Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Attorney General

Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Attorney General

After five-months of languishing during the sex-trafficking bill negotiations, Loretta Lynch was confirmed Thursday as President Obama’s new Attorney General.

The expected ‘last minute fight’ was not as dramatic as previously believed. With the sex-trafficing compromise cleared, a vote of 56-43 approved lynch (Sen. Ted Cruz abstained). 10 Republicans joined all Democrats, reports Real Clear Politics.

Despite the vehement protest, by a number of Republican Senators, Lynch’s nomination went smoothly as many welcomed the departure of Eric Holder. Holder was the only Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress.Facebook042715-Lynch

However, the vote may present electoral problems for Republicans who voted ‘yes’ with the Democrats. Among the concerns over Lynch was her insistence in continuing a similar sort of leadership exhibited by Eric Holder in the Department of Justice.

Hyper-racial bent of the administration in its execution of justice might be the order of the day in Lynch’s DOJ. This has enraged conservatives who charge Republican leaders with a failure to hold to campaign rhetoric.

Among the GOP Senators who could see primary challenges as a result in next year’s Senate elections are Kelly Ayotte (NH), Mark Kirk (IL), Ron Johnson (WI) and Rob Portman (OH).



  1. It’s all about taking power from whites. It’s just that simple. Any white man that voted for that racist bitch should be killed.

  2. Why in the world would legislators vote to put in another lawyer with the same thought patterns as Eric Holder and Barrack Obama. This woman is no more for our Constitution than either one of those two, so she is just Holder 2.

  3. Time to get whitey and I doesn’t mean get I mean give the country away so the new rulers chops off dem honkey melons.

  4. Time to support Conservative challengers to these “Not Democrats”-In-Name-Only. Let’s take back our party!

  5. May the Republicans who voted for her confirmation never get a good nights sleep the rest of their lives…They have made us suffer too much already…They are due very bad Karma.

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