Rubio Piles On As Bush Flounders Over Iraq

Rubio Piles On As Bush Flounders Over Iraq

This week has arguably been Jeb Bush’s toughest week since formed his presidential exploratory committee earlier this year. Coupled with dismal polls in Iowa, prospective and official GOP candidates continue to pounce on his misstep over a hypothetical Iraq invasion.

Sen. Marco Rubio, hoping to boost his foreign policy credentials, has has also chimed in The Hill reports. He commented before the Council on Foreign Relations saying he would not have ordered an invasion of Iraq, knowing what we know now. And, he added, “President Bush would not have” either.

Rubio joined Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Chris Christie in distancing themselves from Bush’s comments earlier this week in a Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly, which Bush later attempted to qualify as a hypothetical line of questioning.

Rubio limited his comments and took more time to attack Hillary Clinton, while laying out what his administration would look like.

Calling Hillary’s time as Secretary of State “ineffective at best and dangerously negligent at worst,” he made veiled reference to the influence of foreign donors on the Clinton Foundation as an example of Hillary’s hypocrisy.

Rubio laid out a clear strategy and tagged Hillary with the Obama administration’s failed foreign policy. Her career, he would argue, was marked by repeated “concessions” to foreign powers and a general disinterest in American exceptionalism.



  1. American exceptionalism? Like the most imprisoned – especially blacks and people whose “crime” has no real victims?
    Like – the invaders and murderers of millions for the economic gain of the uber-rich parasitic class who “our soldiers” are used for economic empire building?
    Like – the worst medical system in the industrialized nations with horrendous infant mortality rates, maternal mortality rates, HUGE chronic disease rates for cancers, diabetes, alzheimers, heart disease and so many more? As in many of the “standards of care” actually doing more damage than sane, biochemistry based (actual) treatments?
    Like a horrible school system which now teaches lies and ignorance? ie: Florida now has textbooks which state that congress can dissolve the constitution of the USA!
    Like horrible, nation destroying immigration insanity? Ignoring the illegal immigration which is damaging too much in itself, the “legal” immigrants displacing american workers are supported by repubs and demos. We the people NEVER asked for increased immigration allowance, congress did that at the request of the rich (again) and guess what? The USA allows MORE immigration each year than the rest of the entire world combined – so do you THINK that anyone else thinks this is a sane policy?
    SO, so, so much more.

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