Hillary Speeding Through Iowa in New Van

Hillary Speeding Through Iowa in New Van

It’s maroon, it’s a Chrysler, and it looks completely ordinary.

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to identify with ordinary Americans hasn’t played well in the first five weeks of her presidential campaign, but she arrived in Mason City, Iowa on Monday in a vehicle that no one would mistake for a Clinton’s carriage.

The maroon Chrysler minivan is a far cry from the twin armor-plated conversion vans, each affectionately known as ‘Scooby’, that Clinton’s Secret Service detail drove cross-country to the Hawkeye State after she announced her White House run.

This time she showed up at the home of two wealthy supporters for a closed-door ‘house party’ in a rental with Iowa license plates and none of the finer appointments Scooby made available.

No big-screen LCD. No dark-tinted windows. But it still hit 95mph in a 65mph zone as her motorcade went through three red lights as the entourage left Mason City.




  1. Yup, just the girl next door. The prostitute that is willing to sell you down the river for her personal self interest, and the benefit of her rich “friends”.

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