, when she had criticized Republican members for “turning a blind eye” to the influence of the Internet within politics regarding a recent case before the commission.

The case concerned whether a group which posted political pro-coal industry ads on YouTube should be subjected to financial reporting. The group had criticized Democrat lawmakers for not supporting coal mines. The case was ultimately dismissed after a vote fell along party lines, 3-3.

Republican Commissioner Lee Goodman warned the commission was actively exploring options for regulation of Internet content. He openly criticized Ravel for hiding her intentions and responded to Democratic promises that the debate is won “for now.”



  1. i find it very frustrating that this site (of course) pretends there is a significant difference btwn demos and republicans. Really. For over 50 yrs – congress has passed the HUGE majority of legislation FOR THE RICH (corporations too) and damaging us. It always takes the assistance of BOTH parties – regardless of who is in majority control and so BOTH parties have sold we the people out, for they the parasite rich.

    Undeniable. So there is a different face, but that means simply that the republican and democrat parties are flip sides of the same coin in a rich man’s pocket. The “differences” btwn dem & rep are topical – they are not the significant assault upon my constitution – engaged it by BOTH parties.

    Not ONE republican, much less democrat, stood up and yelled when the fed govt (BLM illegal soldiers surrounding Bundy ranch with snipers, helicopters, and assault troops) told us that we don’t have any first amendment rights, unless we are standing on a specific patch of ground designated for those freedoms in front of the Bundy ranch.

    To pretend that the democrats are the only guilty party denies the assaults the repubs instituted when they held control – now used by O-bomb-ya – but instituted by Gorge Bumble-U Douche. The damage takes place from BOTH parties – so STOP PRETENDING THE ISSUE IS DEM VS REP – because the true issue is that both parties work against the country and the people.

    • Agreed. Ralf Nader has made it abundantly clear how the 2 party system scams the general public all for profiting the wealthy; unfortunately people don’t show enough response to such rhetoric and fail to establish a 3’rd party. Independent, libertarian, tea, green, etc need to form a democratic coalition to have any chance at competing against the two headed beast.

      • We both know that won’t happen, but by always voting for ANYONE other than rep/dem (write-ins too) they cannot help but note that they are losing support, people are not as fooled as they had been, and we are working to remove them. It is the inevitable, unavoidable conclusion. Thus i am campaigning to get all non-voters to vote this way, along with everyone else i can convince.
        Someone who gets a lot of hits should put on a short pithy speech on Youtube and facebook until it gets pulled – spread the word.
        Romney made Ron Paul sounds during the “debate” to try to get a few million votes back to the repub party. (real fast – say rape-public-again) because these people refused to pretend the “debate” btwn dem rep was anything of import. It is just used to divide and conquer.
        How can anyone pretend there is a significant diff between rep/dem when the bottom line is that for over 50 years they have BOTH raped the constitution and we the people and handed our American dream to the rich?

  2. Trust us, we have your best interest in mind. In a world of welfare mongering, warfare mongering with Congressmen and women taking bribes from the banker gangsters, the world wide con game of fractional reserve banking all tied up in a world Oligarchy to enslave the human race. Where much of the tax revenue to the IRS are provided to New York City, London and Vatican P2 Jesuit banker gangsters. Trust us, you will be sorry if you do.

  3. I don’t trust the democrats one iota, when it comes to trying to change our free systems of gov. They are basicly liars who will say anything to get elected to office, and then they do just as they please, and the general public be dambed.

  4. The FEC want to USE the FCC to control the internet and the political TALK on the internet. They SAY they are backing down but since they have a HAND HOLD into the workings of the internet via the FCC they can change their minds at ANY TIME.

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