Final Senate Control Could Take Months to Shake Out

Final Senate Control Could Take Months to Shake Out

Major news outlets including the Washington Post, New York Times, RealClearPolitics and Huffington Post all predict a Republican take-over of the Senate, with the lowest probability predicted at 70%.

But those predictions cast a shadow on the very real possibility that control of the Senate — or at least the margin of control — may not be known for months.

Most analysts have been predicting for weeks that the Louisiana Senate race between Republican Bill Cassidy and incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu will go to a run-off given that neither has come close to pulling 50% in the polls amid the so-called ‘jungle general’ which includes a gaggle of other candidates.

Should that happen, the run-off will be scheduled for December 6th in which Cassidy and Landrieu will go head-to-head and in which polls indicate fairly convincingly of a Cassidy victory.

What’s more, a similar race in Georgia pits Democrat Michelle Nunn against Republican David Purdue for the seat being vacated by Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Due to third-party candidates in the race, it is possible neither of the two will pull 50% today, pushing to race to a January 6th run-off.

If voting today does not favor Republicans as heavily as most expect, it is possible that control over the Senate could hang in the balance over these two run-offs. That eventuality could see one of the most hotly contested midterms in history.