Senate Conservatives Go After John McCain

Senate Conservatives Go After John McCain

Sen. John McCain announced his expected re-election bid for the senior Arizona Senate seat he has occupied for nearly 30 years. Just one day later, the Senate Conservatives Fund — a conservative political action committee founded by McCain’s former Senate colleagues — announced it will seek to defeat him in the primary.

SCF President Ken Cuccinelli charged McCain with ‘betraying conservative principles’ and vowed to support a Republican challenger in next year’s Arizona primary. Club for Growth, a pro-free market PAC, also signaled it may join efforts to unseat him as well, reports The Hill.

McCain’s defeat in the 2000 primary and his difficult path to the nomination in 2008 were hampered by his ongoing feud with the conservative base of the Republican Party which has seen him often as a turncoat on key issues like immigration, campaign finance and global warming.

In McCain’s 2010 reelection to the Senate, he defeated two primary opponents by an unimpressive margin of 56%. If a well-known candidate backed by big money supporters enters the race, McCain’s future in the Senate could quickly become uncertain.



  1. This guy mccain has GOT to GO!! Along with all other representatives who have been there for 6 years or more!
    TERM LIMITS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The so called Conservatives in Arizona may defeat McCain but at the same time nominate a candidate so marginal that McCain’s Senate seat will become a Liberal Democrat Senate seat. People like former Senator Dement should stop, think, and ask this question, “would I rather have
    John McCain in Congress or an Arizona version of Barrack Obama or Nancy Pelosi?” So chose the person that you intend to back against John McCain very, very, very carefully and vet them like no candidate in the history of the Republic has ever been vetted. Our majority in the US Senate is at stake in 2016, especially if the Hilda Beast rejuvenates Obama’s electorate.

  3. This veteran appreciates your service since our combat days, but in recent years you have been mostly a squeaky idler gear and have become mostly ineffective in dealing with liberal Americans who are mostly disinterested in any cause greater than themselves, like America! You can’t restore the best of America when you are so disrespected. It is time for a new conservative that can engage all sides for we can not be a whole nation if the ungrateful, the suspicious and disengaged parts of America keeps seeing you across the table.

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