Ben Carson Sets Announcement Date

Ben Carson Sets Announcement Date

Assuming no surprise announcements take place in the next two weeks, famed neurosurgeon turned Tea Party star Ben Carson is expected to become the 4th official Republican candidate for the White House.

Earlier today Carson’s campaign revealed he will make a ‘major announcement’ on May 4th in Detroit, CNN reports. Tickets will soon be available for the event which is at the Music Hall for Performing Arts.

Despite being a political novice, Carson’s support among the Republican base, particularly Tea Party-affiliated voters, has buoyed his numbers in the polls conducted since earlier this year when he announced the formation of an exploratory committee.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Carson has traded places with Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for third place behind Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, and in some polls even led those numbers prior to the Cruz and Paul announcements.

The clear strategy, for Team Carson, is to cast his persona as an untainted, outsider with the mind power to offer critical solutions to the nation’s problems. That tactic won much acclaim for business executive Herman Cain before scandal forced him to withdraw from the 2012 presidential race.

What’s more, Carson is currently the only black American candidate for president from either party. This could add a critical dynamic to the race, given the GOP’s historic inability to woo much more than 10% of the black vote in recent presidential elections.



  1. Dr. Carson represents “the people” more than any of the candidates. He has a stellar past of achieving the American dream, “working” for what you gain and supporting ones country. He speaks to the issues that matter to most, with candor but without malice toward others. NO more recycled politicians. We need a clean candidate, an honest one.

  2. Ben Carson is the real deal! He is the most intelligent candidate on the horizon. When democrats find fault with him Republicans can all call them leftist racists and label anyone opposing Carson a racist. Sound familiar?

    In my opinion he is the ideal presidential candidate. He starts with a clean slate with no baggage or obligations to deal makers. His logic is flawless! I would love to see him debate Obama but that will not happen. He would destroy BHO in a debate.

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